Tips to Transform Your Old Banger

You may not be able to afford a banging brand new car right now, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go around in a car that looks fit for the scrapheap either. Even if your car currently looks like an old banger, there are lots of things you can do to make it look amazing…

Repair the wheels

One of the most common signs that a car is a little past its best is the poor state of the wheels and tyres. Luckily, you can buy new tyres quite cheaply, and a decent corroded alloy wheel repair will have the wheels sparkling and shining like new again for a fraction of the cost. Heck. even just washing the tyres and plumping them up will make a whole lot of difference to how good your car looks.

Big wheels need extra special attention…

Deal with scratches

If your poor old car’s bodywork has seen better days, repairing any scratches will help to restore its image. If you’re on a budget, you can do this by purchasing one of those neat little car scratch repair kits, which will do a great superficial job. However, if you can afford it, having a professional job will work even better because it will deal with deep scratches and leave you with a more professional finish. It really depends on how much you’re willing to spend on an old banger.

Give it a good clean

It’s obvious, but giving your old car a thorough clean inside and out can be REALLY quite effective at making it look as good as new. It’s probably a good idea to treat your car to a decent handwash and valet service at least once every couple of months to keep it looking its best.

Replace the brake pads

Switching to higher quality brake pads might not be the first thing on your list of improvements, but they can make a huge difference to how your car feels when you’re on the road. You’ll get a smoother ride and your stopping distances will improve as a result. 

Adjust the throttle

New cars tend to have engines that respond in an instance, whereas older cars are much slower due to often having a stretched throttle cable. So, if you want your car to feel faster, take a wrench and adjust that throttle. If you’re good with cars, it shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes, but you will feel the difference when you’re on the road.

look after it!

Take care of it

Most importantly of all, if you want to transform your old banger into a thing of beauty, you need to commit to taking care of it regularly. General maintenance issuse such as changing the spark plugs, cleaning the filters and flushing the fluid are all things that will improve performance and increase longevity when carried out on a regular basis.

If you are in any doubt about how to do any of the things mentioned above, let a qualified mechanic handle it – you don’t want to kill your car.


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