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The Iconic Volvo 740 Turbo ads

When Volvo launched the 740 Turbo, it went against the existing brand image. Volvo were known for making safe, dependable but dull, boxy saloons and estates. The Turbo version of the 740 marked a new direction for Volvo.

The Volvo 740 Turbo was the first in a long line of quick cars from the Swedish manufacturer. The 740 Turbo was followed by a 940 Turbo, and later the T5 line was launched with the 850 T5 and then T5R.

The success of the Volvo R Series is partly down to the clever marketing behind the 740 Turbo… and here it is:

goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_1 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_2 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_3 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_4 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_5 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_6 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_7

Stuff We Want #1 – Escort RS Cosworth

What it is: 1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth LUX (4×4)

Where you can get it: Parkway Specialist Cars in Nottinghamshire

What it’ll cost you: £30,000

goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-1

The 1994 Escort RS Cosworth Lux in the iconic Mallard Green has just 48,300 miles on the clock and appears in ‘factory condition’. The beautiful leather seats combined with that classic Cosworth colour and the wonderful 2.0 Turbo engine make this a real object of desire in the automotive world. Being a later model with the smaller Garret T25 Turbo unit and four wheel drive make this a highly desirable model. The smaller T25 Turbo featured less lag than the larger T3 unit, making the cars much more predictable and power delivery much smoother. On the later model Cosworths, the large rear spoiler became an deletable option, and it’s our opinion that speccing a car with the large ‘whale tale’ spoiler and the luxury pack was absolutely the right choice for this Cosworth. At £30,000 this looks like a sure fire investment. Cosworth prices have been climbing over the last few years, and with so few available in this sort of condition, it seems a fair bet that the prices still have some way to go.

Description from Parkway Specialist Cars: This Example Has Spent Most Of Its Life In Dry Heated Garage As Part Of A Collection, Making This Now Are Rare Find Indeed. The Car Is Finished In Mallard Green Metallic Paint With Recaro Raven Leather Sport Seats, With A Total Presentation Being In Lovely Original Condition, Perfect For Any Future Collection In The UK Or Across The Globe. Standard Lux Model Options Include The Original 16″ Cosworth Alloy Wheels, The Signature Rear Whale Tail Spolier And Ford Radio Cassette System. 

goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-5goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-6goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-2goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-3goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-rear-interiorgoodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-4goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-9goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-13goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-14goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-12goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-10goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-11


The famous BMW vs Audi Ad War

So here it is, the famous BMW vs Audi advertising campaign that unfolded high above the streets of California.

Of course, the great irony of this is, BMW never really has had a valid competitor to the Audi R8. Although the BMW M6 can compete with most of the offerings from Porsche on the spec sheet, BMW have always struggled with offering the soul of a sports car, and much is still to come from the German brand.

In the ranks of the Audi R8 and Porsche 911, BMW still has some catching up to do…. And when it comes to orders in the showroom, F1 cars don’t count!


Audi start proceedings by goading BMW with the ‘Your Move BMW’ Billboard… to which BMW respond with Check Mate



To which Audi quickly respond with the R8 ‘King’


Which is quickly trumped by the BMW F1 Car blimp…

Of course, this isn’t the first time BMW have gone to ‘war’ with their key competitors through advertising:

BMW mocks Mercedes with 'delivering driving pleasur' advert

BMW mocks Mercedes with ‘delivering driving pleasur’ advert