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Print Portfolio: Lottery Surf Trip – Australia

The Lottery Surf Trip was a concept dreamt up by Joe and the team at Wavelength Surf Magazine. It was a double page spread based around a no-limits lottery win surf trip of your wildest dreams.

This issue featured the Holden Maloo, a trip to Australia and some money-no-object surfboard purchasing.


Print Portfolio: Flow Rider ‘How To’

Flow Riding isn’t easy.Wavelength Surf Magazine asked for a ‘How To’ guide to cover a double page of a summer issue of the magazine, and this is the resulting article.

This was part of an advertorial, featuring an advertisement towards the first third of the magazine.

Flowrider, Wavelength July 2012 issue

Print Portfolio: Flow Rider Machine

The Wavelength Team decided a Flow Rider would be a great item to feature on the ‘Most Wanted’ page, where we’d round up all the latest products from big to small.

The Flow Rider would have been a much larger investment, but it was great fun to write!

Originally printed in Wavelength Surf Magazine

Originally printed in Wavelength Surf Magazine