Driving Careers For Those That Love Being Out on the Road

Do you love being out on the open road? For some people it really signifies freedom, an office type environment doesnt suit everyone. If you’re considering taking your career in a new direction, why not consider one of the driving jobs below? 

Courier or delivery driving

With the explosion of online shopping, the demand for couriers to deliver parcels to customers homes is at an all time high. More and more online restaurants offering delivery and the creation of websites like Uber Eats have opened up many jobs for food delivery too. If you want to drive but stay within your local area and also have a lot of local knowledge then this kind of thing could be perfect. All you need is a driving license with your own car, you don’t usually need previous experience as training will be given. Ideal if you want to change the type of job you’re in, or need to find something and start earning money quickly.

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HGV/ long distance driving

Working as a HGV driver isn’t for everyone, but for certain people it can be the perfect job role. If you like to work independently and genuinely enjoy driving and being out on the roads then it could be ideal. Getting your HGV license isn’t particularly cheap or easy, there’s a lot that goes into it including numerous practical and theory tests to show you’re competent at handling such a large vehicle. 

Cab/ lift services

Uber, Lyft and similar ride companies are always in need of drivers. These can be a great way to earn money as they’re flexible, you can choose the hours you work and can do as much or little as you want. You can go full time or work it around another job, study or commitments and really make it suit your lifestyle. Since payments are all made online and customers book through verified profiles on an app, it’s far safer than traditional cab driving. 


Driving instructor

Are you a people person with a great track record when it comes to driving, and possess a whole lot of patience? A driving instructor makes for an incredibly satisfying career, as you’re teaching people an important skill that will genuinely better their lives. You’ll apply to get your ADI qualifications, and once you’re passed and on the register you can begin to teach. Chances are you fondly remember the driving school and your instructor that taught you how to drive, you could be that person for someone else. 

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Sales rep

As a sales rep your job won’t be directly to do with driving, but you will need to do a lot of it. Sales reps travel up and down the country to events and networking and meetings to deliver their pitch. If sales and driving are two skills you’d like to build your career upon then this could be the perfect direction to go on. 


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