7 Tips For Buying Your First Car

Your first car is usually not your dream car unless you have a high disposable income or you have one of the classics handed to you. But the most important thing is having your drivers license. Most first-time car owners are teens who have just passed or are yet to pass their driving tests. If you have had to postpone your driving test due to Covid-19, use a driving test cancellation checker to check when you can take another test. Here are a few things of note to consider before buying your first car.

Identify your needs

Buying a car is a considerable investment, so before you take a plunge, identify your needs. Take a look at your needs, and ask relevant questions to determine if buying a car is the best thing to do. For example, is the car going to be used every day for regular commute, or is it just going to be used one day a week? Also, know the conditions under which the car will be driven and what kind of car you need. Is a pickup more appropriate or a salon car will be fine?


As mentioned earlier, buying a car is quite an investment. Think about how you are going to pay for it. Do you have some savings you can use to purchase the vehicle, or you are considering a lease? How about fuel, maintenance, insurance and other associated expenses? Consider going for an auto-loan financed by the dealership if you have good credit.

Explore your options

Buying your first car is now much easier than it was for the past generation. They had to go from dealership to dealership in person to get a car. Now, all you need is to get online and go through the dealerships’ catalogue close to you. Depending on the specifications you want, select the best options and then begin to negotiate.

Learn to negotiate

Negotiation is a key element when buying your first car as it will set the tone for all your future purchases. You must learn and improve this skill if you will get a good deal for your car. First, do some quality research and arm yourself with the important information. Also, enquire about possible rebates and cash incentives. Finally, try not to let your emotion get in the way during the actual negotiation and settle for what works best for your budget.

Test drive

Once you have settled on the price, it is time to test drive the car. Take it for a spin and see how it handles. Being behind the wheel will give you a firsthand experience on how the car actually works and may provide some insight that will influence your final decision to purchase or not.

Finalise the deal

With everything working well and all other things in place, it is time to finalise the deal to buy your first car. Closely look over the documents handed over to you and read the fine print thoroughly before appending your signature. Look out for clauses you do not understand, have them explained to you, and make sure you understand what you are signing.

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