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The UK BMW E46 High Mile Club – 200,000 miles and above

Welcome to the UK BMW E46 High Mile Club, a blog post to round up high mileage cars and show some appreciation to the dedicated owners.

For the record, and a bit of context, when the moon as it it’s closest to earth it’s a mere 238,855 miles away.

Too many people think that 100,000 miles is ‘high’. It isn’t. A well built and well maintained car should last forever.

We live in a wasteful, throwaway society.  Ask yourself a simple question: What’s better for the planet? Owning and maintaining an old car for many years, or replacing it with a brand new one every 3 years?

It’s great to see a good range of cars, and it’s not all diesels!

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The UK BMW E46 High Mile Club Gallery:


Model: 2001 BMW E46 330d Manual Sport Touring
Miles: 200,000
Owner Notes: “Just ticked 200k recently”

Miles: 200,384
Owner Notes: “there’s not even a scratch or rip on it, it costs more than my ex girlfriend does 😂 its a stage 2 253bhp 637nm and smokes more than a Jamaican stoner”

Model: BMW E46 320d Touring
Miles: 201,000
Owner Notes: In 2012 I swapped my really crap Peugeot 20something and £800 for this at 130,000miles. Initially there was no love there at all, I got the interior thick in mud and all scratched up, the dog lived in there 10 hours a day, so much rubbish on the front seat that it couldn’t be seen. I use to drag the car over low ground coming into site (work) and couldn’t of given a shit. Then after about 7 years of heavy abuse something changed, I hit about 195,000 I realised I wasn’t gonna break her. Now there is so much love, all new leather interior n door cards, Meguiars compound 👌 new 17″ wheels, bit of turbo love from my mechanic and I love it, currently on 201,000 and drives like it always has”


Model: 2003 BMW E46 325ci
Miles: 202,645
Owner Notes:bought it 2 years ago was an auto reverse Tumble went in the Autobox I got a kit from good old nick jup and I had auto barn fit it for me in waterloovile. Bc racing coilver 19in diamond cut alloy wheels running 255 30 19 on the back and 235 35 19 on front have a custom-made exhaust by myself run the auto diff of the 325ci it’s mapped has launch control better throttle response crack and pop mapped the rev limit has been raised for 7100 Android head unit carbon fibre front grille carbon fibre aerial fin carbon fibre spoiler carbon fibre rear diffuser list goes on”


Model: 2001 BMW E46 converted to M3 spec 3.2 with manual gearbox
Miles: 205,000
Owner Notes:


Model: 2004 BMW E46
Miles: 205,000
Owner Notes:


Model: 2000 BMW E46 330d
Miles: 206,000
Owner Notes: “it’s 330d, hybrid turbo 277bhp 535nm, meister r coilovers, all PolyBushed, fiberglass wings, carbon bonnet, e90 M Sport seats”


Model: BMW E46
Miles: 207,000
Owner Notes:


Model: BMW E46
Miles: 210,847
Owner Notes:


Model: 2004 BMW E46 320cd
Miles: 211,000
Owner Notes: “original clutch, flywheel, turbo etc, doesn’t smoke, use water or anything, exceptional runner and all year it’s cost me a track rod end!”


Model: 2004 BMW E46
Miles: 211,111
Owner Notes:


Model: 2005 BMW E46 320cd
Miles: 211,447
Owner Notes: “320cd 2005 with 211,447 miles, serviced every 10k since new. 👍”


Model: 2005 BMW E46 320d SE 6 Speed Manual
Miles: 213,772
Owner Notes: “high spec late car in daily use. It’s like a family pet. we bought it showing 184,000 miles with a dent in the side, a whistling turbo and a grinding clutch release bearing. Now it’s on 213,00 miles, it’s been to souther Spain and back, it’s still got a dent in the side, the turbo is still whistling and the clutch release bearing still grinds! Had a couple of expensive MOTs, a couple of brake callipers and the handbrake has been repaired about 6 times”


Model: 2005 BMW E46
Miles: 216,000
Owner Notes:


Model: 2000 BMW E46 330ci
Miles: 223,000
Owner Notes: “Bilstein B12’s, H&R rolls bars, Cobra Bucket Seat, Quaife LSD, Been all over Europe!”

Model: BMW E46
Miles: 224,000
Owner Notes:  


Model: BMW E46
Miles: 226,000
Owner Notes:

Model: 2003 BMW E46 320d M Sport
Miles: 231,000
Owner Notes:


Model: BMW E46
Miles: 231,000
Owner Notes:

Model: BMW E46
Miles: 231,000
Owner Notes: 240k still going strong with Mpg


Model: 2002 BMW E46
Miles: 238,000
Owner Notes:


Model: 2005 BMW E46
Miles: 251,000
Owner Notes:


Model: 2002 BMW E46
Miles: 251,000
Owner Notes:


Model: 2005 BMW E46 320d SE
Miles: 256,000
Owner Notes: “This car has a great story which is covered here

Model: 2003 BMW E46 320d SE
Miles: 272,000
Owner Notes: “Bought on eBay for £490 and an ongoing project” You can follow Jake on Instagram here


Model: BMW E46
Miles: 355,103
Owner Notes: “it’s still going!

Model: 2004 BMW E46 330d Manual Sport Saloon
Miles: 480,729
Owner Notes: “She was a £250 bargain saved from being scrapped still had 10 months mot. She has had a £10 wash and a quick coat if show shine (lol),and windows cleaned still drives without fault and will keep me going through the winter hopefully”