Good Shouts For Your Next Car!

There are some truly terrible cars on the market at the minute, we want to start by just saying that. The automobile world had changed a lot, that’s for sure. The focus has moved away from being about the engines and the raw materials of the car, and has moved more towards a technological and aesthetics era. Maybe it’s because car companies know that they’re targeting a different market entirely now, or maybe it’s because the whole world is now in the technological race, and car companies are just some of the people who are trying to keep up. But still, as well as there being some really terrible cars on the market, there are some really amazing ones. So to make sure that you get the perfect mix of a car, one that has all of the modern tech, but all of the old school essentials, we’ve put together the perfect list for you. Here are some really good shouts when it comes to cars, we hope you enjoy!

2019 mercedes s class

Mercedes A Class

Mercedes is one of the best manufacturers in the world. It’s a top tier car, and everyone is fully aware of that. But when you think about Mercedes, you automatically think about all of the costs that are involved with it. You’ve got the price of the car, the price of repairs, insurance, and everything else that you could possibly think of. But is it really as expensive as you think? No it’s not, especially if you go through the right dealer, and get the right make. The right make for that is definitely the A class, and the right dealer would be someone such as Derrick Wells. The A class is such an amazing type of Mercedes. It’s the hatchback king, but if you want to stay on the economical and lower end pricing, you should go for the 1.4 litre diesel. The economy is amazing, the interior comes with a leather package that we definitely recommend, and the design is just so sleek!

2019 Audi A3.jpg

Audi A3

This is Mercedes contender, and we why. When you look at both of the cars and compare them, they are similar in the way that they look and the way that they run. But audis are slightly cheaper at the minute, and there are big differences in the interior, and the drive style. Audis are a super smooth drive, and if you’re looking for your every day car that you want to get you from A to B, but in style, this is one of the best ones for it. The S-line is the best version to get. It still holds its economy, whilst giving the car that sporty edge it needs.

2019 Ford Fiesta Titanium X Ecoboost

Ford Fiesta Titanium X Ecoboost

One that might not freak a lot of you out as much as the other two. When you think Ford, you think affordable, and that’s exactly what this car is. But the ecoboost engine gives it that edge that other cars might not have, and that’s what we love about it. The 1 litre ecoboost engine is the best one to get. With models sitting at 140bhp, they pack a punch whilst leaving your pocket out of trouble!

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