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Tips that will Help you to Buy your Very First Car

Are you thinking about buying your very first car, then you may not know where to start. This is understandable, but at the end of the day, there are things that you can do to simplify the process for yourself. You may even be able to save some money too!

New or Used?

If you are buying a car and you have never driven before, then you should probably think about buying used. If you have recently passed your test, then the same concept applies. Used cars tend to retain their value in terms of the price you end up paying. A new car will lose 30% of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. If you buy used, then you may find that you have access to way more models as well, so make sure that you keep this in mind. If you are in the process of passing your driving test, then it may be worth taking this DVSA theory test online.

How Much Should you be Paying?

Conventional wisdom will probably tell you that your first car should be a bit of an old banger. It doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you are a young driver. You need to find a car that is going to reflect both your needs and your preferences. If you drive on the motorway or if you want something that will help you to be comfortable when driving across long distances, then you need to find something that reflects this if possible. If you only go to the shops once or twice per week, then a hatchback will probably do just fine. You can buy a very good used car for a very affordable price. If you cannot afford to buy a car, then remember that you can always take one out on finance.

Hatchback, Saloon or SUV?

A lot of cars fall into four categories. You have saloon, estate, SUV and hatchback. At the end of the day, there are various other shapes that include people carriers or even sports cars, so it’s worth looking into them if you want to make the best choice. New drivers don’t usually need a lot of space, so make sure that you keep this in mind. If you don’t know which car to buy, then you should know that hatchbacks tend to be very popular. Hatchbacks tend to be smaller, and they are usually very efficient too. On top of this, they are not too expensive to buy, and they run very well. If you want to buy a posh car, then there’s nothing wrong with this, but remember you’ll need to pay out to insure it.

Thinking about Insurance

Put yourself in the shoes of an insurance company. Would you rather have a new driver who is driving a secure hatchback, or would you rather insure a new driver who has a supercar that can reach a top speed of 100mph? It’s very easy to see which one is going to be the most logical option. All cars tend to be given an insurance number, with one being the cheapest to insure and 50 being the most expensive. By looking at this number, you can be sure to save.

Make Your Motor Look As Good As New!

Our vehicles often take a real beating out on the road. There is the dust and dirt to contend with, not to mention the occasional scrape or ding that can leave our car looking old and battered. Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you may think to return your vehicle to looking like new. Keep reading to find out how.

Give it a proper wash 

A bucket full of washing-up liquid and sponge you picked up at your local petrol station isn’t going to be enough here. Indeed, to correctly wash and finish your car, thus ensuring it looks its best it is vital that you do things properly. 

First of all, this means investing in a proper car shampoo, one that will help to preserve the paintwork rather than erode it like a washing-up liquid can. Next, if possible use the hose or a pressure washer to rinse your car. You must get all the soap off before you move to the next stage. 

Once your car is clean you can complete the finishing processes. If you are left with any watermarks it best to buff these out with a soft cloth first. Then apply the wax to a pad, and use smooth circular motions to rub it onto your car. Then. once the whole car is covered in wax take a clean soft cloth and remove the wax for a brilliant shine!

Give the wheels some love  

Without wheels, your car won’t be going anywhere, so they are just about as important as you can get. However, many people forget to give their vehicle’s wheels the same attention as the rest of the car when it comes to cleaning and repair. 

Indeed, a car with clean and shiny paintwork can very quickly be let down by its wheels, and that is why you must take care of them too. 

One way of doing this is to invest in a wheel brush that can help you get into all the little crevices that collect dust and dirt from the road. You can even get services like alloy wheel repairs now, see more about this topic by clicking the link. The latter being something that can really help to lift the overall look of your vehicle. 

Brighten up the paintwork 

Of course, there is only so much a good wash and wax can do. After all, if you have scuffs or scratches in your paintwork, no amount of waxing will buff them out. There is no need to panic though because there are some ways you can restore your car’s paintwork to its former glory. 

The first of these is to buy a home-use sealant that wipes on like wax but is designed to match the colour of your paintwork. However, for more serious or extensive scratches you may wish to take your car to the shop to have this done professionally.

Indeed, it’s worth remembering that fixing scratches isn’t just an aesthetic thing, but they help to maintain the integrity of your vehicles’ protective coating as well, something that will help to minimize the chances of rust and erosion and so keep it looking new for longer. 

5 Things to Remember about Maintaining Your Subaru SUV

Subaru is a well-known car manufacturer worldwide, and their units are some of the sturdiest around, especially their sports utility vehicles (SUVs). However, they do deteriorate over time. If you’re looking to take care of your Subaru and keep running in its best condition for as long as it can, here are five things you need to remember to help your Subaru unit improve its life span and performance.

Have Your Brakes Checked and Replaced

Your Subaru’s brake partsrequire regular inspections as it determines the safety of the vehicle. These include your brake pads and their overall system. That’s why when driving, actively listen for any noises when you hit the brakes and see if there’s any shuddering or vibrating in the actual brake pedals. If there are problems with your braking system, have it checked by a professional as soon as possible.

You need to do two things to maintain your braking system, including checking the brake fluid regularly and having its brake pads and discs inspected whenever necessary. Essentially, it’s best if you periodically check your brakes to fix any issues immediately and prevent further problems.

Check Engine Light

A crucial car component you need to have regularly checked for safety reasons is the engine light. When starting your SUV, the check engine light should come on momentarily to test the car’s engine or emission control system and bulb. This system is self-diagnostic, meaning the engine light serves as a communication pathway to indicate trouble. All Subaru units are designed to function in “limp home” mode whenever problems occur, and the light comes on-and stays on.

If that’s the case for you, take your SUV to an authorized Subaru dealership right away to restore the system’s functions as technicians have specialized tools and knowledge to access trouble codes stored in the car’s memory whenever the light is illuminated. However, you can check its condition by seeing if the fuel filler cap is loose or missing.

The light may also turn on if you have previously installed electrically powered accessories, like radar detectors that aren’t compatible with your SUV’s systems. If the light comes on and you do have these accessories, have them removed or disconnected.

Battery Maintenance

All Subaru vehicles, including SUVs, only use “maintenance-free batteries.” However, this isn’t the case as they require attention from time-to-time as car owners need to maintain their cleanliness to ensure it stays efficient. The vehicle’s battery is the main power behind its electrical system and is prone to winter-related damages. That’s because the battery loses half its strength as demand increases during colder weather. Plus, the lower temperatures reduce its engine-cranking power.

Colder climates can also thicken the engine oil, making it challenging for your engine to turn over as “cold fuel” can’t vaporize properly, adding more to the situation’s difficulty. That’s why you must have your car’s battery checked by a professional regularly.

Check the Belts and Hoses

Ensuring your SUV’s belts and hoses are in optimal shape can maintain your car’s upkeep, helping it run better and minimize your chances of breaking down while on the road. For instance, if the vehicle’s serpentine belt breaks while you’re driving, it may lead to the car’s system failing and breaking down. That’s why it’s best to have your belts and hoses checked every time you have your oil changed to ensure they’re in ideal condition and don’t require replacing just yet.

Test the Engine

The engine is the primary reason why a car runs. That’s why it’s best if you regularly test your car’s engine to check its condition. It’s wise to have a professional do this to ensure it’s in perfect shape. Additionally, when driving your SUV, avoid starting it off and immediately taking off, especially if it’s been sitting around for a while. That’s because while the engine is off, gravity pulls oil inside the engine downward, leaving the upper parts dry.

Whenever you’re going to use your SUV, allow the engine to run for at least 30 seconds or longer before putting the vehicle in drive mode to give the oil enough time to coat the car’s engine properly and lubricate all the moving parts.

Owning an SUV is a whole different experience than owning and driving a sedan or your average car, as they come with unique requirements and issues. It takes a dedicated mindset to understand and maintain an SUV’s upkeep to ensure it runs safely and efficiently-and remembering the factors mentioned can guarantee your Subaru SUV stays and runs in top-notch condition.

Is Joining the Automotive Industry a Good Idea for Car Enthusiasts?

One of the things we’re told quite early in life is that we should try to get a job that has nothing to do with the things we love. In the past, the idea was that you got a job that was far detached from your hobbies so that you would never see the things you found fun as work. Fortunately, this turned out to be completely untrue thanks to modern technology giving us lots of unique opportunities to just do what we want.

So for a car enthusiast that loves to follow the automotive industry and keep up with the latest trends, is it a good idea to find a job in this world?

An industry that will always be relevant

One of the great things about the automotive industry is that it’s always going to be relevant. Cars are always going to be needed, and even if we do develop a futuristic vehicle in the future, your skills will likely transfer over to those new machines and you can adapt to those new circumstances. This is one of the biggest reasons why people should consider investing in a career in the automotive industry. Much like other must-have industries such as medicine and logistics, there’s always going to be a need for more people in the automotive industry.

There are loads of different opportunities in the automotive industry

When we say automotive industry, we don’t just mean people that want to take part in the industrial side of things. For example, designing, testing, and manufacturing is obviously a huge part of the automotive industry, but you can also repair cars, sell them, and even consider working as an engineer. There are loads of career choices and opportunities, so it’s just a matter of picking something that allows you to take advantage of your skills while also allowing you to enjoy your work.

Get started as soon as you want

When people think about studying and getting a diploma, they might consider the long process that it takes to go through school and then look for a job and finally land a position that they studied for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that for most people. In fact, a lot of people will end up working jobs that they never even thought about. The automotive industry is a little different because there are always job openings available. The skills you learn are extremely practical and there will always be positions that require your expertise. This makes the automotive industry one of the easiest to join and it’s a fantastic option for anyone that wants to quickly join a company and get their career going.

Great salaries

The average salary for automotive employees is around $63,000 per year. Of course, this is an extremely vague number and there are going to be a lot of differences to consider. However, it’s still a great indication of what is possible in the automotive industry. Even newcomers can expect a very competitive salary, especially if they’re skilled and able to show off their expertise.

Keep Your Car Well Loved In 3 Simple Steps

Your car may be your pride and joy. You may have only just bought your dream car or your classic motor may have been on your driveway for the past decade or so. Your beloved vehicle needs to be well cared for in order for it to hold its value and for it to stay well maintained. Your set of wheels shouldn’t fall into disrepair simply because you didn’t change the oil at regular intervals. Take a look at these three simple steps that you can follow to ensure that your car feels the love.

Basic Checks

You can’t simply rely on the annual service of your family car to keep it well maintained for twelve months of the year. You need to carry out basic maintenance checks on a weekly basis. This involves checking tyre pressures, doing the dipstick test for the oil and ensuring that you run your engine in cold weather. Tyres need to be at the correct pressure to ensure that they don’t degrade too quickly or become bald. Appropriate tyre pressures will also ensure that you don’t feel every bump, the drive is more smooth, and you won’t have to worry about a potential blowout. Add to this better fuel economy, a tyre pressure check can also save you money. Check your oil before every long journey as low oil levels can ruin your engine and cost you a small fortune to fix.


When you purchase your car, check out those car dealers that also carry out servicing. This means you have a one-stop shop for all of your car needs. Servicing from a dealer means the parts that may be needed to keep your car in optimum condition are already in stock or easily ordered. They can also be cheaper than going to a third party mechanic. Servicing your vehicle annually means that you can compile a record of documentation to prove to any future buyer that you have taken good care of your set of wheels. This annual check ensures that your car is roadworthy and that all basic parts are in sound condition such as the tyres, the exhaust and the chassis. Fluid levels are also checked, replaced and topped up as necessary.

Driving safely

While you can keep your car in great condition through servicing and maintenance, you also need to drive it in an appropriate way. If you have a sporty little number with plenty of pep, there is always a temptation to drive it hard, test its handling in the corners and have fun when out on country roads. While this is okay once in a while (when sticking to the speed limit) you also need to consider the longevity of the gearbox and the engine. This is especially crucial for those classic cars that are rarer. If a specific part should degrade and you need a new one because of foolish driving, you may struggle to find and replace this part easily. This can lead to many months of your precious car being garage bound.

Follow this guide and you can keep your car well maintained and feeling the love.

Buying A Car: Choosing What’s Right For You

If you need to purchase a new car, then you’re going to need to choose something that is right for you. Don’t worry about what anyone else is driving such as your friends or family members because it doesn’t matter. We all have our own requirements for the car that we drive, and you need to stick true to what you like and what you need. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the considerations that you should think about before purchasing a new car. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

2020 Sportage

Specific Make?

The first thing that you should be thinking about is whether there is a specific make that you would like. For example, you might be partial to anything from Audi, or perhaps BMW, maybe even Kia. There are so many makes out there that you might not want to limit yourself to looking for cars only made by one, but there are a lot of people who like to stick with what they know. If you’ve had a certain make in the past, you might be more willing to buy from that manufacturer again because you liked the first one you had.

The Right Price

Everyone has a budget for how much they can spend on their car, so you need to know what this is before you start looking. If you don’t do this, then you could end up falling in love with a car that you can’t have because it is far too much money. If this happens, then we highly recommend looking at used cars instead. You might be able to find the car that you want at a far more affordable price if you look at it used, and there is nothing wrong with buying a car this way. As long as it is in good condition, doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of miles on it, and has a full service history then there’s no reason not to buy it used. 

The refreshed Volvo XC90 R-Design T8 Twin Engine in Thunder Grey

How Big Does It Need To Be?

Finally, you need to consider how big you need the car to be. If you have a family, then it isn’t going to do you much good to have a two seater car, which is why you need to be realistic. Do you need a lot of space in the boot? How many seats do you actually need because there are some models that have two extra ones in the back side of the car to accommodate more people. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you need to think about when it comes to buying a car that is right for you. There are so many options out there right now, so you’re going to need to narrow it down based on your requirements until you are left with only one! Hopefully this advice has helped, and you now have some kind of idea as to what car might be right for you.

4 Reasons to Buy Oil Drums for Your Vehicles

Vehicles play an important role for most if not all individuals. Chances are, your car is used daily for several tasks. Without your vehicle, many things would not be accomplished comfortably. And, one thing a vehicle needs most is oil. Consider getting oil drums at your home location to refuel your vehicle whenever it is needed. Here are four reasons why oil drums will be a great fit for your lifestyle.

Fuel Up at Your Home Location

Oil drums are barrels of fuel stored for whenever you need to use them. Having these barrels stored at your location is like having your own personal gas station. Sounds great, right? You don’t have to worry about getting germs or pretending not to make eye contact with others. Plus, whenever you arrive at your home, you have the opportunity to refuel your vehicles. You get to decide if your vehicle is refilled with fuel every day or when needed. This will not only be a convenience but save you time in your day.

Order Oil Drums When Needed

When you see your oil drums going low, you have the opportunity of ordering another bulk. Order as many barrels as needed at a time to not worry about your vehicles running out of fuel. Easily store your drums and keep track and organized of how much open fuel you have left. Nothing’s better than ordering items you need them at your time. Besides, oil drums can be delivered to your home location, so you don’t have to worry about taking a step at a gas station again. 

Have The Supplies Necessary to Use Oil Drums

It’s important to have the supplies needed to get the oil out to use your oil drums. The barrels are too big to risk a spill and losing gas which is also money gone. Get drum pumps and drum dispensers to get the oil out of the barrel easily. The pump serves as a hose while the dispenser allows the oil to get stored into another location. It’s simple once you have the supplies. Also, don’t forget to store your oil drums properly because they are highly flammable. It’s important to keep safe, especially when oil is around.

Don’t Waste Anymore Time at The Gas Station

With oil drums at your home location, your vehicles don’t need to make the unnecessary stop at a gas station and waste minutes of your personal time. The vehicles can be refuelled after work, a commercial break, or before you go to bed. Time is one thing that is often said not to have enough of. With oil drums at home, minutes gathering every month can be used to do whatever you’d like. Give yourself more time in life.

Deciding on purchasing oil drums can be tough but think about the many pros. Have oil drums at your home convenient and be there for your car needs whenever you need them to be. Make travelling easier for you and your car for many days ahead.

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Buying Your First Family Car? Make These Considerations

Buying a family car means giving priority to function, not style. You need a practical vehicle that will fit into your family needs and with particular emphasis on everyone’s age and demands. Some top considerations are safety, space, and family-friendly features. You’d also want a car that’s easy to maintain with readily available access spare parts. Ensure it has quality parts and accessories such as Optima batteries to improve safety and minimize breakdowns. Consider


How many people are in your family? If you only have one child, that’s not a big issue, but three or more children need a car with enough space across the back seat. Also, consider if you plan to have more children in the future. Going for a smaller car means changing it when you get another baby. SUVs are spacious and can accommodate at least three children comfortably, depending on the car size. The downside is that they can be a bit pricey, but you can still get an affordable MPV to meet your family’s needs and budget.

Also, check the size of the boot. You may need to carry a baby pram and other accessories when you travel with the kids. There before, you probably used the backseat for shopping and other luggage but that’s about to change.


Check the car’s security features. How safe will the children and the entire family be in case of an accident? Most cars come with standard safety features, but there is always the option of investing in more features such as a system that prevents collisions or further protects the car occupants in case of an accident. You may also want to check the safety rating of the particular model before purchase.  Also, consider how many doors the car has. Five doors are ideal. Everyone can get out of the vehicle quickly in case of an accident.


The amount of money you have can significantly determine the make and model to choose. Budgeting for a family car is a bit tricky because you don’t want to lower the budget then buy an impractical vehicle. Instead, look into your needs then adjust accordingly. It might force you to save a little longer, but also, check the financing options available. Note that the purchase cost is not the only thing to budget for. There are insurance payments, taxes, and maintenance costs. Also, some cars may consume more fuel than others, which means more expenditure. Maintenance costs depend on the quality of the spare parts car make, and model. High-end vehicles cost more to maintain.


Your children need to be comfortable, especially when on long trips. This means more space, better ventilation, and hydration not forgetting cup holders. Also, check the car’s height. An ideal height makes it easier to carry sleeping babies to and from the vehicle. The kids can also get into the car without your assistance.

Kids can be messy, which means cleaning your car more often. Go for a vehicle with easy to clean interiors, and remember to go for darker coloured upholstery.

7 Tips For Buying Your First Car

Your first car is usually not your dream car unless you have a high disposable income or you have one of the classics handed to you. But the most important thing is having your drivers license. Most first-time car owners are teens who have just passed or are yet to pass their driving tests. If you have had to postpone your driving test due to Covid-19, use a driving test cancellation checker to check when you can take another test. Here are a few things of note to consider before buying your first car.

Identify your needs

Buying a car is a considerable investment, so before you take a plunge, identify your needs. Take a look at your needs, and ask relevant questions to determine if buying a car is the best thing to do. For example, is the car going to be used every day for regular commute, or is it just going to be used one day a week? Also, know the conditions under which the car will be driven and what kind of car you need. Is a pickup more appropriate or a salon car will be fine?


As mentioned earlier, buying a car is quite an investment. Think about how you are going to pay for it. Do you have some savings you can use to purchase the vehicle, or you are considering a lease? How about fuel, maintenance, insurance and other associated expenses? Consider going for an auto-loan financed by the dealership if you have good credit.

Explore your options

Buying your first car is now much easier than it was for the past generation. They had to go from dealership to dealership in person to get a car. Now, all you need is to get online and go through the dealerships’ catalogue close to you. Depending on the specifications you want, select the best options and then begin to negotiate.

Learn to negotiate

Negotiation is a key element when buying your first car as it will set the tone for all your future purchases. You must learn and improve this skill if you will get a good deal for your car. First, do some quality research and arm yourself with the important information. Also, enquire about possible rebates and cash incentives. Finally, try not to let your emotion get in the way during the actual negotiation and settle for what works best for your budget.

Test drive

Once you have settled on the price, it is time to test drive the car. Take it for a spin and see how it handles. Being behind the wheel will give you a firsthand experience on how the car actually works and may provide some insight that will influence your final decision to purchase or not.

Finalise the deal

With everything working well and all other things in place, it is time to finalise the deal to buy your first car. Closely look over the documents handed over to you and read the fine print thoroughly before appending your signature. Look out for clauses you do not understand, have them explained to you, and make sure you understand what you are signing.

To lease or not to lease, that is the question.

Want a new set of wheels but want to test out the pedals first?

So, you are thinking of purchasing a new set of wheels but do not know which model to drive. Ever thought about personal car leasing as an option? Well, the benefits of leasing a car is that you can rent a car for an agreed length of time for a set fee and see what it feels like to drive before settling on a model you want to eventually buy. You will be able to tailor your mileage needs based on how much you generally use your car. 

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Lease instead of buy immediately

Committing to buying a car takes a lot of thorough research and endless trips to the car show rooms where you can only sit in the car for a short amount of time. You do not really get a feel for how it is going to be when you eventually drive it unless you arrange a test drive. So being able to lease a car is surely a much better option if you enjoy driving the latest models but do not want all the hassle of organising MoT’s, breakdown cover and replacing faulty parts on older models. Which in all honesty happens a lot more often than you would like to! Nothing worse than having your car break down on a dark, cold, rainy, windy commute and having to wait for the AA to arrive. You would not have to worry about things like this when leasing a car as they are more likely to be up to date and newer models, so much less likely to break down on you in your hour of need.

Flexible leasing options

With car leasing you have the flexibility to choose which model, brand and budget to suit your own needs. Once the lease expires, you simply hand the car back over. If you really fall in love with the car you could even put in an offer to buy it from the car leasing company. But you would have to discuss this with them directly to see what price they offer you.

But it is surely much more exciting to swap that last model that you drove for another brand new shiny one! Also, another benefit of car leasing is that you are not just limited to driving in the UK. You have the option to go on that road trip you always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do so. With an array of multiple European countries just a short ferry to Calais away, you could soon be in sunny Italy driving along the Italian Riviera coastline with the roof down, shades on and hair blowing back in the wind. All you would need to do is fill in some paperwork beforehand to get your VE103 Foreign Travel Authority Certificate and then you are all good to go!