Reading between the lines

In automotive news this week, there are 2 important things.

1. Volvo limiting speed to 112mph on all new cars

This means the death of the motoring dream. The future won’t be open roads, leather seats and sunglasses, it’ll be driverless. And you won’t be allowed to go anywhere beautiful, driverless cars are intended to be used for functional journeys, but that’s another story entirely.

2. Bugatti’s new car is £12,000,000

Remember the financial crisis, and human rights? These will be sold to people who made / make a lot of money out of living a life where the two gigantic issues mentioned above don’t exist. It’s an example of the gigantic gap of rich vs poor, and shows the state of the world supercar industry. Gone are the days of poster cars, and of ‘maybe one day i’ll have one of those‘, these days it’s more like ‘my god, I will never stand a chance of owning one of those, that car isn’t aimed at me and the people that made it KNOW that!‘.

The global economy has skewed what we now perceive as expensive.

Most people can’t keep up the payments on a Peugeot diesel and still eat real food in a month, and yet supercar companies are knocking out unfathomably expensive cars in small numbers and making more profit than building mainstream cars for the masses who can actually afford them.

They don’t even need to print the posters anymore.

I’m sorry sir, no, we don’t sell posters, our cars are only for people who have money, have always had money, and always will have money, not you aspirational types, this isn’t a Countach and this isn’t the 1980s you know

The future? More of point 2, unless it’s all stopped by the things mentioned in point 1.

Go out tomorrow and drive your car as fast as you can on a wide open road, before it’s too late, and you won’t be allowed to misbehave anymore.

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