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8 Reasons Why Mercedes-Benz is Still a Brand That Has Things to Offer Modern Drivers

Are you thinking of upgrading your car anytime soon? If you are, you might want to consider purchasing your first ever Mercedes-Benz. They may have been around for a long time, but that consistency should be seen as a positive. It can be easy to take manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz for granted. They seem to have been offering consistency for so long.

So, maybe it’s time that we stopped to appreciate and look at what it is that makes the brand so special. For me, it’s the value for money that you get from their vehicles. Whether you choose to buy a new or used model, you can be sure that you will be getting good value. It’s less about how much you spend and more about what you spend it on when it comes to buying a car. Here are the eight reasons that demonstrate exactly what I mean, so read on now.

  1. You Get the Very Best Driving Experience

What matters most to drivers tends to be the driving experience offered to them by their car. They want to be able to enjoy every second that they spend behind the wheel. And that’s completely understandable. When you spend a lot of time on the road, you don’t want it to feel like a chore. So, this is one reason why driving a Mercedes-Benz is so appealing to modern drivers. The driving experience you get is second to none. You can visit sites like https://www.mercedes-benz.inchcape.co.uk to find out. It’s something that has to be experienced for yourself.


  1. They Make Clean Cars

These days, it’s more important than it has ever been before that cars are green and clean. People genuinely care about what kind of impact their vehicle has on the environment. If you don’t drive a clean car, you will be polluting that planet that little bit more. Mercedes-Benz is a company that has been pushing forward with hybrid and electric cars for a long time now. But what’s even more impressive is how clean and efficient their regular non-hybrid vehicles are. Not many other car brands can compete with this.


  1. Its Long Legacy Didn’t Come from Nowhere

Yes, we all know about the incredible Mercedes-Benz legacy. This is the brand that made the very first car, so they must have been doing something right to be around still. Many other car companies have emerged later and burnt out quicker. But this brand is still here. The hard work that goes into making the cars that roll off the production line so impressive is what matters most. The brand ensures that every vehicle is as impressive and well-designed as possible. That legacy didn’t just fall from the sky. You can find out more about their progression through history at sites like http://www.ordain.com/history.htm.

190 front.jpg

  1. The Safety Features Are Very Impressive

Safety is not something we tend to associate with Mercedes-Benz. But it recent years, the brand has started to improve its vehicle safety massively. Right now, they offer very safe cars. They all have both proactive and reactive systems in place to make the car as safe as possible. That means that the car works to prevent crashes and accidents. But when they do occur, a system jumps into place to protect the driver and stop major injuries. This kind of innovative safety work is what’s putting Mercedes-Benz at the head of the pack when it comes to safety.

  1. Optimisation Puts You in Control

When you buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz, you are given the chance to customise it so that it suits you. This puts you, the driver, in charge of the entire process. And you won’t just have to settle for the design and performance choices that a manufacturer makes for you. You’ll be able to tweak and change lots of things to get the car of your dreams. These days, consumers want control more than ever before. And Mercedes-Benz is one of the only car manufacturers that seem to be tapping into this demand, so it’s working well for them.

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  1. Mercedes-Benz Cars Hold Their Value

Depreciation is one of the biggest headaches faced by modern drivers. No one wants their car that they spent so much money on to start falling in value as soon as they own it. It can be really frustrating when you come to sell the car and realise it’s not worth as much as you thought. Well, Mercedes-Benz cars, especially the luxury models, are known for holding their value very well. Some things simply don’t get old, so they don’t fall in value either. That’s what exactly what the designers and engineers at Mercedes-Benz understand so well.

  1. They’re the Best When it Comes to Luxury

Luxury is something we all enjoy. When you sit in the driver’s seat of a Mercedes-Benz, you get a chance to feel what real luxury is like. It’s an experience like no other, and it shouldn’t be ignored. When you are using your car every single day of the year, it makes sense to create an enjoyable driving experience. You don’t want to be sitting in discomfort on your way to work each morning. Instead, you want to be travelling in real style. That’s what the best luxury Mercedes-Benz models allow you to do. It’s one of the reasons why modern drivers are still interested in the brand.


  1. Their 4x4s Are Incredibly Tough

We tend to focus our attention on the luxury cars that have been created by Mercedes-Benz over the years. But when we do this, we can forget about the other kinds of cars that the manufacturer has produced too. The SUV range is one of the most impressive around. They offer much more toughness and resilience than you might expect from this kind of car. So, you don’t need to assume that luxury sedans are the only kinds of cars that the manufacturer knows how to make well. It’s simply not the case anymore even if it did used to be.

Mercedes-Benz GLC (X 253) 2015

Mercedes-Benz GLC 250d 4MATIC, CITRINBRAUN MAGNO, Offroad Line Exterieur Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d 4MATIC, CITRINE BROWN MAGNO, Offroad Line, exterior

Step-By-Step: Getting What You Want When You Buy A 4×4

Of all the kinds of vehicles you can possibly get your hands on, the 4×4 has to be one of the most versatile. Many different people from all walks of life find solace and comfort in the 4×4, and it is easy to see why. This is a type of vehicle which has a particular attraction to a lot of people for many different reasons. On the one hand, it can act as a serviceable family car for just about any sized family. On the other, it is likely that even a bachelor will find a particular use in this type of vehicle. If you have come to the realisation that you could benefit from having a 4×4, then read on. In this post, we will take a look at some of the key things you should be looking out for during the buying process. Bear these in mind when you are going out to find your ideal 4×4.


Know What You Need

The whole process actually begins long before you go to the garage or dealership. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to your local or to a saxton 4×4 garage. Either way, you need to be sure that you are prepared before you arrive. More than anything, this simply means being aware of what it is that you actually want and need. Knowing what you need from your vehicle will mean that you are more likely to end up with it, for a start. It will also make the entire process much more stress-free on the whole. Nobody but you can tell you what it is that you are looking for, so some careful consideration is necessary.


But that is not all you need to do before actually arriving at the garage. Once you know what you are looking for, it is a good idea to carry out some research. The more research you do, the better, as this will mean that you are more prepared. There are so many types of 4×4 to choose from that it can be difficult sifting through them all. Therefore, this might well take a lot of time. However, it is far preferable to do it this way than to not know what you are doing in the garage. The good news here is that it is remarkably easy to do most of the necessary research online these days.


Keep Your Wits About You

Depending on where you go to purchase your 4×4, you may or may not be confronted with a sales pitch or something similar. This is a part of the process, and you should be ready for it. However, you should not be too keen to give in or believe everything that they say. This is not a case of anyone being purposefully dishonest. It’s just that you need to be able to question what is being told to you. You never know whether or not you are hearing the truth. Make sure you keep your wits about you, and try to find evidence for any claims which are being made. That way, you will be much more confident when you make your decision.

Check Mechanics

It would be foolish to buy any vehicle without checking it over in detail. It is particularly important with certain vehicles, however, including the 4×4. The slightest mechanical fault could spell disaster further down the road. So you should work hard to ensure that you are getting a vehicle you can really trust. What you are hoping for is an overall picture of mechanical stability. You don’t need to be an expert to figure this out, either. There are plenty of things that you can pick up just by carrying out some research online. You should pay particular attention to vehicle which have had modifications done to them. Sometimes, the mechanics on these need checking.


Check Under Hood

As well as checking the mechanics, you should also feel free to check under the hood. What you are looking for here is anything which might seem untoward. Above all, look for any obvious leaks, as these can be a sign that critical engine components are damaged or faulty. It is also wise to check the oil, as low oil could result in your engine overheating as you drive it home. This is particularly important if you are buying a used 4×4.


Finally, remember to check the bodywork. This might not matter to you quite as much as the rest, but it will make a difference to the value. If you think that the price should be a little less, then try haggling the price down. You might be surprised at where this gets you.

7 reasons your next car should be a tiny 4×4

The Suzuki Jimny has been in production since roughly 1969, going through numerous facelifts and updates to become the miniature hero it is today. Regarded as underpowered, underdeveloped and outdated by the majority of the motoring press, we think it’s about time someone stood up for the little Jimny, so here goes…

These guys are having a fantastic adventure

These guys are having a fantastic adventure

1. It’s ready for adventure

As 4×4 vehicles go, the Suzuki Jimny is a capable off-roader straight from the factory. If you’re looking for some off-the-beaten-tracks exploring, or like to spend your time rural geocaching; then the tiny Jimny is the perfect partner for an afternoon of exploring the wilds.

Powering through at least three feet of water

Powering through at least three feet of water

2. It’s ready for winter

Here in the UK the slightest sign of snow has the roads grinding to a halt, persistent rain can wash away a town in less time than it takes to brew a up of tea. The Suzuki Jimny is ready for all that. The high ride height allows you to see over the top of stranded vehicles whilst, it’s tiny size allow the Jimny to navigate through the gridlock to find an off road route home.

City slicker

City slicker

3. It’s a sharp looking city slicker

So many off roaders look far too rugged for a night on the town, but the little Jimny cleans up a treat. Because it’s a capable 4×4 without having to add all sorts of bells and whistles, the bodywork can remain uncluttered meaning it’ll sit outside your local organic coffee shop without causing a stir.

Girls love the Jimny

Girls love the Jimny

4. It’s a non-threatening four wheel drive

Look at that cute face! The Jimny wouldn’t hurt a fly. It’s a great looking little car, that doesn’t shout about it’s abilities. Understated, yet charming… the perfect combination. It’s a proper 4×4 that doesn’t have it’s very own stereotype associated with it like the Chelsea Tractor.

Looks like the Lake District, and that's fantastic

Looks like the Lake District, and that’s fantastic

5. It’s available in a wide range of great colours

We’ve chosen some of our favourite Suzuki Jimny images from around the web, and don’t they look fantastic? With the right set of wheels and a good choice in bodywork colour, the Jimny really is a work of art. On the plus side, if you can’t find one in the colour you desire, simply head on down to your local vinyl wrapping workshop and have them change it for you. The Jimny is so small it’d be just like wrapping a christmas present.

Champagne paintwork against a vanilla sky, what's not to love?

Champagne paintwork against a vanilla sky, what’s not to love?

6. It’s very cheap to buy, own and run

A used Suzuki Jimny can be bought on the low side of £2,000 with service history and in good shape. Newer models are closer to £5,000 but that’s still a bargain. The 1.3 petrol engine is frugal, parts are cheap as chips and minimal servicing is all that’s required. Being Japanese and simple means it’ll never go wrong, and if it does you can simply buy another one.

Good enough for the RNLI, good enough for us!

Good enough for the RNLI, good enough for us!

7. It’s an international lifesaver

The fact that lifeguard services around the world put their faith in the little Jimny is reasssuring. Beach lifeguards need to be able to get across the sand quickly and safely, so a big lumbering 4×4 is no good for a crowded beach. The Jimny is the perfect beach companion, and that’s pretty cool.