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How do you sell a classic car?

When it comes to selling cars, there’s a number of different ways to do it. The method you use to sell your car is entirely up to you, it depends on:

a) how soon you want the car out of the way
b) how soon you want the cash in your bank
c) how much effort you want to put into preparing the car
d) how much time you have to deal with prospective buyers

We’ve outlined the different ways to sell your classic car below.

Want some help selling your classic car? You’re in the right place. Find out more.

Selling your car privately – Pros and Cons

Pros – Complete control of the sale, the car stays with you
Cons – Lots of work to prep and photograph the car, people coming to your house, risk of bad offers and time wasters. Can you write…? Will your words and photos do the car justice?

For some classic cars, a small ad in the back of your owners club mag might be all it takes. For other cars, channels such as Autotrader and Gumtree will work, but be prepared to do all of the grafting yourself. This means cleaning the car, photographing the car and dealing with all the enquiries. Do you really want prospective buyers coming to your house, scoping out your garage and offering you half the asking price?

Some of these classified sites are free, and there are some good ones… though big sites that suit modern cars like Autotrader aren’t suited to classic cars.

We have had successes with selling cars privately this way, but we’ve also had some awful experiences. If your car is valuable and desirable, we don’t recommend it.

To get the most money for your car privately, you’ll need a good description and some excellent photographs. We can help with both.

Selling your car on eBay – Pros and Cons

Pros – eBay has a huge reach
Cons – No guaranteed sale, buyers coming to your house, lots of silly enquiries

eBay is an online auction website that charges a fee to list the car, then a final value fee. Buyers can bid online, but be warned… There’s no guarantee they will show up.

In our experience, eBay used to be great – but these days it seems to take 2, 3 or 4 attempts for an auction to finish and an actual buyer to turn up.

It’s not cheap to do, it’s stressful and can be down right frustrating. You’ll spend your evenings answering the same questions over and over, regardless of how much or how little you put in the description. It can be done with eBay, but honestly… We don’t bother anymore.

Still keen to sell your car on eBay? Contact us for help and we can guide you through it.

Selling your car at auction – Pros and Cons

Pros – Its easy. Just drop the car off. You set the reserve.
Cons – Expensive, fixed dates for sales might work against your timeline.

The buzz of the auction hall, the smell of cheap coffee and bacon sandwiches… The classic car auction is a great way to sell your car and guarantee you’ll get the money if it sells. With an auction, there’s no comeback for the buyer if the car blows up after a sale (use that as a buyer beware just as much as it’s an advantage!).

Most auction houses will do the description and photos for you, saving you the effort. Some are better than others at this, and also at marketing their sales. There are auction houses that we rate, and some that we hate, so ask us first! We won’t name names here.

When it comes to values, the auctioneer will discuss the figure he thinks your car will achieve, and where to set the reserve price. They will have a good idea for where the bidding will fall on the day for your car and it’s condition. Be wary though – remember they want cars in the sale just as much as you want to sell it, so watch for false promises. As we said previously, some auction houses are better than others.

Although classic car auctions are popular, the values of cars can go both ways. Sometimes a car will sky rocket past it’s estimate and get carried away with the ‘auction room buzz’, selling far higher than the market value, but let’s be honest… people attend classic car auctions to get a bargain. So expect to be slightly down on the ‘agreed value’ your insurance company thinks it’s worth.

For all of the benefits a classic car auction offers, you’ll pay handsomely. Expect to pay an entry fee for the car, as well as a commission on the sale. There’s also a Buyers Premium, so wherever the hammer falls, it’s the auction house that wins!

As a rough example, the last car we sent to auction came out as follows:

Auctioneers Estimate – £7000 to £9000
Top bid on the day – £6,250 (It was rusty…)
Price with Buyers Premium – £6,750
Entry Fee + Commission – £90 + (6% + VAT) = £450 = Total Cost of £540
Total Returned after fees – £5,710

Not sure if a classic car auction is for you? Contact us.

Want to read more about our experience with auctions? Like the time we bought a classic car the media had been hyping and due to a disastrous series of events got a check from Brightwells Auctioneers for just £60? Or the time we invested £4,000 in a Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG to end up with just £1,500? Or the time we got carried away, lost track of who has bought what and had to move 9 cars in an evening? Or the time we bought an Audi S4? Click here.

Still keen to sell your car at an auction? Contact us for help and we can guide you through it, and to choose an auction house.

Selling your car in a specialist online auction – Pros and Cons

Many auction houses have now adopted the eBay formula, operating online auctions. There are a number of operations that do this, and it does seem to be growing in popularity. You’ll pay a fee to list the car, but the best auctions will send a photographer to shoot the car, and assign a proper writer to describe it.

The auction will have a defined end date and start date, but you’ll coordinate viewings from your house, just like a private sale. Think of it like a private sale, but with no fixed price, and a whole lot more marketing.

With a physical auction you can wash your hands of the car as soon as you drop it off, but with an online auction like this, you risk having the buyer come back to you if there’s issues with the car. You’ll be doing the handover and the auction house still take the fees.

In terms of costs, expect to pay around 5% depending on the auction house. We know of a few, and more are popping up all the time. Want to discuss selling your car this way? Get in touch.

Pros – Reach a wider audience quickly, cheaper than a physical auction, likely to find a buyer if one exists, take advantage of large marketing reach of auction house
Cons – No seller protection, you’ll still be hosting the sale at home

Selling your car on consignment with a dealer – Pros and Cons

Pros – Professional marketing, achieve a good price, some dealers offer warranties
Cons – Can be expensive, no guarantee it’ll sell, car stays with the dealer (which is both a pro and a con – what if the dealer goes bump?)

As you browse through the pages of classic car magazines, you’ll see a huge range of classic car dealers offering cars for sale. Did you know that many of these aren’t owned by the dealers themselves? Instead these cars are sold on consignment, owned by a customer and sold on their behalf by the dealer.

This is a good way to sell a car if it’s valuable, but the fees can be hefty. A good dealer can charge anything from 5% up to 25%, depending on the car and the price. For some people, this is still a good solution. It means all you have to do is get the car to the dealer, and they’ll take care of everything – right up until the point you get a cheque (or more likely bank transfer). A good dealer should be able to put together a stellar car description, a professional set of photos and some superb marketing for your car, but a bad dealer will do none of the above. There are good ones and bad ones out there, so choose carefully.

Still keen to sell your car on consignment? Contact us, we know a few people who can help.

Is Joining the Automotive Industry a Good Idea for Car Enthusiasts?

One of the things we’re told quite early in life is that we should try to get a job that has nothing to do with the things we love. In the past, the idea was that you got a job that was far detached from your hobbies so that you would never see the things you found fun as work. Fortunately, this turned out to be completely untrue thanks to modern technology giving us lots of unique opportunities to just do what we want.

So for a car enthusiast that loves to follow the automotive industry and keep up with the latest trends, is it a good idea to find a job in this world?

An industry that will always be relevant

One of the great things about the automotive industry is that it’s always going to be relevant. Cars are always going to be needed, and even if we do develop a futuristic vehicle in the future, your skills will likely transfer over to those new machines and you can adapt to those new circumstances. This is one of the biggest reasons why people should consider investing in a career in the automotive industry. Much like other must-have industries such as medicine and logistics, there’s always going to be a need for more people in the automotive industry.

There are loads of different opportunities in the automotive industry

When we say automotive industry, we don’t just mean people that want to take part in the industrial side of things. For example, designing, testing, and manufacturing is obviously a huge part of the automotive industry, but you can also repair cars, sell them, and even consider working as an engineer. There are loads of career choices and opportunities, so it’s just a matter of picking something that allows you to take advantage of your skills while also allowing you to enjoy your work.

Get started as soon as you want

When people think about studying and getting a diploma, they might consider the long process that it takes to go through school and then look for a job and finally land a position that they studied for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that for most people. In fact, a lot of people will end up working jobs that they never even thought about. The automotive industry is a little different because there are always job openings available. The skills you learn are extremely practical and there will always be positions that require your expertise. This makes the automotive industry one of the easiest to join and it’s a fantastic option for anyone that wants to quickly join a company and get their career going.

Great salaries

The average salary for automotive employees is around $63,000 per year. Of course, this is an extremely vague number and there are going to be a lot of differences to consider. However, it’s still a great indication of what is possible in the automotive industry. Even newcomers can expect a very competitive salary, especially if they’re skilled and able to show off their expertise.

Keep Your Car Well Loved In 3 Simple Steps

Your car may be your pride and joy. You may have only just bought your dream car or your classic motor may have been on your driveway for the past decade or so. Your beloved vehicle needs to be well cared for in order for it to hold its value and for it to stay well maintained. Your set of wheels shouldn’t fall into disrepair simply because you didn’t change the oil at regular intervals. Take a look at these three simple steps that you can follow to ensure that your car feels the love.

Basic Checks

You can’t simply rely on the annual service of your family car to keep it well maintained for twelve months of the year. You need to carry out basic maintenance checks on a weekly basis. This involves checking tyre pressures, doing the dipstick test for the oil and ensuring that you run your engine in cold weather. Tyres need to be at the correct pressure to ensure that they don’t degrade too quickly or become bald. Appropriate tyre pressures will also ensure that you don’t feel every bump, the drive is more smooth, and you won’t have to worry about a potential blowout. Add to this better fuel economy, a tyre pressure check can also save you money. Check your oil before every long journey as low oil levels can ruin your engine and cost you a small fortune to fix.


When you purchase your car, check out those car dealers that also carry out servicing. This means you have a one-stop shop for all of your car needs. Servicing from a dealer means the parts that may be needed to keep your car in optimum condition are already in stock or easily ordered. They can also be cheaper than going to a third party mechanic. Servicing your vehicle annually means that you can compile a record of documentation to prove to any future buyer that you have taken good care of your set of wheels. This annual check ensures that your car is roadworthy and that all basic parts are in sound condition such as the tyres, the exhaust and the chassis. Fluid levels are also checked, replaced and topped up as necessary.

Driving safely

While you can keep your car in great condition through servicing and maintenance, you also need to drive it in an appropriate way. If you have a sporty little number with plenty of pep, there is always a temptation to drive it hard, test its handling in the corners and have fun when out on country roads. While this is okay once in a while (when sticking to the speed limit) you also need to consider the longevity of the gearbox and the engine. This is especially crucial for those classic cars that are rarer. If a specific part should degrade and you need a new one because of foolish driving, you may struggle to find and replace this part easily. This can lead to many months of your precious car being garage bound.

Follow this guide and you can keep your car well maintained and feeling the love.

Buying A Car: Choosing What’s Right For You

If you need to purchase a new car, then you’re going to need to choose something that is right for you. Don’t worry about what anyone else is driving such as your friends or family members because it doesn’t matter. We all have our own requirements for the car that we drive, and you need to stick true to what you like and what you need. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the considerations that you should think about before purchasing a new car. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

2020 Sportage

Specific Make?

The first thing that you should be thinking about is whether there is a specific make that you would like. For example, you might be partial to anything from Audi, or perhaps BMW, maybe even Kia. There are so many makes out there that you might not want to limit yourself to looking for cars only made by one, but there are a lot of people who like to stick with what they know. If you’ve had a certain make in the past, you might be more willing to buy from that manufacturer again because you liked the first one you had.

The Right Price

Everyone has a budget for how much they can spend on their car, so you need to know what this is before you start looking. If you don’t do this, then you could end up falling in love with a car that you can’t have because it is far too much money. If this happens, then we highly recommend looking at used cars instead. You might be able to find the car that you want at a far more affordable price if you look at it used, and there is nothing wrong with buying a car this way. As long as it is in good condition, doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of miles on it, and has a full service history then there’s no reason not to buy it used. 

The refreshed Volvo XC90 R-Design T8 Twin Engine in Thunder Grey

How Big Does It Need To Be?

Finally, you need to consider how big you need the car to be. If you have a family, then it isn’t going to do you much good to have a two seater car, which is why you need to be realistic. Do you need a lot of space in the boot? How many seats do you actually need because there are some models that have two extra ones in the back side of the car to accommodate more people. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you need to think about when it comes to buying a car that is right for you. There are so many options out there right now, so you’re going to need to narrow it down based on your requirements until you are left with only one! Hopefully this advice has helped, and you now have some kind of idea as to what car might be right for you.

4 Reasons to Buy Oil Drums for Your Vehicles

Vehicles play an important role for most if not all individuals. Chances are, your car is used daily for several tasks. Without your vehicle, many things would not be accomplished comfortably. And, one thing a vehicle needs most is oil. Consider getting oil drums at your home location to refuel your vehicle whenever it is needed. Here are four reasons why oil drums will be a great fit for your lifestyle.

Fuel Up at Your Home Location

Oil drums are barrels of fuel stored for whenever you need to use them. Having these barrels stored at your location is like having your own personal gas station. Sounds great, right? You don’t have to worry about getting germs or pretending not to make eye contact with others. Plus, whenever you arrive at your home, you have the opportunity to refuel your vehicles. You get to decide if your vehicle is refilled with fuel every day or when needed. This will not only be a convenience but save you time in your day.

Order Oil Drums When Needed

When you see your oil drums going low, you have the opportunity of ordering another bulk. Order as many barrels as needed at a time to not worry about your vehicles running out of fuel. Easily store your drums and keep track and organized of how much open fuel you have left. Nothing’s better than ordering items you need them at your time. Besides, oil drums can be delivered to your home location, so you don’t have to worry about taking a step at a gas station again. 

Have The Supplies Necessary to Use Oil Drums

It’s important to have the supplies needed to get the oil out to use your oil drums. The barrels are too big to risk a spill and losing gas which is also money gone. Get drum pumps and drum dispensers to get the oil out of the barrel easily. The pump serves as a hose while the dispenser allows the oil to get stored into another location. It’s simple once you have the supplies. Also, don’t forget to store your oil drums properly because they are highly flammable. It’s important to keep safe, especially when oil is around.

Don’t Waste Anymore Time at The Gas Station

With oil drums at your home location, your vehicles don’t need to make the unnecessary stop at a gas station and waste minutes of your personal time. The vehicles can be refuelled after work, a commercial break, or before you go to bed. Time is one thing that is often said not to have enough of. With oil drums at home, minutes gathering every month can be used to do whatever you’d like. Give yourself more time in life.

Deciding on purchasing oil drums can be tough but think about the many pros. Have oil drums at your home convenient and be there for your car needs whenever you need them to be. Make travelling easier for you and your car for many days ahead.

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Buying Your First Family Car? Make These Considerations

Buying a family car means giving priority to function, not style. You need a practical vehicle that will fit into your family needs and with particular emphasis on everyone’s age and demands. Some top considerations are safety, space, and family-friendly features. You’d also want a car that’s easy to maintain with readily available access spare parts. Ensure it has quality parts and accessories such as Optima batteries to improve safety and minimize breakdowns. Consider


How many people are in your family? If you only have one child, that’s not a big issue, but three or more children need a car with enough space across the back seat. Also, consider if you plan to have more children in the future. Going for a smaller car means changing it when you get another baby. SUVs are spacious and can accommodate at least three children comfortably, depending on the car size. The downside is that they can be a bit pricey, but you can still get an affordable MPV to meet your family’s needs and budget.

Also, check the size of the boot. You may need to carry a baby pram and other accessories when you travel with the kids. There before, you probably used the backseat for shopping and other luggage but that’s about to change.


Check the car’s security features. How safe will the children and the entire family be in case of an accident? Most cars come with standard safety features, but there is always the option of investing in more features such as a system that prevents collisions or further protects the car occupants in case of an accident. You may also want to check the safety rating of the particular model before purchase.  Also, consider how many doors the car has. Five doors are ideal. Everyone can get out of the vehicle quickly in case of an accident.


The amount of money you have can significantly determine the make and model to choose. Budgeting for a family car is a bit tricky because you don’t want to lower the budget then buy an impractical vehicle. Instead, look into your needs then adjust accordingly. It might force you to save a little longer, but also, check the financing options available. Note that the purchase cost is not the only thing to budget for. There are insurance payments, taxes, and maintenance costs. Also, some cars may consume more fuel than others, which means more expenditure. Maintenance costs depend on the quality of the spare parts car make, and model. High-end vehicles cost more to maintain.


Your children need to be comfortable, especially when on long trips. This means more space, better ventilation, and hydration not forgetting cup holders. Also, check the car’s height. An ideal height makes it easier to carry sleeping babies to and from the vehicle. The kids can also get into the car without your assistance.

Kids can be messy, which means cleaning your car more often. Go for a vehicle with easy to clean interiors, and remember to go for darker coloured upholstery.

7 Tips For Buying Your First Car

Your first car is usually not your dream car unless you have a high disposable income or you have one of the classics handed to you. But the most important thing is having your drivers license. Most first-time car owners are teens who have just passed or are yet to pass their driving tests. If you have had to postpone your driving test due to Covid-19, use a driving test cancellation checker to check when you can take another test. Here are a few things of note to consider before buying your first car.

Identify your needs

Buying a car is a considerable investment, so before you take a plunge, identify your needs. Take a look at your needs, and ask relevant questions to determine if buying a car is the best thing to do. For example, is the car going to be used every day for regular commute, or is it just going to be used one day a week? Also, know the conditions under which the car will be driven and what kind of car you need. Is a pickup more appropriate or a salon car will be fine?


As mentioned earlier, buying a car is quite an investment. Think about how you are going to pay for it. Do you have some savings you can use to purchase the vehicle, or you are considering a lease? How about fuel, maintenance, insurance and other associated expenses? Consider going for an auto-loan financed by the dealership if you have good credit.

Explore your options

Buying your first car is now much easier than it was for the past generation. They had to go from dealership to dealership in person to get a car. Now, all you need is to get online and go through the dealerships’ catalogue close to you. Depending on the specifications you want, select the best options and then begin to negotiate.

Learn to negotiate

Negotiation is a key element when buying your first car as it will set the tone for all your future purchases. You must learn and improve this skill if you will get a good deal for your car. First, do some quality research and arm yourself with the important information. Also, enquire about possible rebates and cash incentives. Finally, try not to let your emotion get in the way during the actual negotiation and settle for what works best for your budget.

Test drive

Once you have settled on the price, it is time to test drive the car. Take it for a spin and see how it handles. Being behind the wheel will give you a firsthand experience on how the car actually works and may provide some insight that will influence your final decision to purchase or not.

Finalise the deal

With everything working well and all other things in place, it is time to finalise the deal to buy your first car. Closely look over the documents handed over to you and read the fine print thoroughly before appending your signature. Look out for clauses you do not understand, have them explained to you, and make sure you understand what you are signing.

To lease or not to lease, that is the question.

Want a new set of wheels but want to test out the pedals first?

So, you are thinking of purchasing a new set of wheels but do not know which model to drive. Ever thought about personal car leasing as an option? Well, the benefits of leasing a car is that you can rent a car for an agreed length of time for a set fee and see what it feels like to drive before settling on a model you want to eventually buy. You will be able to tailor your mileage needs based on how much you generally use your car. 

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Lease instead of buy immediately

Committing to buying a car takes a lot of thorough research and endless trips to the car show rooms where you can only sit in the car for a short amount of time. You do not really get a feel for how it is going to be when you eventually drive it unless you arrange a test drive. So being able to lease a car is surely a much better option if you enjoy driving the latest models but do not want all the hassle of organising MoT’s, breakdown cover and replacing faulty parts on older models. Which in all honesty happens a lot more often than you would like to! Nothing worse than having your car break down on a dark, cold, rainy, windy commute and having to wait for the AA to arrive. You would not have to worry about things like this when leasing a car as they are more likely to be up to date and newer models, so much less likely to break down on you in your hour of need.

Flexible leasing options

With car leasing you have the flexibility to choose which model, brand and budget to suit your own needs. Once the lease expires, you simply hand the car back over. If you really fall in love with the car you could even put in an offer to buy it from the car leasing company. But you would have to discuss this with them directly to see what price they offer you.

But it is surely much more exciting to swap that last model that you drove for another brand new shiny one! Also, another benefit of car leasing is that you are not just limited to driving in the UK. You have the option to go on that road trip you always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do so. With an array of multiple European countries just a short ferry to Calais away, you could soon be in sunny Italy driving along the Italian Riviera coastline with the roof down, shades on and hair blowing back in the wind. All you would need to do is fill in some paperwork beforehand to get your VE103 Foreign Travel Authority Certificate and then you are all good to go! 

What Cars are the Easiest to Sell?

There are thousands of different cars out there for you to buy and sell. However, some are more valuable than others. What does this mean? Well, it means that certain cars are more popular, thus allowing you to sell them easily and for a lot of money. The secret to buying and selling cars lies in distinguishing which vehicles you should get your hands on. 

Don’t worry, this won’t be a list of specific cars you should buy! That would be too difficult to formulate, and it might lead to all of you going out and buying the same car. Instead, you’ll see a few car categories and types that are well worth purchasing…


A sports utility vehicle is a unique type of car that blends ruggedness with performance. In essence, it’s designed to have the bulk of a classic people carrier, but the sleekness and movement of a sports car. These two traits combine to create one of the most popular car types on the market today. Why? Because families love the accessibility – there are lots of seats, ample boot space, and a safe vehicle. At the same time, the cars are great to drive and don’t feel super slow and bulky. This makes them an attractive option for a lot of younger men looking for an adrenaline boost. The style of SUVs also makes the popular executive cars, so you see them in many office car parks! 

Overall, this category is incredibly profitable for a seller. SUVs are getting more and more popular every day, headlined by vehicles like the Range Rover Evoque. So, you should have no trouble getting your hands on one of these and finding a way to sell it for a profit. 


A lot of people confuse crossovers with SUVs as they both blend different cars together. The difference is that a crossover is more family-orientated. In essence, you have the functionality and running costs of a hatchback, but in a larger body with 4×4 wheels. This increases the car’s functionality, making it appeal to more people. Also, the added bulk makes it a safer option as a family car, when compared to a hatchback. 

The Nissan Qashqai is probably the quintessential crossover. Indeed, many experts suggest this was the car that kicked this category into existence. Again, the profitability of a crossover is huge because these cars are sought after. Families love them, but they also offer a more flexible alternative to both hatchbacks and 4x4s. 

Classic sports cars

Let’s be honest, a speed demon lurks in most of us. We’ve all dreamed of owning a sports car at some point, but they’re too far out of our reach. This is why classic sports cars are such valuable purchases for a wheeler-dealer. Here, you have a car that loads of people are keen to own. The classic element provides a sense of collectability and rareness, yet the sporty aspect is what draws most people in. Because these cars are older, they’re much cheaper than modern sports cars. For some, this is the only chance they’ll get at driving a Porsche or Ferrari. 

Another benefit of classic sports cars is that there’s so much room for improvement. Their age means they tend to be bought in bad shape, giving you room to make adjustments. This lets you sell it for a profit as you’ve taken care of any work a future owner will need to do. Instead, they can buy it and drive away instantly!

Classic cars

Furthermore, you should also concern yourself with other classic cars. This relates to any older vehicle that’s popular or iconic, but not necessarily a sports car. Many classic cars fall under this category – think about the old-school Mini Cooper! This car rose to fame after the Italian Job film, and it still remains desirable. People will pay good money to get their hands on a classic Mini Cooper to this day. 

Realistically, most cars are popular due to appearances in films or TV shows. It’s a good idea to do some research and identify any classic cars within your budget. Again, the age of the vehicles leaves room for improvements and upgrades. The key is to ensure you make the car usable in today’s world without removing the classic aura. 


It’s normal to confuse superminis with really small cars – like the Mini or a Smart car. What you don’t realise is that loads of other vehicles fall under this umbrella. Popular cars like the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo are classified as superminis. Effectively, the term relates to small hatchbacks – usually with two doors, sometimes the full four. As you can imagine, this encompasses a wide variety of vehicles. 

Why are these cars good to buy and sell? It’s simple, they’re one of the most popular car types in the world. People love superminis due to the compact practicality – they’re great to drive in busy cities. There’s affordability to them that also attracts attention, and many people buy them as first cars. Plus, there are so many makes and models going back through the years. It’s fairly easy to find a supermini from a few years ago, make improvements, and sell it for profit. 

As you can see, there are plenty of cars that haven’t made this list. What about estate cars, saloons, and classic 4x4s? There’s no reason you can’t buy these cars and sell them for a profit, it just tends to be more challenging. The above categories have been chosen because they’re all highly popular and trendy right now. This means that you have a strong pool of potential buyers when you go to sell your car. The classic car market is particularly strong, so it’s possibly the best one to venture into. Still, any of the other car types will be valuable purchases as well. It’s all about finding cars that people are interested in buying, then doing your best to sell them for more money than you paid. 

A Used Car: A Financial Burden Or Value For Money

Used cars are growing in popularity as more people are becoming less inclined to get into big loans for finance agreements and lose a huge portion of the value of a car in the first few months. Having said that, there are some amazing pros for getting a new car that can sometimes outweigh a used car. But that isn’t what we are debating today. A used car can be a better financial option for some people who can only afford a lower monthly payment or would prefer to buy a car outright. But is it value for money or is it a financial burden? With that in mind, here are some of the costs you may incur. 

The cost of maintaining a used car

There are some ongoing costs that will need to be spent when it comes to the ownership of a used car. First of all, there are the yearly services, which isn’t a cost you escape with a new car either. This does need to be maintained when it comes to owning a used car. A service will highlight any wear and tear items that could need replacing as well as ensuring any fluid levels are where they should be. Alongside this, a used car may be subject to a yearly MOT. This is a legal requirement for driving on the road, but thankfully it is made simple as you can now use online booking systems. Both servicing and MOT’s ensure that your car is reliable and roadworthy. If you are bothered about paying for these things in one go, then there are service plans you can consider which could help. It is definitely a cost that you will need to incur, but keeping these things up to date could help you avoid any other larger costs for some wear and tear items in your engine. 

What happens when the warranty expires?

Many used cars will have had their manufacturer warranty expire, which means that you, as the owner, are subject to any parts or replacements that need to be paid for. However, a used car can have an extended warranty or a purchased warranty. However, always check the fine print to ensure you know exactly what is and what isn’t covered. 

Is it cheaper on a finance agreement?

When it comes to financing a used car often people choose to do finance arrangements. However, because the car is cheaper to buy on paper in regards to the cost, it might end up working out more expensive in the long run than a new car. Many manufacturers offer lower interest charges on brand new cars. However, it is always worth checking the total amount payable when taking on any finance agreement. 

Is cash really king when it comes to purchasing a used car?

Many people choose to pay for a used car outright, and while that may work out for you, it is always worth remembering that a car, no matter whether new or used, is a depreciating asset. Sometimes it’s best to work out both sides of cost over the period you plan to own it. Sometimes cash works out better, sometimes financing does. 

The verdict 

Overall, buying a used car can be a very cost effective way of motoring. As long as you take good care of the vehicle and have the necessary checks, it should work out as good value for money. 

What To Look For When Buying A Classic Car

If your long-held dream has been to own a classic car, then you should try to make that dream a reality whenever you can. It might take some time to save up, it might take some time to learn the pros and cons of classic car ownership, but once you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll never look back. Owning a classic car is a joy. 

However, it will only be a joy if you pick the right car to begin with. Buying a classic car that isn’t quite right (or is a lot wrong) can certainly diminish your love for the older car, and it might even mean you no longer want to own one at all. 

Just like when buying any car, there are some specific things to look out for. It’s just that with a classic car, there are some other things to check out before putting down any money. Read on to find out more. 

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The Price 

To begin with, the cost of a classic car will always be more than a newer car (sometimes a lot more), although how much exactly will depend on the condition and make or model of the classic car you are looking at. The only exception to this rule is if the classic car needs a lot of work, or if the newer car is a supercar or similar. However, in general terms, you will be spending more than you would if you bought something more ‘standard’. 

We would never recommend going completely over your budget if you see a car you love, but since classic cars are becoming fewer and farther between, if you are only a little short of the asking price it might be wise to consider finding a top-up through payday loans, asking friends and family for help, or getting additional funds from a bank loan. Missing out on the perfect classic car for the sake of a few hundred pounds doesn’t bear thinking about. 


Before you part with any cash whatsoever, you must inspect the car. There are plenty of online auctions where you can potentially find the car you have been looking for for years, but unless you can inspect the car thoroughly, placing a bid is always a big risk. 

When you can see the car, rust is something you need to look out for. Classic cars, due to their age and often how they have been stored, as well as how they were originally made, are susceptible to rust, and so you should probably expect a small amount – the only time not to expect it is if you’re buying a completely restored car for a larger amount of money. In general terms, you are going to see some rust at some points on the vehicle. However, if you see lots of rust, or you see where repairs have been made, this could suggest more expensive underlying problems. As well as the more obvious spots, make sure you check the:

  • Wheel arches
  • Under carpets
  • In the boot

Test Drive 

Another must-do when you are buying a classic car is to take it for a test drive. You need to feel comfortable driving the car, especially if you’ve never had one before and are used to a more luxurious interior. It could be that, once you finally get to drive one, you realise that classic cars aren’t really for you. 

The test drive will also give you a chance to check the engine and the interior more thoroughly.