Keep Your Business Moving with these Fleet Management Tips

Does your business operation depend on your fleet of vehicles? If so, it is essential to manage your fleet as efficiently as possible. From salespeople on the road traveling between meetings with clients, through to delivery drivers dropping off online shopping, many businesses depend on their fleet of vehicles to keep them running. This means that finding the best ways to manage the fleet is essential.

bmw fleet management

Monitor Efficiency

When your employees are out on the road in your company’s cars, they are representing your business. This means that they need to act professionally at all times so that your business reputation is not damaged, which means driving responsibly and being courteous to other drivers and pedestrians.

While employees are away from the office or depot and out in a company vehicle, it is hard to gauge the work that they are doing. Using a fleet management system can resolve this issue and will help you to identify areas where your processes could be improved to increase productivity.

Choose Cost-Effective Vehicles

The cost of acquiring company vehicles and then running them is a substantial financial commitment. Choosing cost-effective cars is essential to keep your bottom line look healthy. However, cost-effective doesn’t necessarily mean that you should select a cheap vehicle. You will need to find the balance between cars that positively represent your business without costing a fortune to insure and run. 

Fuel efficiency is a significant consideration for businesses, especially as company vehicles do so many miles. It may be worth researching hybrid or electric cars so that they are not only better for the environment, but cheaper to run over the long term.

Don’t Neglect Vehicle Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital for commercial vehicles. Even over a week, your fleet probably covers some pretty substantial distances. All these miles mean that there is extra wear and tear on the vehicle, especially the tires and brakes. 

Performing regular vehicle maintenance may take up some time each week, but it is far less time consuming than dealing with breakdowns or vehicles that won’t start. 

Make sure that your employees know to inform you if they notice any issues with a vehicle so that you can get these resolved as soon as possible, and limit its amount of downtime.

Make Safety a Priority

Safety should always be the number one priority. Delivery drivers, in particular, are often put under strict time constraints, which leaves them under pressure to rush to make their deliveries. While productivity is essential to every business, safety should always come first. This means that targets for employees should be realistic and achievable so that they don’t feel under pressure to speed or drive in other potentially dangerous ways. 

Don’t forget to remind your employees of the dangers of driving when tired, as well as the hazards that can be caused by extreme weather conditions. 

Keeping each of these tips in mind should help you to run a fleet that is efficient, safe, and cost-effective in the long term.

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