Love Cars? 6 Routes Into The Automotive Industry

If you love cars but work in banking, then it can feel like you’re doing the wrong thing in life. Sure, the world needs financial institutions. But if motoring is your passion, shouldn’t it also be your job? 

In this post, we take a look at some of the routes that you can take into the automotive industry so it’s not just your side hobby. Check them out below. 

Auto Shop Owner

If your idea of heaven is spending your days underneath cars, tinkering with exhaust manifolds, then becoming an auto shop owner could be just the ticket. In this line of work, you can work on clients’ vehicles to your heart’s content, staying overtime if you want. 

Auto shop owners don’t just have to be mechanics, either. If you want, you can set up a tyre service or even sell specific classic cars.

Service Advisor

Car nuts regularly become service advisors. That’s because, thanks to their hobby, they know a great deal about how the industry works and can advise customers at length. Of course, as professional training organisations like STL Learning make clear, you’ll still need some official qualifications. But if you already know your stuff, that part of it is easy. 

Vehicle Inspector

Imagine if you could spend your time touring car factories and checking that vehicles are safe to drive for members of the public. Well, that’s precisely what your future could be if you became a vehicle inspector. 

These professionals do in-depth car checks to determine if they have any damage, malfunctions or electrical problems. They also explore things like incorrect settings and car emissions levels, confirming that vehicles meet regulations. 

Car Rental Agent

Another possible career path is to become a car rental agent. These professionals hook people up with cars when they temporarily need a vehicle. 

While this job is customer-focused, you’ll also spend a lot of time maintaining the fleet. You’ll work to keep cars looking clean and well-maintained. In the process, you’ll learn a great deal about how they work. Pay rates for this kind of role tend to be quite low, but it’s also an enjoyable career – no stress, no worry. 

Auto Engineer

At the other end of the payscale are auto engineers. These individuals develop and design systems in vehicles using a variety of sophisticated technology. The goal is to ensure that vehicles are safe and user-friendly. 

Think of it like this: you’ll be the person who actually designs these vehicles before they go into production. In other words, your career will mirror your childhood hobby of drawing vehicles and then sticking them on your wall. 

Quality Testing EngineersRight at the top of the pay scale are quality testing engineers. These individuals are responsible for testing all components of vehicles to ensure that they function properly and safely. For instance, you might test things like electronics systems or crumple zones. Through testing, you’ll discover quality defects and then alert the engineering department of the need to change the design.

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