Social Media

Hunter S Thompson likes Social Media

Are your facebook posts getting zero likes?

Are less than 20% of your mailing list opening your newsletters?

Are your twitter fans ignoring you?

Are you trying to sell insurance to an audience that doesn’t care?

Give us a shout.

The Social Media MOT:

Whether you’re selling Coca Cola or selling cars, your online presence is all about the brand.

When customers look at your business online, they want to see a professional operation whether you’re a one man band selling one car at a time or a huge car supermarket shifting vehicles by the bucket load.

Good Shout Media offer a Social Media MOT, where we’ll take a look at all of your social channels and provide a report on the simple fixes that can be done to move you from a Social Media FAIL to a Social Media PASS.

Getting your social media right will make a big difference to how customers view your business – and we don’t charge the earth.

We aim to work with you to get exactly what you’re looking for, and you don’t pay a penny until you’re 100% happy with the results.

We can help your business to look better online, whether it’s by changing a few words, redesigning an image or just giving some tips – we want to help.

Other Automotive Marketing Services offered by Good Shout Media:

– Social Media Channel Management

– Social Media Strategy Implementation

– Blog Writing

– Electronic Newsletter creation/management

– Event Support (pre/post event press releases)

– Event Coverage

– Public Relations

– Video Production

– Website Management

– Google Analytics Reporting

– SEO friendly Content Generation

MOT Certificate

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