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Isolation-Opoly – The ultimate lockdown family isolation board game

Got a printer? Got a fiver? You’re in for one long, long evening with the family.

Isolation-Opoly is a family friendly board game.

Buy it here on Etsy

Instead of buying properties and building houses, hoard the best areas of the house and fill them with pizza. Then charge a fee to players who land in your parts of the house.

Will you try and own the Espresso Machine, or is the Hot Tub more your thing?
Will your Universal Credit application be rejected, or will you fail your MOT?
Will you be sent to isolation in the box room or will you dominate the HD TV?

With completely rewritten game board and game cards, this will be sure to make you laugh. Easy to print and prepare, instructions provided.


It’s super easy to print and play, all you need is your existing monopoly set and away you go. Any home printer will do the job. Once you’ve purchased online via Etsy, you’ll be able to download the A4 PDFs to print the board and game cards. These are perfectly sized, all you need to do is trim the edges.

Buy it here on Etsy

What is the most iconic racing car of all time?

(Written for Classic & Sports Finance, for the December 2019 issue of Revolution, the digital magazine of Motorsport UK)


Full Text:

What is the most iconic racing car of all time?

What is the most iconic racing car of all time? There aren’t any right or wrong answers, but there are certainly a lot of them… Give yourself a minute or two and a grid full of contenders present themselves for discussion. 250GTO? D Type? GT40? 917? Stratos?

For every iconic racing car there are hundreds that time has forgotten, so why do certain cars capture our imagination? Every racing car is built to achieve success on the track, but when it comes to achieving iconic, timeless status, track success plays second fiddle to a plethora of other attributes. Timing, design, cultural significance, impact on the motor industry and road car sales are also measures of the historical significance of a car. What about the team behind the racing car and the motivation that drove them? Why was that car on that grid on that particular day?

The Ford GT40 story is hot right now, with the ‘Le Mans 66’ movie in cinemas and ‘The 24 Hour War’ documentary available on Netflix. The story behind those crucial years at Le Mans is detailed, convoluted and absolutely riveting – the Ford GT gained it’s legendary status through so much more than driving across the finish line ahead of some other cars. It’s not the ‘what’ that makes the car, it’s the ‘how’, the ‘when, and the ‘why’. This story would never have come to fruition, we wouldn’t be writing about the GT40 today if there had never been the finance behind the project. You can have the worlds best drivers, engineers, pit crew and logistics team but without the finance to make it happen the car will never make it onto the grid.

You might not have the finance of an automotive behemoth behind you, but equally you’re probably not trying to achieve a one-two finish at Le Mans… Having the right people involved in your operation puts you one step closer to achieving your automotive dream, whatever that may be. Traditional sources of funding have always been wary of financing motorsport aspirations, but this is exactly what we do. At Classic & Sports Finance, we have been working in the motor racing industry for more than 20 years. Whether you are looking to release the capital in a classic car or asset to direct the funds towards motorsport, or to fund a purchase of racing equipment like a motorhome or trailer; we can help. We understand how best to structure your assets and your finance to give you what you want to achieve – you’d be surprised how much can be done once we start a conversation.

Ultimate Stance through the lens of In Motion Media

We popped along to Ultimate Stance to assist Chris at In Motion Media with capturing some footage.

Here’s the results of a night in the edit suite:

Ivan Hamill Cars gets the Good Shout Media Touch

Yet another satisfied Good Shout Media customer!

Ivan Hamill wanted to update his Facebook page to give his dealership the look and feel that it deserves. Good Shout Media stepped in to give Ivan’s social media channels a light restoration, and now we can happily say that Ivan Hamill Cars has passed the Good Shout Social Media MOT!

Ivan Hamill Cars – Before

Ivan Hamill Before

Ivan Hamill Cars – After

Ivan Hamill After

A new look for JA Autos

This week we’ve been assisting Alan at JA Autos with his social media.

Alan wanted to make his company page look professional and smart, so he called on Good Shout Media to work some social media magic.

We’re pleased with the final results:

JA Autos Before

JA Autos Before

JA Autos After

JA Autos After

Men’s Essentials: Hackett vs Preppers Shop

When we came across this lovely layout from Hackett London, Preppers Shop UK sprung to mind.

The audience for Preppers Shop UK are more slip-knot than slip-on so it seemed right to produce an image in the same style.

All of the products in the Preppers Shop image are available to buy online, and the post went down well with the prepping community on facebook and twitter.

Hackett London's take on Men's Essentials

Hackett London’s take on Men’s Essentials


Preppers Shop UK take on Men’s Essentials

Working with In Motion Media on the Air Ride Lotus Esprit

We’ve been busy working with In Motion Media shooting a fantastic air-ride Lotus Esprit, that uses air bag suspension to achieve the ultimate stance.

Here’s the final edit from In Motion Media:

Men’s Essentials

Our client Preppers Shop UK have recently started stocking Opinel Knives, and we’ve been a into Opinel for many years. It was a no-brainer to put together this simple little Men’s Essentials image to use on the Preppers Shop Blog. You can see that post here:

Men's Essentials image for Preppers Shop

Men’s Essentials image for Preppers Shop

New Cover Photo for Alder Sportswear





We really enjoy working with Alder Sportswear, they make high quality cold water surfing equipment and the range of boots and gloves is second to none.

It’s great working for a client who’s products we really believe in…!
alder cover2