Loved Not Leased in Spain

In Spain they tend to keep hold of cars a lot longer than the majority of Brits. Travelling through the country you see more 1990s cars here than back in the UK, cars get used to death instead of traded in after 3 years.

Things are changing, but it’s refreshing to see early Audi A4s, old Megans, the odd Renault 4 and the still active fleet of Citroen C15 vans which ceased production in 2005.

Here’s a couple that caught my eye, like this well loved Range Rover Classic, just being used for a run to the shops.

No auction hype, no restoration, no rust, just a great, old wagon being used.

range rover.jpg

The Megane is interesting, as this desire to keep old cars running means you see a lot of long since forgotten cars, like the MK1 Megane.

Here’s an attractive looking Estate version, that we never got in the UK.

Megane Estate


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