Isolation-Opoly – The ultimate lockdown family isolation board game

Got a printer? Got a fiver? You’re in for one long, long evening with the family.

Isolation-Opoly is a family friendly board game.

Buy it here on Etsy

Instead of buying properties and building houses, hoard the best areas of the house and fill them with pizza. Then charge a fee to players who land in your parts of the house.

Will you try and own the Espresso Machine, or is the Hot Tub more your thing?
Will your Universal Credit application be rejected, or will you fail your MOT?
Will you be sent to isolation in the box room or will you dominate the HD TV?

With completely rewritten game board and game cards, this will be sure to make you laugh. Easy to print and prepare, instructions provided.


It’s super easy to print and play, all you need is your existing monopoly set and away you go. Any home printer will do the job. Once you’ve purchased online via Etsy, you’ll be able to download the A4 PDFs to print the board and game cards. These are perfectly sized, all you need to do is trim the edges.

Buy it here on Etsy

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