A day with a Jaguar

I spend a lot of posting blogging about Mercedes-Benz but this time it’s a Jaguar…

Yesterday I spent some time with a ‘classic’ Jaguar, and it made me think.

Some of you who know me will know that I am a bit obsessed with UK big cats and black panthers in particular.

Black panthers are melanistic leopards or jaguars, and they are absolutely roaming the UK. The article linked here is well worth a read, where this quote comes from:

“Indeed, we planned to interview Nineham as one of these eccentric believers and had lined up the wildlife liaison officer at Gloucestershire police, Mark Robson, to balance his claims. 

Amazingly, however, he did no such thing. In fact, as I listened gobsmacked, Robson told me that most big cat sightings really are of leopards, and that there are enough eyewitness reports to follow individual animals’ movements on a map…”

Quote taken from Leopards and other big cats ARE on the loose in Britain – just don’t tell a soul by Mark Fletcher

What struck me while watching the Jaguar yesterday was it’s size. When we hear of black panther sightings in the UK, they are often discredited with people saying ‘that is just a large tabby cat’ or ‘that is too small to be a black panther’. I think we are too accustomed to seeing large male tigers and lions on our televisions. While watching the Jaguar I thought ‘this is not a huge cat’. Unless the cat seen in the UK is a really large male then it won’t look anything like the size of the tigers and lions we see on our televisions. Often people who have seen the cats in the UK use a large Labrador as a point of reference, which is a fair amount smaller than a tiger or lion.

My summary is that we should never discount sightings in the UK because the cat seems ‘too small’ to be a panther!

They are undoubtedly out there.

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