What is Domain Authority and How to improve it in 5 simple steps? 

If you are performing SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your website, it is hard to determine how your website is positioning in SERPs (search engine results page) and how the website performs against similar sites. Well among multiple critical factors Domain Authority is one such factor that shouldn’t be ignored for your website SEO.

So, let us discuss Domain Authority and ways to improve it in 5 simple steps in this blog.

DA or Domain Authority is a useful SEO score metrics that shows how the website is performing compared to your competitor’s sites. Developed by Moz, this metric indirectly serves as an SEO ranking score. It calculates how the website would rank on SERP by determining various indicators like the quality of the websites in which backlinks are created and number of backlinks developed to your site. The score range from 1 – 100 and websites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, and Facebook mostly rank 80’s and above score.

Just imagine you run an e-commerce website which sells mugs. It is not the right way to compare your DA score with Facebook to find the performance of your website. Instead of this, you have to look for other online stores that sell products similar to yours and find their scores. You should also search for ways on how to improve the score of your website than your competitors.

By improving the DA score, you can beat your competitor’s score and also your website can appear ahead of the competitor’s site in SERP. It means more organic traffic and more visibility for your site. When the gap between the competitor’s DA and your DA is wider, the more popular your website will become.

It is tricky to build and maintain your DA as there are regular changes in internet updates and search engine algorithms can alter the way Moz determines the score. It means there are chances for DA to increase or decrease without putting any effort.

Recommended Reading: https://moz.com/learn/seo/domain-authority

Here are some simple tricks to improve Domain authority of your website:

  1. Perform backlink audit to identity and eliminate unwanted links:

Backlinks are links directed to your website from other websites. By checking your backlink profile, you can get a clear idea of your website’s backlinks. While performing the audit, you have to look at the site’s quality that is linking your website. Google does not encourage low-quality links and hence lowers the rankings of your site if found any low quality links. It is recommended to remove links in certain link directories or posted in spam comments.

  1. Develop quality backlinks

After removing low-quality backlinks, start building good ones. High-quality backlinks from website that has better DA than your website help in improving your score. There are various tactics for link building. However, not all tactics help in building high-quality backlinks. Research and spend enough time to develop quality backlinks. One of the easiest ways to build links is internal linking or writing blogs and linking your website. You can also guest blog on other websites and get in touch with influencers to review your services or products.

  1. Create engaging content

Natural link building is an excellent option to develop a strong backlink profile. It happens when other sites link your site. Here, you will not be putting any effort. If a person likes your content, they will link your contents to their blog page. To make it happen, you need to develop high-quality contents where people would wish to like, share and refer to others. Consider with lengthy or long-form content in form of blog posts.

The subject should be appropriate to your main audience. Bloggers can also use articles or well-written posts as references and readers may share for entertainment or informational value. Include Call to Action so as to bring visitors to your contents and motivate them to take action on your website like subscribe to email list, make purchases or post comments. When the process is straightforward and transparent, you can see better user engagement on your website.

  1. Ensure your pages are reachable

In some cases, backlinks become broken. When the user clicks the link, they will be redirected to an error page. This can happen for several reasons like change in the URL or page’s name or link deleted or moved. Broken links are not good for your website. So, ensure to identify the broken links and replace using working ones. This way, you can improve the DA and backlink profile. It is actually simpler than developing fresh high-quality links.

  1. Market your brand or business on social media

Social media offer opportunities for expanding your audience, brand promotion, and link building. It is possible to link your website in the About section of your profile and also add relevant links in blogs or posts. When you maintain better online presence, you can easily market your brand. Several loyal customers also do the task indirectly in the form of commenting and sharing your website or blogs. Natural backlinks improve your SEO and always considered as high quality. One of the easiest ways to manage your social media page is by planning your posts.


It is tricky to balance all the components for developing maximum SEO. You can always look areas of improvement. Review your DA, work continuously to enhance it and make sure your website is at the top position in SERP ranking. By using DA as your comparative tool, you can measure your website and determine how it performs against your competitors.

Sam Makwana

About The Author

Sam Makwana – VP of Marketing at Traffic Radius

I am a passionate digital marketer with a creative and analytical mindset. My skill lies in adopting a holistic approach and designing solutions based on the latest marketing trends and web paradigms. With my knowledge and understanding of the various elements of SEO, I believe in adopting an integrated approach for devising effective strategies.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-makwana

(Website URL: https://www.trafficradius.com.au)

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