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Natural Wonders It’s Worth Going A Little Further For!

There are so many different options available to holidaymakers. We can go somewhere warm, somewhere cold. We can go somewhere busy or somewhere quiet. A lot of what we look for on holiday depends on upon our personality. A quiet, shy person is unlikely to go to a crowded resort. Similarly, a devoted sunbather is not going to rush to a ski resort.

There are other distinctions too. Many people love to go to the major cities. The thrill of the metropolis is understandable. Big shops, lots of people, a whole lot of nightlife. Places like Dubai, New York, and Tokyo bring in innumerable tourists every year. But are they places you’re in a hurry to visit? Or would you prefer to go somewhere a little more natural for a change?

You see, our world is actually filled with places where you can look upon what nature has bestowed and realise something. Architects – as amazing as some of their works are – don’t have a monopoly on beauty. Sometimes, what’s been there for thousands of years can be as incredible.

Natural Wonder #1 – Niagara Falls

A holiday to the USA might be packed with visits to any number of cities. You can see the gaudy, but often undeniable, charms of Las Vegas. You could take a trip to New York and see some wonders there. But a better bet for a holiday in North America might be to head to the border with Canada, where you can see the Niagara Falls. An incredible testament to the power of water, and a truly picturesque destination.


Natural Wonder #2 – The Northern Lights

OK, so what are the Northern Lights? You’ve seen some photos of them, but what’s so special about them? Well, this wonder of our world is an entirely natural phenomenon caused by charged particles from the sun. As they collide with particles in our own atmosphere, they create a moving glow in the sky.

It’s best seen above Iceland and other areas in the Nordic regions. And if you’re looking for a place to let your hair down and party, Reykjavik is hard to beat.

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Natural Wonder #3 – The Australian Outback

Where you head on a trip to Australia says a lot about your priorities. If you want to shop or have a rowdy journey, there are plenty of cities. If you like to sunbathe or surf, there are some of the best beaches in the world. But if you want nature to wow you, you’re best heading into the Outback – locations like Uluru in particular. The magnificent desolation on show here is something that no-one who visits it forgets.

One word of warning – there are areas of the Outback recommended for tourists, and those that aren’t. In search of authenticity, do not charge off the beaten track. You may not find a signpost back to comfort, and there’s a reason these spots are off the beaten track. Heading to less familiar areas will only make you harder to find if you get lost. Be wise.

Shunning the usual destinations in search of something a bit different really does have its compensations. Take the chance to see something special, and you’ll never regret it.