Saloon Heaven: Top 3 Models You Need To Test Drive

Here in the UK, we have tight, twisting roads that are excellent for the average hatchback. Our streets are narrow and you really need to have some great driving skills to venture down some parts of London and the B-roads in the countryside. These types of cars are long, wide, heavy and they munch the miles like nobody’s business. This concept was made affordable and for everyday use. It turned out to be the saloon. Here are the top 3 on the market right now.

Why be typical?

We could be bland and predictable by telling you how great the BMW 5 Series is or how obviously awesome the Mercedes S-class is. But, there are many other options that have a similar type of quality and feel. The Volvo S90, for example, has been turning heads all last year. When you think of Volvo, all one can think of is the amazing safety systems. We hardly ever contribute Volvo with style but this saloon is every bit as sleek as any of its rivals. It’s also a hybrid, which is what you would expect these days. However, it’s petrol turbocharged engine produces 299bhp from a 2.0-litre displacement. The added electric motors give you enough oomph to go from 0 to 60mph in an impressive 5.1-seconds. The interior is as you would expect, high-quality across the board, and even some of the stitching is done by hand.

The mystical phantom

Of all the manufacturers in the world, you wouldn’t think VW would be the brand you’d look towards for one of the best saloons in the world. But this New Volkswagen Range includes the Arteon which is distinctly German. With a widebody, low profile, and long sleek shape, the design is obviously meant to satisfy the executive, business person, and affluent professional who commutes to work. The 18-inch wheels are just the right size as to not create too much vibration and also, give you a responsive ride. It’s also one of the hidden gems in the saloon market, a mystical phantom which starts at just £33,150. With modern LED lamps, it’s a great motorway king for driving at night. The wireless car-net app, allows you to hook your smartphone up to the car, so you can make and receive calls, texts, video calls, and generally, use your phone without touching it.

The old reliable

There’s a reason why cars like the Audi A/S3 are still held as the top choices for newcomers to the saloon type. What’s not to like? It’s fast, with a 0 to 60mph time at just 4.1-seconds. It has a 2.5-litre engine, producing 400bhp. Yet despite these figures, it still manages a cool 40 to 50mpg. Is it the roomiest? No. Is it the prettiest? No. But it definitely handles the best and goes quickly. It’s comfortable, enough, but most certainly impresses in how it gallops across the road with utter haste.

The saloon concept takes a little getting used to. These cars are long and luxurious. They’re great for long drives and they have finally begun to become far more economical than previous eras.

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