Signs Of Automatic Transmission Failure

The automatic transmission is a critical part of your car, which has the role of automatically changing your gear ratios while your car is moving. As you probably already know, this is what makes an automatic car different to a manual vehicle. You don’t have to change the gears yourself.


Therefore, if the automatic transmission fails then the problem is evident – your car won’t change gears. This is something that can be extremely costly and troublesome if not dealt with straight away, no matter what vehicle you have, be it one from the Honda SUV range or a convenient Vauxhall Corsa. Because of this, it is a good idea to be aware of the various signs which indicate that your car could be suffering from a failing automatic transmission. Keep on reading to discover what these are…

  •    Loss of one gear – Quite frequently you will find that one gear fails first whilst the others are still working. For instance, the fourth gear may falter whilst all of the others work fine. This means you can still drive your car, so head straight to mechanics and get it sorted out. If you leave it then the problem is going to get worse. Furthermore, you can’t continue to drive even with one gear failing.
  •    Delayed shifting – In addition to this, another common problem that hints that you could be suffering from failing automatic transmission is delayed shifting. This is especially the case if you are trying to shift into reverse gear or first gear.
  •    Noise – If you begin to hear noises whenever your vehicle shifts gear this is a solid indication that there is a problem.
  •    Earlier or later shifting speeds – Is shifting occurring at unusual speeds? A lot of individuals suffering from automatic transmission failure notice that their shifting either takes place earlier or later than it should.
  •    Jerking – If you get that horrible rough and jerky movement when shifting gears then you should definitely get your transmission seen to. This can, in fact, turn out to be rather dangerous as well.
  •    Odd movement – This is one of the signs that tend to get people the most worried. Can you really blame them either? If your vehicle tries to move when you are in park or neutral then you are definitely going to be concerned. Nine times out of ten this is because of automatic transmission failure. You need to get your vehicle seen to immediately. Similarly to the former point, this can be extremely dangerous.
  •    Shift lever problems – Last but not least, if you experience difficulty when trying to move your shift lever then you need to get it checked out.

The seven points mentioned in this article cover the main signs that your vehicle could be suffering from automatic transmission failure. As soon as you begin to notice any of these signs you need to make sure you get your vehicle checked out sooner rather than later. If not then you can seriously compromise your car as well as your safety. Not only this, but the longer you leave the problem it is only going to make it more expensive in the long run as well.


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