4 Bad Driving Habits To Break Immediately

We all think that we are great drivers, and many of us adamantly believe that if we sat our driving tests again, then we would most certainly pass. But we all pick up bad habits during our driving careers. Sometimes these habits come out of laziness. Often, we just learn that we can get away with doing something, or with not doing it. Nobody has ever pulled you up on it, so it can’t be a problem? Well, think again. Many of our smallest driving habits can lead to fatal car accidents.

Drink Driving

If you get caught under the influence of alcohol, thank you stars that you will have had your keys taken from you before you could have caused a severe accident. After a few drinks, you may feel clear-headed enough to drive, but the effects of the alcohol will give you a heightened sense of confidence, which may cause you to make dangerous driving decisions.

Discarding the apparent risks that are involved in driving under the influence of alcohol, many insurers are reluctant to cover people with motoring convictions, you may need to find a company that specializes in drink drive insurance to supply your premium. 

Texting While Driving

For many people, the thought of being away from their smartphones for any period of time can cause them to get distracted. How many drivers do you see who are paying more attention to their phone than their driving? If you are somebody that does this, stop. It only takes a split second of looking down from the road for somebody to step out in front of you, or a car to stop suddenly. 

Use a hands-free device, or pair your phone to your cars Bluetooth. For vehicles that do not have this feature, it is possible to buy accessories to plug into your lighter socket that can connect your phone up to your car stereo. Make sure that your phone is sat in a cradle, and if you do need it for any purpose, ensure you use your phone’s voice-operated AI instead of touching it, or reading the screen. 

Not Using Your Indicators

You may think that this is a minor rule to break; however, not using your indicators can cause accidents. If you are driving down the road, and then seemingly slow and turn without giving your intention to do so, you could end up getting back-ended. Showing your plan to turn is not just about showing courtesy, it is about driving safely. 


We have all done it at times, and when you are not paying attention to the needle on the speedo, you can gradually slide higher than the legal limit. However, the time that you have to be able to react in can be significantly reduced when you are driving at speed. Factor into that the driving conditions, and you may have a serious collision. Speed limits are there for a reason. They are determined by the specific road in mind. Sticking to them is not just a legal imperative, it is a matter of yours and everyone else’s safety. 


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