Is this evidence of Big Cats roaming Warwickshire and Worcestershire? UK Big Cats

Is this evidence of Big Cats roaming Warwickshire and Worcestershire?

There is often discussion of Big Cats roaming the UK, from the Beast of Bodmin to the Beast of Dartmoor to the Surrey Puma and the Leicestershire Lion. Are they out there? Who knows…

but what on earth killed and ate this deer?! “Something hungry”, said Mrs Good Shout, without batting an eye. Meanwhile ferocious beasts are prowling the undergrowth looking for their next meal. Leave them alone, I say, they’re not hassling anyone. Unless you’re a deer.

If we get a whole load of deer and rabbits commenting saying ‘CULL THEM ALL’ then we will be forced to switch off comments for this post.

Could the real Bagheera please stand up?

Seriously though we sent the photos of this kill to UK Big Cat Exppert Rick Minter and he is quite sure it’s a dead deer. Jokes aside though he did note that it has hallmarks of a big cat, probably the deer was hit by a car and then dragged into the undergrowth by a big cat to feast on. We suspect the cat was protecting the kill before being spooked by a car, hence it got left at the side of the road.

Don’t believe Big Cats are out and about in the UK? Check out Big Cat Conversations, there’s some hair raising stories that’ll fascinate the pants off of you.

Cheers for reading.

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