How To Become A Greener Driver In 5 Easy Steps

The concept of eco-friendly driving has dominated motoring news in recent times. Even if you’re a petrol head, now is the time to reduce your carbon footprint by making smarter decisions behind the wheel.

If you’re worried about the need for wholesale changes, the good news is that small changes often bring the biggest rewards. Here are five options to give you a push in the right direction.

1| Buy A Better Car

Car technology has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years. Even if you’re not ready for an EV, upgrading to a newer vehicle will bring reduced emissions. New cars at Dicksons will instantly allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. Meanwhile, if your current choice of vehicle is too big for your requirements, downsizing aids the cause too. After all, reduced weight means that less energy is needed to move it. Simple physics dictate that this is the easiest way to see your emissions (and running costs) fall.

2| Give Your Banger Some TLC

Buying a new vehicle is the best option it allows you to embrace new tech. In the meantime, though, treating your old banger to some much-needed care can make a significant improvement. Faults make the engine work harder, which is bad news for the planet. Besides, those upgrades are sure to enhance your enjoyment behind the wheel, even if it doesn’t match the excitement of a new ride. Better still, the rewards are passed onto the next owner, meaning even greater benefits for the environment.

3| Consolidate Journeys

It’s not all about the car you drive. The way in which you use it is an important ingredient in the recipe for success, and you must not forget it. A little foresight goes a long way to helping you achieve your goal of greener driving. If you have several trips to make throughout the day, consolidating them can reduce the number of miles you drive. Keeping the engine warm is good for efficiency too. You can support this idea by arranging a carpool for work or school runs. The impact can be telling.

4| Improve Your Technique

As well as planning journeys in a more active manner, you should think about your actions behind the wheel. The way you move through the gears and claw back energy when braking can have a telling influence on your situation. Advanced driving courses at Knockhill can transform the way you think and act on the road. This can subsequently lead to conscious and subconscious habitual upgrades. Aside from becoming a greener driver, it can make you safer and more confident in the process. Perfect.

5| Complete Regular Maintenance

Keeping your car in great health is easily the best way to promote greener driving, irrespective of the vehicle in question. Simple tasks include keeping the tyre pressure at the right level and topping up all fluids as needed. This boosts the performance and efficiency of your vehicle while also creating a more comfortable ride. The sooner you learn to embrace those rewards, the better. Not only will it bring quicker upgrades to your driving habits, but it’ll help you develop winning rituals for life. 

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