Surprisingly Simple Ways to Win Big When Selling Your Car

You might decide to put up your car for sale at some point. Maybe you’d want a newer model, or you need some extra cash. If you’ve taken care of your car well enough, you might win big when you sell your car. If you haven’t, you’ve got lots of work to do.

Unfortunately, depreciation is part of the life of any vehicle. It is affected by factors such as your car’s age, make and model, mileage, overall interior and exterior condition, modifications, replaced parts, and even the demand for it.

While you can’t influence most of these factors, you can still do some simple sprucing up here and there. In fact, according to CNN Money, even simple, minor repairs can increase the resale value of a mid-range car to $2,000 or more. To find out more about the easy ways to increase the resale value of your car, read below.

Check Your Tires

Start with your tires. Check it, its rims, and hubcaps. Clean it up or replace everything.

If your tires are still in good condition, a good cleaning will do. Use a pressure washer to remove all the dirt and grime from your wheels. It’ll look shiny and fresh afterward. Rub in some tire shine product to make it look new again.

However, if your tires are showing age, particularly when the threads are already slightly showing, it’s time to replace them with new ones. Not only are you improving how your car looks overall, but you are also ensuring safety. Worn-out tires can cause accidents on the road.

As for the rims and hubcaps, scratches and missing ones can lower your car’s resale value. Replace them instead.

Give Your Car a Thorough Wash

A first look at your car can help potential buyers decide whether to purchase your car or not. As you should know, most buyers let their judgment be affected by first impressions. If it’s clean, buyers will know that you take good care of your car, which can positively affect their purchasing decision.

To get the best look for your car, consider getting it professionally cleaned, inside and out, including the engine. If you have the right cleaning tools and equipment, you can also do the cleaning. After everything’s been washed, add some air freshener to the rearview mirror. That will give your car interior the smell of a new vehicle.

Check Your Car Interior

After a thorough cleaning, check the interior of your car. Is there any torn upholstery? Is the flooring still intact? Restore and fix everything that requires them. Replace anything unsightly.

Tactile elements such as gear levers and steering wheels should be replaced if they look worn out. Torn and cracked seating covers must be changed as well. But if you can improve anything with simple fixes, do so. Leather seats, for example, can be dyed and waxed to make them look new again.

The flooring must be complete, too. From the front to the rear, your car’s carpeting must still be in place. If any of them is missing, or they still look dirty even after cleaning, replace them. Get the best mats as much as possible to prevent accidents. Purchase from a wholesale car mat seller to get them at affordable prices.

Buyers also want a car with relatively new technology. You can upgrade your car stereo for cheap, which is a great way to modernize your car’s interior.

Restore Your Car’s Exterior

Buyers always look for dents, scratches, blemishes, and marks when they’re inspecting cars for sale. Unfortunately, even if you took good care of your car, it can still be subjected to these exterior issues because of elements such as pollutants, the heat of the sun, weather in general, and the dreaded bird poop.

Have everything restored. Dents can be repaired and removed. Scratches can be dealt with using a touch-up kit. If your car has faded paint or any blemishes, you can use a color polish to freshen up its paint again. A clay kit, on the other hand, can remove contaminants from bird poop.

Prepare Your Car’s Documentation

Finally, and probably the most important, get your car’s papers in order. According to Yahoo Finance, documentation can show your car’s good condition. This can reassure buyers that you’ve done the proper maintenance checks and work on your car. Documentation can also show a car’s history of ownership and accidents, which buyers sometimes look at, especially if they’re doubtful.

Put Your Car Up for Sale Now

See, with attention to detail, careful cleaning, and a bit of organization, you can add more value to your car. After all of this, you can finally sell your car. Good luck!

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