From A to B: Tales Of Modern Motoring (1993)

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“First thing I do if somebody is up your tailgate, wanting to get past, you have a look in the mirror you can see it’s a Vauxhall Cavalier, you have a look at the bumpers, has it got colour coded bumpers, that means if the bumpers are painted the same colour as the car, then it’s something other than a base, so it’s gotta be at least a GL, so the chances are it could be a GLi, so you’re on a par with that guy. But if it’s got like headlight washers, you look in the mirror, and it’s got headlight washers, you think Oh My God… It’s an SRi it’s a CDi it’s a GSi, so you eat humble pie, drop the car down, put the indicator on and pull over, and you wave him thank you very much as he goes past, but there ain’t no way someone would go past in a base… not if they’re going to the same place as me”

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