5 Signs You Need to Overhaul Your Engine

If you notice that your engine’s beginning to fail, your car may need an engine overhaul. When your vehicle’s engine gets overhauled, a mechanic will usually disassemble, clean, inspect, and repair it if necessary. Depending on your engine’s issues, getting an overhaul is better than entirely replacing it, saving you from the costs of buying a new engine.

Before you go to your localauto shop and have your vehicle placed on a2-post automotive lift to work on your engine, it pays to know the common signs that it only needs an overhaul and not full replacement.

To make it easier for you, here’s a list of common signs that your vehicle’s engine may need an overhaul.

White Smoke is Coming Out of Your Car’s Exhaust

When your vehicle starts releasing white smoke from its exhaust, this may be a sign that the motor inside the engine is burning inside its compartment. This factor can lead to low levels of oil, slowing down the performance of your car altogether. When you leave your vehicle like this over time, it can damage the motor’s piston liners and rings, affecting the engine’s function even more.

The best solution for this is to have the cylinder of your engine replaced through an overhaul, restoring its optimal performance.

Knocking Sound

If you hear knocking sound every time you rev up your car, this can mean that the balance of air and fuel inside your engine is not right, making your vehicles’ fuel consumption unstable. The common cause of this can be a clogged filter or fuel hoist screen that can result in oil leaks and fuel-burning inside its chamber. When you leave this alone, it can damage your car’s piston wall and cylinder because of the lack of lubrication on these parts. The best solution to this is to have your engine’s filter changed, regularly change your oil, or have regular engine check-ups through an overhaul.

Excessive Consumption of Fuel

Fuel for cars tend to be pricey, and when your car’s fuel economy starts to become unbalanced, it can leave a massive dent in your wallet. The common reason for excessive oil consumption is when your spark plugs get damaged, negatively influencing your vehicle’s fuel economy. There are several ways you can enhance your car’s fuel efficiency, but having your engine checked is the best solution.

Burns Oil too Fast

Although getting new oil for your car is normal for its regular maintenance, if you see that your engine is going through oil too fast, it’s time to overhaul your engine. A sign that your car may be using too much oil in a short period is if it consumes 1 quart of oil for every 1,000 miles.

Damaged Valves

When your engine’s valve fails to close properly, the combustion fuels go past through the valve seat, making the engine’s valve head overheat and curve inwards. When this happens, the backflow of hot fuel builds up carbon in the engine’s stem guide area, producing cracks on the valve head, damaging it further. Damaged valve heads can destroy your car’s engine overall condition, so it’s best to have your engine overhauled when you see this sign.

If you’re experiencing any of these performance-related problems with your car’s engine, an overhaul can provide a breath of new life into your engine, getting your rig back on the road quickly.

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