How to Improve the Mileage on your Ford Shelby Mustang

Has the mileage on your Ford Shelby Mustang got you down? Maybe you feel as though you’re at the gas pump more than you are out on the road. Either way, if you love your car but want to improve the overall efficiency, here are a few tips that will help you to get started.

Drive more Efficiently

This may seem difficult, but you need to avoid speeding and rapidly accelerating. If you do, then there’s a high chance that you could improve your gas mileage by over 33%. By watching your speedometer, you can be sure to cut down on the amount of gas you use and you can also make your car much more efficient too.

Remove Excess Weight

Excess weight is a major factor when it comes to your Mustang’s mileage. If you want to avoid this then you need to lighten your ride as much as possible. If you have an extra 100lbs in your car then this can reduce your mileage by 2%. Vehicles like the Mustang will be affected by this way more when compared to Land Rovers or even SUVs. If you don’t need to have any heavy items in the back of your car, then don’t.


Use Overdrive

If your Mustang has an overdrive button, then don’t be afraid to use it. It’s been said time and time again that overdrive will bring your engine speed down and this will give you way better mileage overall.

Don’t Idle

Idling will waste gas. When you idle, you’re actually getting 0 mpg. Vehicles that have larger engines will waste more gas when compared to vehicles that have smaller engines too, so if you have a Mustang then this is something that you really do need to keep in mind.

Keep your Tyres Inflated

Some believe that you can increase your gas mileage by over 3.3% by simply trying to keep your tyres inflated. Under-inflated tyres can lower your gas mileage by 0.4% for every 1psi you’re under. It can also cause your tyres to wear out unevenly too.

Keeping Your Engine Tuned

Tune-ups can greatly increase your fuel efficiency. In fact, it can boost it by over 4%. If you have a fault such as a bad oxygen sensor then this can decrease your fuel efficiency by 40%. If you’re not quite sure how to tune your car then don’t be afraid to chat with your local mechanic. They can then talk you through the upgrades that are available. To see what upgrades you could install on your car, check out Czok.

Turn on Cruise Control

Cruise control will help your mustang to maintain a steady speed when you’re on the highway. This will help you to maximise your gas mileage and it will also help you to really keep your fuel efficiency high too.

So, maintaining the fuel efficiency of your car isn’t difficult and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to get more bang for your buck by simply making a few changes.

2006 Ford Shelby GT-H 

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