Modern Classic Alert – BMW X5 Mk1 and Merc ML Mk1

Modern Classic Alert – Here’s a theory, as the BMW X5 and Mercedes ML have gotten older, they’ve put on weight, bulk and grown up into hideous vehicles driven by a certain type of person… Usually a policeman, a rich woman or a total douche.
On the flip side, as generations have gone on and both cars have experienced a slow decline in taste and style, the earlier cars are starting to look appealing.
Find a MK1 X5 or ML in the right specification and they’re starting to look pretty good.
You’ve got to have the right wheels and colour, and probably NOT one of the really sporty ones.
Ideally your classic X5 will be blue, red or brown, and your ML anything other than green…
You heard it here first.
bmw x5mercedes ml mk1

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