Why Do People Treat Their Cars So Badly?!

Ok, so all of you who treat your cars badly, put your hands up. We can’t see you, but we hope you did put your hands up in your head. Because we know that a lot of you might absolutely love cars, and swear you’re a car enthusiasts, but that doesn’t meant that your car is going to be your holy grail. You might love to race it around as fast as possible, take it to car meets and show it off, and potentially customise it, but are you really treating it right? For the majority of the time, we don’t think people are. For those who aren’t particularly bothered about cars… well we could write a whole different article about those! Imagine every item you could possibly fit into a car, well some peoples cars have that. It just so happens than things collect overtime, and all of the sudden you can’t put your feet on the floor! But, when cars seem to cost us so much, why do people treat them so badly. It’s this that we want to try and solve. Treat your car right, and it will treat you even better. If you know you’re notorious for not showing your car some lovin, have a read on and find out more.


The Money We Could Be Making

Ok, so the first thing we want to talk about is the money that your car could be making for you. You might not think it at first, but further down the line, the better the car is, the more money you’re going to get for it. Whether you sell it, or even trade it in for a newer model. But this is where we go wrong the most. We just assume that because the car is ours for now, that we can treat it however we want, and just sell it for a newer model when it packs in. But the extra money you get could mean you’ll get an even better car next time, and isn’t that what everyone is hoping for! Even things like making sure you get and scuffs out of the paint would mean it would sell for more. This especially matters if you were going to sell it private. People are more picky as to what they want from a car, and what they expect it to look like. Not only that, but you have to think about how you’re using the car in terms of mileage. So many people use their car for absolutely every journey, pick their friends up so they don’t have to drive etc. But all of these miles that will be clocking up on the car will decrease the value of it so quickly.

Where Is The Love?

So, now it’s time to ask the question, where is the love!? If you don’t really know how to care for a car, then you’re about to read our top tips. The first is to go and get it cleaned inside and out by a professional every two weeks. It helps to keep the paintwork fresh, the inside of your car free from any stains or dirt growth, and just the whole feel of your car to look fresh. It might hurt your bank account balance just a little bit, but we promise that it definitely would be worth it! The second thing you need to do is actually attend to any things that might be wrong with the car. It could be a chip in the paint, or a crack in the windscreen. You most definitely don’t want to ignore a crack in the windscreen. All it would take is another little bit of grit to hit the same spot, and half of your window could shatter. It’s best to get the smaller things sorted before they become anything major, just to make sure your finances are protected.


Taking Some Pride

There are many ways that you can take pride in your car. First of all, you could truly make your car your own, and show people that you do love the car you’re in. The best way of doing this is to get your own car reg. It personalises the car to you, and you can take it to all of the other cars that you might have in your lifetime. You can also take some pride when you’re driving. So many people race around, go on their phones, and generally take a risk to themselves and the car. Take some pride by being a responsible driver, and driving in a way that protects your car.


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