How To Pimp Your Ride Without Looking Tacky

The phrase ‘pimp your ride’ is likely to divert your mind to the popular American TV show that completely jazzed out people’s old and battered cars. Or, perhaps it makes you think about boy racers that have tried to make their car look better with cheap body kits and customisations. Either way, the end result is always tacky, and while you want to improve the look of your car, it’s understandable that you don’t want it to end up looking cheap and nasty. So, here’s how you can pimp your ride without it looking tacky.


BMW E30 on 18 inch wheels

Angel eyes

A great addition to any car are angel eyes, or otherwise known as halo lights. These can come in a plethora of different colours, as well as improving the look of your car instantly. It’s important to remember that you need to ensure the angle is right on your angel eyes because if they are slightly out, you will be driving illegally and also putting yourself and other road users in danger. Have your garage fit them and check their angle regularly.

Custom spray paint

The good old fashioned racing stripe will never go out of fashion, but unfortunately, not many cars come with a racing stripe already painted onto the car, which means you have to do it yourself. Why not come up with your own design to have painted onto your car? You can stock up on automotive tapes here and find car spraying near you here.

Neon interior lights

A fairly new trend that’s come onto the automotive scene are neon interior lights. This is where you buy neon lighting and place them on your dashboard and in the footwell of your car for a super cool effect. You can buy them fairly cheap these days, and they’re usually super easy to fit too. A super awesome way of pimping your ride with style!

Bucket seats

Another classy way of making your car look even better is by replacing your front seats with bucket seats. These are the kinds of seats you see in formula one cars, and have a completely different type of seat belt too. Why not match your bucket seats to your neon interior lights for a really cool effect?

Tinted windows

Finally, another fantastic way of pimping your ride without looking tacky is by tinting your windows to a darker colour, or indeed one that matches the colour on your car. Tinting windows however, isn’t as easy as you might think, so it’s always best to get it done professionally to ensure that the end result looks classy, and not tacky.

stretched vw t25

Tinted Windows… Although this job might be a bit more expensive than your regular 3dr coupe…

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