Why Choose An EV For Your Next Family Car

It’s time to choose your next family car. Do you go for something familiar, or is it time to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach and go electric? Here are some of the advantages of choosing an EV for your next car. 

Better for the environment 

If you look at the latest scientific reports, we are very close to causing irreversible damage to the planet through emissions and similar. The more people switch to EV, the better it will be for the environment as a whole and the immediate environment too. Fewer petrol or diesel-powered cars on the road mean fewer emissions and less air pollution. 

Quality electric cars are being produced by all of the major car brands, as well as the EV newcomers. You can even go into your local Hyundai car dealership and try out their IONIQ 5 model. 

Cheaper to run

Electric cars can be more expensive to buy but are far cheaper to run. 

Yes, the price of electricity has increased a lot in the last year, but so has the cost of fuel.  Recently, the cost of filling the tank of the average family car was over £100. A typical full EV charge costs just £15. 

The number of free or cheap charging points is also increasing every day. Some energy companies have special tariffs for EV drivers which give them a better deal on energy bills. 

They are also exempt from congestion charges and have a reduced road tax. 

Low maintenance costs

The historic combustion engine is a very well-designed piece of machinery, but so many moving parts mean that there are a lot more things that can go wrong. In comparison, an EV motor has approximately 20 moving parts (rather than hundreds). 


Until fairly recently, the range of an EV was a huge barrier to adoption. They didn’t go very far and then took hours to recharge. That’s changed now. Many EV models now have a range of over 200 miles. 

Driving experience

One of the greatest benefits of an electric car is how well they drive. They are light and powerful, meaning there’s no lag in performance when you put your foot down. In fact, the Tesla Model S takes less than two seconds to go from 0-60 MPH. Most also have a lot of great technology and features that give you that feeling of luxury. 


If you’re used to driving a traditional car, then an EV will be an adjustment. Many people who have made the switch would now never go back to a petrol-fuelled car. Many of the previous issues with EVs such as range, charging time and price are now being tackled making them ideal for almost all family needs. Unless you’re driving hundreds of miles every day, or need an off-road vehicle, then the range isn’t going to be an issue, especially with the range of EV charging points that are appearing over the country. 

So now, not only is switching to an EV a good choice for the environment but is a good financial choice too. 

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