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Auction Preview and Our Picks – SWVA January 2017 Classic Car Sale

South West Vehicle Auctions January Sale kicks off a packed 2017 calendar of classic car auctions, and with the weather predicted to make a turn for the worst and wallets still empty from Christmas, it will be interesting to see how the classic market starts the year.

SWVA offers a variety of classics, from the predictable to the slightly more unusual.

The auction takes place on January 27th 2017. View the full lot list HERE.

Here’s our picks from the upcoming sale, and why:

First up, and our first love… the BMWs:

Lot 23 – BMW 840ci – 166,000 miles – £4,900 – £5,750

Big miles but it’s the desirable 4.0 litre in a beautiful colour…

Lot 33 – BMW E30 325i Cabriolet – 109,815 miles – £2,500 to £3,000

6 Cylinder with arguably the wrong gearbox and definitely the wrong wheels…

Lot 35 – BMW E30 318is Coupe – 169,724 miles – £1,900 to £2,500

Again, big miles, but our tip is for this one to smash it’s estimate

Lot 47 – BMW E30 318 Cabriolet – 71,000 miles – £4,000 to £5,000

Lovely looking car all round and again, we think it’ll smash that estimate

Our next picks are a couple of big Benz’s:

Lot 37 – Mercedes-Benz W123 230 TE – 134,000 miles – £2700 to £3200

W123 estates in good condition are getting hard to find. Could be a sound investment here.

Lot 46 – Mercedes-Benz W140 S600 V12 Coupe – 102,000 miles – £5,000 to £6,000

A properly built, V12 coupe with reasonable mileage? Yes, we’ll have this thanks. Oh, and howmanyleft.co.uk think there are just 24 of these in the country!

Lot 52 – Mercedes-Benz W126 560 SEC Coupe – 104,150 miles – £2,500 to £,3000

To put it simply, how many of these are coming up for sale? howmanyleft.co.uk says there are only 180 remaining. More than you thought? But where are they all?

And finally… A couple of plucky Brits:

Lot 14 – MG F Roadster – 55,955 miles – £1,200 to £1,500

This is an interesting one because it’s a low mileage iconic car. That red, those wheels, isn’t that just what springs to mind when you think of an MG F? Our bet is that this car smashes the estimate.

Lot 67 – Rover Mini Cooper – 77,164 miles – £2,500 to £3,000

We’ve chosen this lot for the same reason we’ve highlighted the MG. It’s the iconic colour combination and specification for a late model Rover Mini Cooper. Definitely one to watch.


Low Mileage 1989 RST smashes upper estimate at SWVA Jan 30th Sale

Fast Fords continue to impress, with the early sale by SWVA setting the precedent as this ’89 ‘RST’ crosses the block way ahead of it’s upper estimate:

1989 Ford Escort RS Turbo

Sold: £9,222

Upper Estimate: £8,000

Auction: South Western Vehicle Auctions

Date: Jan 30th 2015


This car was purchased new in Jersey by the vendor in 1989. The car comes with the original purchase invoice. You really have to see this car. It is 100% original, has never been painted and the wheels have never been touched (see pictures). Comes with the complete service pack which includes 9 service stamps up until 1998 after which the car has been maintained by J.White LTD, specialists in maintaining classic cars based in Wareham Dorset. 132 BHP at 5750 RPM. 0-60 in 8.3 seconds with a top speed of 125mph.

Condition: 1-2 Estimated sale price: £7000 – £8000
Reg number: G710SAA
Date of registration: 20-09-2005 (manufactured 1989)
Mileage: 36,000 (warranted)
MOT: 13-01-2016

Escort RS Cosworth Price Watch

The Escort RS Cosworth first appeared on UK streets back in 1992, and remained in production for four years, with Ford finally pulling the plug in 1996.

The ‘Cossie left a lasting impression with many young men, and being one of those myself (writes Joe), it’s always been right at the top of my ‘Must Have’ shopping list of cars.

Over the years, we’ve seen the values drop to near 4 figures, but in 2013-14 values seem to have been rising steadily, so we put this blog together to track the rise and rise of Cosworth values.

With classic car values increasing across the board, Good Shout Media predict that we’ll be seeing the £100,000 Escort RS Cosworth at an auction near you in the not too distant future…

We’ll update this blog as and when we spot Escort RS Cosworths prices creeping up in the private market, as well as at notable auctions, or at the intervals listed below.

(Note – eBay listings are for Classified or Buy It Now listings only)

1st February 2015

Cheapest eBay: 1994 Escort RS Cosworth 4×4 / 72,000 miles / £19,900

Escort RS Cosworth

Cheapest Auto Trader: 1996 Escort RS Cosworth Lux / 110,000 miles / £17,800
Escort RS Cosworth Values

Most expensive eBay: 1992 Escort RS Cosworth / 8,000 miles / £49,950Escort RS Cosworth

Most expensive Auto Trader: 1996 Escort RS Cosworth Lux / 25,424 miles / £39,950

Escort RS Cosworth

1st October 2016

Cheapest eBay: 1996 FORD ESCORT RS COSWORTH BLACK / 7 Owners, Mileage Not Listed / £18,995


Cheapest Auto Trader: Ford Escort 2.0 RS Cosworth Lux 3dr / 114,000 miles /  £24,989


Most Expensive eBay: Ford Escort RS COSWORTH LUXURY / 34,000 miles / £49,994


Most Expensive Auto Trader: Ford Escort 2.0 RS Cosworth Lux 4×4 3dr / 16,243 miles / £50,000


21st October 2018

Long time since we posted on this page but prices have been climbing at quite a rate. This one is £91k and even at that price they can’t afford proper lighting for the photos

24th August 2020

Sorry for the two year delay! The most expensive one we found in 2018 was a shade under £100k, and things haven’t gone on too far…

Cheapest eBay: 

1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Big Turbo 2wd, 95,000 miles for £39,995

The cheapest Escort Cosworth on eBay has 95k on the clock and is going to set you back forty grand

Cheapest AutoTrader:

1993 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Lux 4×4 3dr, 77k miles for £39,990

Most Expensive Ebay:

Clearly it’s getting silly now. These are just the public ones, so we’re sure that there’s been a £100,000 Escort RS Cosworth behind closed doors.

2,589 miles from new for £84,750
2,873 miles from new for £92,500

Most Expensive Autotrader:

Ford Escort RS Cosworth 4wd Lux 3-Door 2.0 3dr, 5 owners, 7,600 miles

Speculative price guesses and hyperbole laden blogs aside…

We think Rowan Atkinson’s F1 really is the best colour for a McLaren F1.

Atkinson's McLaren F1 on display at Goodwood Festival of Seed

Atkinson’s McLaren F1 on display at Goodwood Festival of Speed

As news breaks that Britain’s favourite comedian is about to sell his famous McLaren F1, we thought we’d skip the speculation around the sale figure and just take a moment to enjoy the damn thing as it is.

The already legendary car gained even more publicity after it was involved in an incident with a Rover Metro in 1999. The McLaren caught the rear end of the Rover Metro on the slip-road adjoining a motorway, causing significant damage to the front end of the car.

The car suffered significant front end damage after an altercation with a Rover Metro in 1999

The car suffered significant front end damage after an altercation with a Rover Metro in 1999

In 2013 another crash left the McLaren almost completely destroyed; an accident which resulted in Britain’s highest ever insurance payout – reported to be £900,000.

After losing control on a slippery bend in Peterborough, the McLaren hit a tree and caught fire. Much of the rear end of the car was destroyed, and the engine came to rest 20 yards from the car.

The crash that resulted in Britain's highest ever insurance payout, reportedly it cost over £900,000 to get Atkinson's McLaren F1 back on the road

The crash that resulted in Britain’s highest ever insurance payout, reportedly it cost over £900,000 to get Atkinson’s McLaren F1 back on the road

The aftermath

The aftermath of Britain’s most expensive single vehicle collision

The car was subject to a lengthy rebuild at McLaren HQ, and was subsequently featured in Classic & Sportscar Magazine.

We think when it comes up for sale, it’ll cause quite a stir.

All finished - Rowan Atkinson's McLaren F1 standing proud at McLaren HQ

All finished – Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1 standing proud at McLaren HQ

Porsche 993 values on the up

This weekend’s Classic Motor Show at the NEC featured the annual Silverstone Auctions Sale, and the quality of this years entries was once again top notch.

Sitting pretty in the centre of the auction area were a brace of Porsche 993 models, the oft-forgotten 911 of the mid 1990s that’s due it’s turn in the classic car limelight.

Porsches of the 60s and 70s get plenty of attention on the classic car scene, and judging by the results achieved by the five models listed below, there has never been a better time to invest in a Porsche 993…

The 5 Porsche 993s of the Silverstone Auction, NEC Classic Motor Show 2014:

1996 Porsche 911 993 Targa Manual

1996 Porsche 911 993 Targa Manual

Lot No 332: 1996 Porsche 911 993 Targa Manual
Estimate: £37-42k
Sale Price: £47,725


1996 Porsche 911 993 Turbo X50

1996 Porsche 911 993 Turbo X50

Lot No 348: 1996 Porsche 911 993 Turbo X50
Estimate: £75-90k
Sale Price: £90,000


1996 Porsche 911 993 Carrera Targa S Tiptronic

1996 Porsche 911 993 Carrera Targa S Tiptronic

Lot No 613: 1996 Porsche 993 Carrera Targa S Tiptronic (White)
Estimate: £40-45k
Sale Price: £42,188


1998 Porsche 911 993 C2

1998 Porsche 911 993 C2

Lot No 624: 1998 Porsche 911 993 C2
Estimate: £38-42k
Sale Price: £48,375


1995 Porsche 911 993 Carrera RS

1995 Porsche 911 993 Carrera RS

Lot No 626: 1995 Porsche 911 993 Carrera RS (Red)
Estimate: £140-170k
Sale Price: £159,750

 The real question is though, which Porsche 993 would Good Shout Media go for?

Of the cars sold at the Silverstone Auction at the Classic Motor Show, it just has to be the Yellow 993 C2. Those Cup wheels, that paintwork… it’s almost the perfect 911, however if there had been a Turbo in Arena Red, then that would have clinched it.

Maybe next time we spot a Porsche 993 at a Silverstone Auction we’ll be bidding instead of blogging!

Good Shout Media's dream Porsche 993… A Turbo, in Arena Red.

Good Shout Media’s dream Porsche 993… A Turbo, in Arena Red.

All photos credit Silverstone Auctions

Stuff We Want #1 – Escort RS Cosworth

What it is: 1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth LUX (4×4)

Where you can get it: Parkway Specialist Cars in Nottinghamshire

What it’ll cost you: £30,000

goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-1

The 1994 Escort RS Cosworth Lux in the iconic Mallard Green has just 48,300 miles on the clock and appears in ‘factory condition’. The beautiful leather seats combined with that classic Cosworth colour and the wonderful 2.0 Turbo engine make this a real object of desire in the automotive world. Being a later model with the smaller Garret T25 Turbo unit and four wheel drive make this a highly desirable model. The smaller T25 Turbo featured less lag than the larger T3 unit, making the cars much more predictable and power delivery much smoother. On the later model Cosworths, the large rear spoiler became an deletable option, and it’s our opinion that speccing a car with the large ‘whale tale’ spoiler and the luxury pack was absolutely the right choice for this Cosworth. At £30,000 this looks like a sure fire investment. Cosworth prices have been climbing over the last few years, and with so few available in this sort of condition, it seems a fair bet that the prices still have some way to go.

Description from Parkway Specialist Cars: This Example Has Spent Most Of Its Life In Dry Heated Garage As Part Of A Collection, Making This Now Are Rare Find Indeed. The Car Is Finished In Mallard Green Metallic Paint With Recaro Raven Leather Sport Seats, With A Total Presentation Being In Lovely Original Condition, Perfect For Any Future Collection In The UK Or Across The Globe. Standard Lux Model Options Include The Original 16″ Cosworth Alloy Wheels, The Signature Rear Whale Tail Spolier And Ford Radio Cassette System. 

goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-5goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-6goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-2goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-3goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-rear-interiorgoodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-4goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-9goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-13goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-14goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-12goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-10goodshoutmedia-FORD ESCORT 2.0 COSWORTH LUXURY 3DR-11