Check out this home made BMW E39 M5 Touring

As we’ve already established, there was no official BMW E39 M5 Touring

But that didn’t stop some people from making one.

The listing states:

The car started life as a 540i automatic and was originally sold by a Bimmer dealer in Missouri. As most things do, it found its way to California where it was bought by an individual with a vision, and that vision was of one fast wagon.

A donor M5 sedan was obtained and all of that car’s unique features—everything from the S52 mill and six-speed Getrag 420G to the interior and exterior elements—were transferred over. The project changed hands mid-completion but was wrapped up by the next owner. It has been under the current proprietor for the past four years and 4,000 miles.

We think this car looks quite simply cool as hell.

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