Why Buy An SUV?

Every wondered why there are so many SUVs on the road? In recent decades, these cars have taken over as the go-to family vehicle. However, they’re more than just school run vehicles. Here are just five reasons to buy an SUV.


SUVs offer ample passenger space and ample boot space. Parents love them because they offer space for the kids and space for shopping/prams. However, they can also be great for going on a roadtrip with friends, offering enough seats and space for everyone’s suitcase. They also benefit hobbyists who may have sports equipment to lug around or musical instruments without having to buy a van.

Mercedes GLE


Most SUVs are also very comfortable which makes them great vehicles for making long road trips more tolerable. The likes of the BMW X5 has nappa leather seats with plenty of legroom in the back so that passengers don’t get cramped. On top of comfortable seating, SUVs tend to sport an array of other mod cons to make them more comfortable from the best air con to heated seats.


Another advantage of SUVs is the level of safety that they provide. Being a popular family choice, manufacturers often invest a lot of time into making these cars as safe as possible, often using them to explore innovative new safety methods. Volvo continue to lead the way in safety with the XC90 coming top of the leaderboard when it comes to NCAP safety tests. All in all, if safety is a top priority of yours, you’re best getting yourself an SUV.

Off-road capability

The off-road capabilities of SUVs prove that they’re not just made for families but adventurers too. Many SUVs are able to glide over bumpy terrain making them useful for rural escapades. Land Rover make some of the most revered models featuring technology such as 360 degree cameras on top of having unrivalled off-road handling. If you’ve always wanted to ditch the tarmac and give off-roading a go, it could be worth shopping around Land Rover dealers to see what you can find. Other popular manufacturers include Jeep and Toyota.

Fuel economy

Okay, so SUVs generally aren’t the most fuel efficient vehicles, however they’ve taken leaps and bounds since the early days. Many people that once avoided these vehicles for their fuel consumption have now been converted to SUVs due to the amount of greener models on the market. The likes of Lexus have produced several hybrid SUVs that can run on fuel or electricity, giving you the option to save money on fuel and save the planet. Check out these Lexus hybrid models in you’re not convinced – it really is possible to own an energy efficient SUV.

mercedes gle jurassic world

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