Can You Reduce Your Fleet Running Costs?

Some businesses rely on having a fleet of vehicles at their disposal in order to keep running. That can be a combination of different types of vehicle – cars, vans or even lorries for haulage. These are the essentials which keep your business on the road. However, there is no escaping the fact that running a fleet is a significant bottom-line expense, and in tougher economic times, you may well be looking for ways to slim down the cost of this part of your operation. Finding ways to reduce the running costs of your fleet and finding good fleet management techniques should be a part of your business strategy. Review your costs on a regular basis to stop them creeping up and making an impact on profits. 

Source At The Best Price And The Right Time

When it comes to sourcing and replacing vehicles, you must have a strategy in place. Aim to always be forward planning when it comes to your fleet vehicles. Consider the lifespan during which your vehicles are at their most fuel efficient, and plan in an upgrade before they start to cost more in fuel and need more expensive vehicle maintenance. You don’t want to lose time and money when cars or vans are off the road. Working with a specialist dealer like Manchester Van Sales can help you source new vehicles. Be aware of things such as plate change – you may well be able to secure a cheaper price on a new vehicle with an ‘old’ plate just after the new ones have come out. 

Use Telematics 

It does require a little upfront investment, but kitting out your fleet vehicles with some telematics kit (usually referred to as a ‘black box’) can serve you really well in the long run. The data you get in return will help you analyse where your fleet is not performing efficiently, where better driving styles could reduce costs and may even help you to save on your business car insurance too. They say knowledge is power, and that’s certainly true when it comes to running an efficient business fleet! 

Switch To Fuel Cards 

If you don’t use a fuel card system, then you’re missing out on an obvious saving. Shopping around for the best fuel prices is absolutely the way to save on fleet running costs. Even if you do have a current fuel card provider, never remain complacent – you should still regularly shop around for the best deal. Even a small saving becomes significant over time and as your fleet grows. It really is a case of looking after the pennies on this one! 

Take Care Of Tyres 

It may seem a small detail, but tyre quality can really have a big impact on fleet costs. Worn tyres make a vehicle far less fuel efficient as well as posing a danger to your staff. Check them on a regular basis for worn patches, lowered tread depth and air levels, and keep them inflated to manufacturers recommended standards. This one little detail can really help to save on costs in the long run.

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