Make Your Motor Look As Good As New!

Our vehicles often take a real beating out on the road. There is the dust and dirt to contend with, not to mention the occasional scrape or ding that can leave our car looking old and battered. Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you may think to return your vehicle to looking like new. Keep reading to find out how.

Give it a proper wash 

A bucket full of washing-up liquid and sponge you picked up at your local petrol station isn’t going to be enough here. Indeed, to correctly wash and finish your car, thus ensuring it looks its best it is vital that you do things properly. 

First of all, this means investing in a proper car shampoo, one that will help to preserve the paintwork rather than erode it like a washing-up liquid can. Next, if possible use the hose or a pressure washer to rinse your car. You must get all the soap off before you move to the next stage. 

Once your car is clean you can complete the finishing processes. If you are left with any watermarks it best to buff these out with a soft cloth first. Then apply the wax to a pad, and use smooth circular motions to rub it onto your car. Then. once the whole car is covered in wax take a clean soft cloth and remove the wax for a brilliant shine!

Give the wheels some love  

Without wheels, your car won’t be going anywhere, so they are just about as important as you can get. However, many people forget to give their vehicle’s wheels the same attention as the rest of the car when it comes to cleaning and repair. 

Indeed, a car with clean and shiny paintwork can very quickly be let down by its wheels, and that is why you must take care of them too. 

One way of doing this is to invest in a wheel brush that can help you get into all the little crevices that collect dust and dirt from the road. You can even get services like alloy wheel repairs now, see more about this topic by clicking the link. The latter being something that can really help to lift the overall look of your vehicle. 

Brighten up the paintwork 

Of course, there is only so much a good wash and wax can do. After all, if you have scuffs or scratches in your paintwork, no amount of waxing will buff them out. There is no need to panic though because there are some ways you can restore your car’s paintwork to its former glory. 

The first of these is to buy a home-use sealant that wipes on like wax but is designed to match the colour of your paintwork. However, for more serious or extensive scratches you may wish to take your car to the shop to have this done professionally.

Indeed, it’s worth remembering that fixing scratches isn’t just an aesthetic thing, but they help to maintain the integrity of your vehicles’ protective coating as well, something that will help to minimize the chances of rust and erosion and so keep it looking new for longer. 

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