What’s The SEAT Mii Electric Like To Drive?

Let’s begin by revealing a bit more about the electric range of this vehicle. The 36.8kWh lithium ion better will ensure that you have just enough juice so that 161 miles can be covered on full charge. This means that it is going to be able to travel further than one of its main competitors; the Volkswagen e-Golf. In this range of smaller electric vehicles, it is certainly pretty good when it comes to mile range. 


You can make charging your SEAT Mii Electric an easy part of your everyday home routine. There are two options you can use in this regard. You can either have a wallbox specially installed or you can opt for the traditional three-pin plug solution. We do recommend the former option because it will offer a much faster charging time, as we will explain. In terms of charging the new SEAT Mii Electric, it will take less than an hour if you use the rapid charge that is available at a public charging system. This is the quickest way for you to charge your new vehicle. You will often find these chargers in locations close to main roads and at motorway services. If you use a wall box, you can expect it to take four hours. If you simply use a three-pin domestic charging point, it can take 16 hours to charge your new vehicle. What about running costs? Well, it will cost 3.5p per mile in terms of running costs, and the charging cost is £5.29 for a full battery charge. If you are feeling unsure regarding charging your new SEAT Mii Electric, don’t worry; we will be more than happy to talk you through the different options that are available to you so you can understand how to keep that battery charged while on the roads. 


Not only does the vehicle offer a good electric range but it is also pretty impressive in terms of performance as well. You can expect 82bhp and 156lb ft of torque delivered through this electric motor. You will really notice this when you are sat at the traffic lights, as you are bound to beat the other cars off the line. From town streets to motorways; this car offers a positive experience no matter where you are. NxtGen Driving Academy can provide advice if you want to learn to drive an electric vehicle. 

Ride comfort

The ride quality is also impressive with this vehicle. Many people have remarked how relaxing it is to drive around time. The steering is accurate and light and the boxy, small dimensions of the car make threading through narrow side roads a breeze. The ride quality is one of the main standouts with this vehicle. It has an impressive composure, feeling settled at all speeds, as well as being able to handle bigger road imperfections as well. It is also quiet. 

Driving modes

You have three different driving modes to choose from with the SEAT Mii Electric. This includes Normal, as well as Eco and Eco+. You will get maximum power if you go for the normal mode. However, the other modes will limit the power so that the range is eked out. In fact, even the air conditioning will be switched off in Eco+ mode. The gear selector can also be used to control the levels of regenerative braking. This is a system that makes the most of energy that would otherwise be wasted while braking, using it to top the battery up. When you select the highest setting for this, when you lift your foot off the accelerator, the braking force that is provided is strong enough to bring your vehicle to almost a standstill. 

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