Keep Your Car Well Loved In 3 Simple Steps

Your car may be your pride and joy. You may have only just bought your dream car or your classic motor may have been on your driveway for the past decade or so. Your beloved vehicle needs to be well cared for in order for it to hold its value and for it to stay well maintained. Your set of wheels shouldn’t fall into disrepair simply because you didn’t change the oil at regular intervals. Take a look at these three simple steps that you can follow to ensure that your car feels the love.

Basic Checks

You can’t simply rely on the annual service of your family car to keep it well maintained for twelve months of the year. You need to carry out basic maintenance checks on a weekly basis. This involves checking tyre pressures, doing the dipstick test for the oil and ensuring that you run your engine in cold weather. Tyres need to be at the correct pressure to ensure that they don’t degrade too quickly or become bald. Appropriate tyre pressures will also ensure that you don’t feel every bump, the drive is more smooth, and you won’t have to worry about a potential blowout. Add to this better fuel economy, a tyre pressure check can also save you money. Check your oil before every long journey as low oil levels can ruin your engine and cost you a small fortune to fix.


When you purchase your car, check out those car dealers that also carry out servicing. This means you have a one-stop shop for all of your car needs. Servicing from a dealer means the parts that may be needed to keep your car in optimum condition are already in stock or easily ordered. They can also be cheaper than going to a third party mechanic. Servicing your vehicle annually means that you can compile a record of documentation to prove to any future buyer that you have taken good care of your set of wheels. This annual check ensures that your car is roadworthy and that all basic parts are in sound condition such as the tyres, the exhaust and the chassis. Fluid levels are also checked, replaced and topped up as necessary.

Driving safely

While you can keep your car in great condition through servicing and maintenance, you also need to drive it in an appropriate way. If you have a sporty little number with plenty of pep, there is always a temptation to drive it hard, test its handling in the corners and have fun when out on country roads. While this is okay once in a while (when sticking to the speed limit) you also need to consider the longevity of the gearbox and the engine. This is especially crucial for those classic cars that are rarer. If a specific part should degrade and you need a new one because of foolish driving, you may struggle to find and replace this part easily. This can lead to many months of your precious car being garage bound.

Follow this guide and you can keep your car well maintained and feeling the love.

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