Sales Car Backup Blogs

What on earth is a ‘Sales Car Backup Blog‘ and why do I need it?

Quite simply, this is rigging the market. It’s not, but it is.
Think of it like chumming for sharks.
We have to chum the water and the sharks will arrive.

You have a car coming into stock, or you have an SOR car you’d like to secure.
For the sake of argument, let’s say it’s a BMW Alpina.

A few weeks before the car is due, your website might publish a general article on that marque. If written and targeted correctly, this does a number of things…

  1. Gives your website some valuable SEO points and associates your business with this marque / car
  2. Creates a social media buzz around the car or marque
  3. Attracts the attention of prospective buyers and sellers of similar cars

As Good Shout Media and as Your Company, we might tweet the article to some key figures within the industry, and the blog will gain traction. The car comes into stock, we post it into an already frenzied market place because we chummed the water.

Case Study 1: Chumming the Water

A client we worked with in the past wanted to secure one particular car from a collector.
We put together a run down of the entire range of cars, which no one had done before.
This was tweeted to a TV personality, who shared it. 21,000 people read the blog.
The car came into stock a week later. It sold within a day of being listed.

Case Study 2: Fanning the Flames

A client we work with had a Peugeot 106 Rallye in stock.
Top Gear did a Special, during which they destroyed a Peugeot 106 Rallye.
The internet and forums went crazy, this was a trending toping.
Good Shout Media wrote a blog in support of destroying the car
Paddy McGuinness tweeted it to his 494,000 followers
Many thousands of people visited the clients website.

Blogging WORKS to sell cars, generate business and raise the profile of your company.

Would you like to work on some exciting, intelligent marketing using nothing but cleverly ordered words and a few digital tools? We would love to help. Contact Joe to discuss a project or a blog…. We love a ‘working title’.