Social Media

Are your posts getting zero likes?
Are less than 20% of your mailing list opening your newsletters?
Are your twitter fans ignoring you?
Are you trying to sell insurance to an audience that doesn’t care?

Give us a shout.

Like with any classic car, the best place to start is with the MOT.
Our social media services are no different, we offer a Social Media MOT for just £25.

The Social Media MOT will check a number of key areas for your social media channels, after which you’ll be presented with a Pass or Fail certificate, complete with advisories.

Once we have discussed the findings, we can go on to turn your MOT fail into a pass… without using a welder! This is what we call a Social Media Mile Restoration. It starts from just £100, depending on just how bad the MOT fail was. We keep our pricing simple, and offer a fast turnaround on our work.

goodshoutmedia-banner-restoration 2

Once you’ve passed your Social Media MOT, we can then discuss the future. Either we can train you to use social media for yourself, or we can take over the management for you. Our managed social media services start at just £100 per month, so just over £10 per day.

Each quote is customised to your specification – you can have just Facebook on it’s own, a little bit of Twitter, a dash of Instagram and a large helping of Blogging, depending on what suits you. Get in touch and we can have a chat about your business and your requirements.

Get in touch with Good Shout Media, we can do the leg work for you!


The Social Media MOT:

Whether you’re selling Coca Cola or selling cars, your online presence is all about the brand. When customers look at your business online, they want to see a professional operation whether you’re a one man band selling one car at a time or a huge car supermarket shifting vehicles by the bucket load.

Good Shout Media offer a Social Media MOT, where we’ll take a look at all of your social channels and provide a report on the simple fixes that can be done to move you from a Social Media FAIL to a Social Media PASS.

Getting your social media right will make a big difference to how customers view your business – and we don’t charge the earth.

We aim to work with you to get exactly what you’re looking for, and you don’t pay a penny until you’re 100% happy with the results.

We can help your business to look better online, whether it’s by changing a few words, redesigning an image or just giving some tips – we want to help.

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