How To Keep It Classy Behind The Wheel

Owning a good-looking car is one thing, but driving it with style is another. The latter is all about your mannerisms when you’re behind the wheel. Dress poorly and panic at the smallest incident, and you’re bound to come across as a fresh-faced fish who doesn’t have a clue. Of course, you can always dress to impress, even if you’re not as confident as you appear. Top-class fashion trends have that effect on motorists. All you need to do is understand the dos and don’ts of keeping it classy when you’re on the roads.

Here are the main factors to remember.

Comfort Is Key

It’s tempting to go for what looks the best rather than what feels the best. The mistake is common, and the worst part is that it’s easy to spot. Picture yourself in the dead of winter in a big, thick coat with a scarf dangling around your neck and knee-high boots on. The outfit sounds like a winner until you realise it’s almost impossible to drive in because the many layers restrict your movements! Being comfortable is the key as it makes your driving style more natural and fluid, which is reflected in your actions. Therefore, smart-casual is usually the way to go.

As Are Accessories

Like you would when you leave the house, you should use accessories to your advantage. After all, they’re stylish and practical at the same time. For example, driving gloves are debonair and vintage, yet they also provide more grip and keep your hands warm in cold temperatures. On the other hand, glasses frames are chic while ensuring that your eyesight is sharp enough to stay out of danger. There are tons of accessories drivers can wear; however, sunglasses have to be the most essential since they’re suitable all-year-round when the sun is shining.

Music Sets The Scene

You want to set a scene, i.e. that you’re a cool driver and everyone should stare with admiration as you cruise past. To do that, you can implement music as the right tunes will turn heads and encourage pedestrians and fellow motorists to glance in your direction. Of course, you can have too much of a good thing, which is why you should strike the perfect volume between noticeable and attention-seeking. Otherwise, you’ll appear gaudy and ostentatious, two things that aren’t cool or classy in any situation! Be sure to crack the window a bit, too.

Don’t Be In A Rush

The coolest drivers aren’t the people who hit sixty without three seconds. They’re recognisable, but they aren’t admired. Usually, you end up looking like an idiot because the roads are too congested to hurry off into the distance. So, you put your foot down and instantly hit the brake #uncool. What you want to do is take your time and cruise around without a care in the world. Classy drivers are never in a rush because they always have time. That means sticking to the speed limits, and in some cases, going slower.

What are your methods for appearing classy behind the wheel?

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