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Dream cars that are actually a total nightmare

We all have that one dream car. It’s the vehicle that was plastered across our bedroom walls when we were younger. In our twenties, we might have started to save up for it, but we were sidetracked. Having children and other expenses tend to get in the way of going after the dream machines… For us, it was always the Ford Escort RS Cosworth, an iconic Fast Ford and the dream car for a generation of petrolheads.


For those of you who never quite managed to save up the pennies, we have good news. Those cars that you desperately desired? They were probably nightmares on wheels, and we’re about to show you why.

High Insurance Costs

This always happens. You save up the money to buy your dream car. You finally reach your target and head down to your nearest dealer to pick it up. It’s just as beautiful as you imagined. It handles perfectly, and you feel like a winner driving it around. Then, you start to look into the insurance and find in ten years; it will have cost as much as the car!

What wonderful machine is guilty of this minor flaw?

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? The AMG range of Mercedes-Benz cars are high performance machines, some of which are capable of phenomenal performance thanks to their large displacement supercharged engines. For this reason, a high performance Benz really is a dream car. In a recent survey, the popular Mercedes-Benz CLS was found to be one of the most expensive to insure on the market…! That might put a dark cloud over your supercar daydream…


More time behind the wheel… or on the hard shoulder

There are plenty of reliable cars on the market, but for some of us, reliable means boring! Sure, it might break down on every second journey, have a temperamental V12 and the electronics might have a mind of their own, but that’s all part and parcel of owning a hand made, hand crafter supercar. After all, if you want reliability, go and buy a Vauxhall Astra. Yawn.

However, it’s not just the extreme exotic cars that are known for poor reliability. Porsche’s stellar reliability record has taken a beating with the last few incarnations of the 911, scoring a 39% failure rate in a recent reliability survey. That’s quite high and slots quite low down in the list of reliable cars. You’ll be taking your Porsche to a car servicing garage at least once a year, by the sound of it – might be easier to go for the one below, instead… Much cheaper to maintain!


Darling, the fuel light is on… Again

If you’ve saved the money for your dream car then the price of petrol might not be something that bothers you, but with the latest raft of hybrid cars getting faster and more performance oriented, will more enthusiastic drivers be lusting after hybrids in years to come? Well, most petrolheads don’t daydream about hybrids as their dream cars, but with the BMW i8 and Porsche’s rumoured hybrid beast coming in a year or so, all that could be about to change.


When it comes to fuel efficiency, a general rule of thumb is ‘more fun, more fuel’. That’s certainly true for two of the most exotic cars available… The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and the Ferrari F12. These supercars might be fun on the race track, but try to use your Italian exotica to pop to the shops and you’ll soon be emptying your wallet… Single-figure MPG, maintenance costs, tyres… It all adds up,  plus, you’ll have to deal with crowds of snap-happy people wanting to take selfies with your ride, and who’s got time for that?

Should you buy a BMW M5? Yes you should.

What has a 4.4 litre V8 engine, goes 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds, can carry four adults in comfort and even has space for luggage?

Well, a BMW M5. This incredible beast has to be seen to be believed. On the outside it’s relative inconspicuous, there’s only a few styling tweaks that give the game away, but underneath the bonnet there’s a fire breathing dragon.

Should you buy a BMW M5? Well, if you love the way a big V8 engine sounds, like a car that accelerates likes a scalded cat and don’t want to compromise, then yes.

If you’re scared of going fast, don’t like loud noises and find harsh acceleration unnerving, then it’s probably not the car for you.

Imperial Car Supermarkets have one for sale, and it’s beautiful. Check it out here.

Too many E numbers

We recently put together a blog series for Imperial Car Supermarkets on the history of the BMW 3 Series and it’s production timeline. All those E numbers got us thinking…

Why not put together two simple illustrations showing the timeline of model designations for the BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series at the same time?

So we did, and here it is:



An honest guide to fixing loose BMW Z3 seats

First up, I don’t have the patience for anything that involves tools. I want the job done NOW, so anything that isn’t a two minute job with a screwdriver or a hammer is beyond me.

Anyway, this post should really be titled ‘how to ruin a Monday evening in a few simple steps’ because that’s exactly what happened. Here’s the background….

I bought a BMW Z3, and on the initial test drive, noticed that the drivers seat was rocking back and forth, mostly under braking.

The seller claimed they ‘never drove the car hard enough to notice’, and bless the old dear, she was probably telling the truth.


Anyway, a week later and the seat has gotten worse (and the Z3 is being driven properly for the first time in it’s life)

So I did what any decent person would do, and googled it. Turns out the bushings in the seat mechanism go awol after a little while. These are available to buy here, so after plenty googling, I purchased them.

Right, once your bushings arrive, make sure you read EVERY article there is on replacing them. There are a lot. And YouTube videos.

Done that? Brilliant. Now here’s a guide for how to actually do it.

  1. Spend a good hour cursing the person who invented electric seats
  2. Spend even longer cursing the person who decided to put electric seats in a BMW Z3, a simple, back to basics roadster
  3. Do the job after work, on a day when you have other things planned. Budget an hour, but tell yourself you’ll have it done in 20 minutes or so, you know, so you can crack on with the evening. Try to manage your own expectations
  4. When removing the seats, try and scrape at least one of the runners down the side of the car. Really badly. The deeper the scratch, the better the feeling of satisfaction when you sell it for less than you bought it for.
  5. Once the seat is out, ignore all the advice about counting the turns and screws on the ‘kebabs’. Just disassemble the entire thing before reading the advice about counting the turns and being meticulous with removing them… Either way you’ll get the same result – total confusion.

    2015-09-07 19.28.17 HDR

    Can you see the original bushings? No, me neither. There’s virtually nothing left of them. Well BMW, that didn’t work did it?! What did you make those out of at the factory, sauerkraut?!

  6. Don’t bother with any grease, or realise that you don’t have any right at the point when:
    1. the shops are closing
    2. even if the shops were still open, your drivers seat is in the kitchen
  7. When you’ve got the new bushings out of the packet, you’ll need to sand them down. This is the easy bit. Get a piece of sandpaper, and rub the bushing on the paper until you’ve lost all the skin on your thumb and a good portion of the skin on your forefinger. Once most of your skin is on the sandpaper, you’re ready to put them in place.2015-09-07 19.55.54
  8. If the bushings don’t quite fit, use a hammer. Then go and read all of the advice, which tells you NOT to use a hammer.
  9. Right, now that you’ve got the bushings to fit (thanks to the hammer that you shouldn’t have used), you can put them back into the carriers… Now would be a REALLY good time to realise that ONE of the carriers has an L on it for Left. Which is completely indistinguishable from the other side, and it’s now impossible to tell which is which because you’ve already removed them both.2015-09-07 19.39.03 HDR
  10. Now for the easy bit. All the guides make this bit sound like a piece of cake, and do you know what? It freaking isn’t! You need to get the carrier onto the kebab, and get the entire assembly down into the seat runner… What the guide’s DON’T tell you, is that the stick part of the kebab at the bottom needs to accept the square part of the motor arm, AND that the outside of the kebab needs to push down into the recess on that piece of metal at the end. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to get the torx screw in place. Do you know how many hours it took me to work this out?! ALL OF THE HOURS!2015-09-07 20.03.17
  11. OK, now for a serious bit of advice. If, like me, you DIDN’T bother measuring or counting the turns or the condition of your kebabs before you removed them, you CAN get away with guessing it…. Look at the first picture on this blog of the kebabs as they came out the car, the one with the long caption, and try to get yours into roughly the same position when you put them back in place… Jobs a good ‘unqqh00
  12. Finally, put the seats back in. By now, it should be dark outside, and cold.

If the seats don’t fit at this stage, you have a choice of four options:

Four options for if you’ve really ballsed up your Z3 seat bushing replacement:

  1. Repeat steps 1-12 until you’ve got it right
  2. Buy a MANUAL seat from a scrapyard that works the way a proper car seat should work and fit it without all that fancy electric bollocks that you didn’t need in the first place
  3. Phone a friend who can weld, sit on the seat, get it in the right position, and pay him to weld it there
  4. Replace the seat with something you have in the house, like a plastic garden chair
  5. Set fire to the car


Chevrolet Spark Review

Written for and hosted by Imperial Car Supermarkets:


Chevrolet Spark – Guest Car Review by Joe from Good Shout Media

Two Wheel Drive
1,206cc Engine Size
56.50mpg (combined)
Tax £30 per year (Band C)

Spark Final

The Chevrolet Spark isn’t a car that would usually be on my radar. I’ve got a penchant for anything classic or convertible and the Spark isn’t either of those things… But landing at the airport in Iceland and being given the keys to a bright red Chevrolet Spark changed everything.

Chevrolet Sparks in Iceland

Iceland is an amazing country. It has volcanoes, and beaches, and mountains, and great long flat roads and do you know what? Our Chevrolet Spark handled it all wonderfully. During our stay we travelled hundreds of miles looking for geysers and waterfalls and hot springs and great views, and I didn’t once get bored of the little Spark.

Two huge Chevrolets and one tiny volcano

The 1.2 engine is plenty nippy enough for popping around town, yet didn’t feel lacking when out on the open road. We had two Chevrolet Sparks between our group of seven people; and being hire cars, both were pushed to the limit!

Plenty of load space out in the wilds

We drove the little cars up mountains, across beaches, on road, off road… You name it and we attempted it in the Chevrolet Spark. In a week of abuse from excited Iceland explorers, not a single thing broke on either of the cars. No one complained about being uncomfortable, and the stereo and bluetooth capability made life easy.

Two huge Chevrolets and one tiny volcano

Now that I’m back in England, would I buy a used Chevrolet Spark?

Absolutely! These tiny little cars are the perfect city transport, they’re fun to drive, cheap to run and great to look at.

Imperial Car Supermarkets always have a range of used Chevrolet Sparks to choose from, starting from as little as £5150…

Although a used Chevrolet Spark from Imperial Car Supermarkets won’t come with volcanic ash and amazing views as standard, you’ll have to add those yourself.

The Chevrolet Spark in a very volcanic landscape

This slammed Porsche 964 is automotive porn

We’ve already blogged about Porsche 993 values and their steady upward climb, but when InMotionMedia’s latest edit dropped, our ponderings were confirmed… The 964 is THE Porsche to own.

We’ll let the images and video talk for themselves, incidentally if anyone wants to shed some light on the ‘Goodwood Players Edition’ insignia on the side of this Porsche 911 993, then we’re all ears.

Contact us by twitter or via the page


goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-13 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-12 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-11 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-10 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-9 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-8 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-7 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-5 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-2 goodshoutmedia-porsche-993-1

Hunting for Hunter’s Lamborghini

Hunter S Thompson was a prolific writer, who’s writing changed the face of journalism and has a huge following around the world. As well as being a writer, Hunter was a ‘car guy’. Much of his work hints at his adventures (or misadventures) with two and four wheels, using vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

In the book Songs of the Doomed Hunter describes his experiences with the mighty Lamborghini LM002 4×4 supercar engined jeep. Our question is…

Did Hunter S Thompson own a Lamborghini LM002?

According to those that knew him, he was never flush with cash. Although he’d made money early in his writing career, by the late 1970s he was fading out of focus. The ‘Rumble in the Jungle Incident’ (being drunk in the hotel pool instead of actually reporting on the most significant boxing match of all time) of 1974 was the beginning of a strange and gradual decline…. So did he have the money to invest in a six-figure rare and exotic car?


Where is Hunter S Thompson’s Lamborghini LM002 now?

Although much of his work has become widely read after his death, based on the blurred line between fact and fiction in much of Hunter S Thompson’s writing; it could be said that HST never owned an LM002. Despite being a well paid journalist and respected freelance writer, HST wasn’t the kind of person to have $100,000 at his disposal to lavish on outrageous purchases (If anyone can clarify or correct us on this point we’d love to hear from you).

Would he have spent it all on Heineken and ammunition before getting the chance to park an LM002 outside Owl Farm?

Cars like the Lamborghini LM002 don’t disappear, and they’re not cheap in 2014 (when this blog was first written). A recent auction of an LM002 is expected to make around $250,000, and the vehicles will only be appreciating. Edit.. It’s now 2020 and this blog is 6 years old, this one did $467,000 in 2017, this one did £157,000 in July 2020 and this one is currently for sale.

Being a rare vehicle, the chances are that someone knows what happened to Hunter’s Lamborghini, and knowing that the great HST himself had been listed on the vehicle registration document would be sure to cause a stir if the car turned up at auction. Perhaps Johnny Depp, or John Cusack, or Bill Murray have it squirrelled away in a lock up in California…?

We would love to think that Hunter S Thompson’s Lamborghini will turn up one day, a car will head to auction with Raul Duke listed as a previous owner… but until then, we can only wonder.

If you can share any knowledge on the whereabouts of Hunter’s Lamborghini, or whether he even owned the vehicle, then do get in touch – we’d love to find out more.

Here’s what Hunter S Thompson had to say about the Lamborghini LM002:

The big weird jeep was still there, lurking peacefully under the trees and almost invisible in the mist and the hanging Spanish moss… It was huge, but it had no colour. It came from the factory with no paint – only a dull stainless steel finish that soon faded to a filthy shade of yellow and millions of tiny reddish pits all over the hood and doors and even the Panzer-style undercarriage.

“Theses holes are not rust,” the pompous little factory rep assured me. “What you see here is priceless chemical development that was applied to the vehicle after fifty-five years of careful research at our secret Colour Lab in the Milanese Alps.. So you must be patient” he warned. “This process takes time. It involves the slow liberation of the Astro-Bacteria, which is frequently lethal to laymen. And which did, in fact, end the life of the tragic genius who first invented it, a man named Squane from Austria”.

Well, maybe so, I figured. It was ugly and pitted all over with millions of festering poison pits, which boiled and bubbled constantly and infected all who touched it…But it was a full-bore Lamborghini hot rod, a monstrous thing that weighed 5000 pounds with bulletproof glass and twelve cylinders with a top speed of 125 miles per hour and a .50 caliber machine-gun mount behind the drivers seat… One night on the Big Sur Highway I beat a Porsche 928 from the Carmel Bridge to Nepenthe by nine minutes, mainly because I beat her like a cheap hound on the curves. It was a small woman driving the 928 and she went all to pieces when I passed her at 110 on the Bixby Creek Bridge and then squeezed her into the sand dunes…


Why not? It happened to me once – in Sacramento, when some Japs in a brute Lamborghini ran me down The Parkway like I was standing still, then bashed me repeatedly at top speed until I finally lost control… It was one of the ugliest moments of my life and I’ll never forget it. Those tattooed swine! I should have had them locked up, but I was helpless. After that, I got one of my own, for $150,000


It was still early and we still had an hour to kill, so I drove around for a while and listened to Bob Dylan songs while I took the big Lambo through Cherokee Park at speeds that caused Andrew to lose his grip again. He wept and jabbered and cursed me as I aimed the huge tank of a jeep down narrow roads full of S-curves at a hundred miles an hour without even touching the brakes…

– Hunter S Thompson, Songs of the Doomed

Do you know any more about Hunter S Thompson’s alleged ownership of an LM002? Contact u.

Wakeboarding behind a Ferrari F50

Wakeboarding… With a Ferrari

There’s not much more to say about this, other than it just broke the internet with it’s awesomeness.

Wakeboarding, inland, using a Ferrari F50 as a tow boat.

Well done TaxTheRich, well done.

Here's a screenshot from the epic Ferrari F50 Wake Boarding Video. Bonkers.

Here’s a screenshot from the epic Ferrari F50 Wake Boarding Video. Bonkers.

Classic Motor Show 2014: What’s Hot and What’s NOT – Our Verdict

The 2014 Classic Motor Show, hosted at the NEC just outside of Birmingham has been widely reported as the biggest and best yet. Although there are plenty of gushing articles detailing the most impressive cars of the show, we thought it’d be worthwhile rounding up our own choices – and naming and shaming the cars that were simply wasting valuable stand space.

Cars that are HOT:

1. The WalkerSport Ferrari 328GTB

WalkerSport Ferrari 328 Good Shout Media Black and White

The WalkerSport Ferrari 328

We really fell for this Ferrari 328, which is why it ranked first in our What’s Hot round up. The combination of perfect colours, great ride height and well-chosen wheels have changed the way we think about Ferrari 328s. We wrote a full blog about it which you can find here – The Ferrari 328 by WalkerSport

2. Cardock Classics Mercedes 280SL

Cardock Classics Mercedes 280SL

Cardock Classics Mercedes 280SL

There were a number of immaculate Mercedes SL cars at the show, and we spent a great amount of time debating between this and a silver model on a nearby stand. In the end, we chose the Cardock Classics Mercedes due to the fantastic colour combination. The paintwork is incredible, and suits this car perfectly – especially with tan leather.

3. The Silverstone Auctions Lotus Elan Sprint

1972 Lotus Elan Sprint

1972 Lotus Elan Sprint

This 1972 Lotus Elan Sprint was for sale in the Silverstone Auction, and made a respectable £40,000 – bang on it’s upper estimate. We’ve clearly developed a thing for cars with a gold and white combination this year, The proportions of these early Elans are just perfect; it’s the quintessential British two seater sports car.

4. The Cardock Classics Porsche 911

Cardock Classics Porsche 911

Cardock Classics Porsche 911

We may appear biased featuring two cars from Cardock Classics, but we love a good Porsche 911 and the final decision came down to this one and the fantastic 911 on the Swissvax stand. In the end, the bright orange paintwork tipped the balance, so we tip our hat to Cardock Classics for putting on such a show stopping display.

5. The Auto Finesse Volkswagen Caddy

AutoFinesse's Volkswagen Caddy

AutoFinesse’s Volkswagen Caddy

There’s a lot to like about this incredible pick up truck that the AutoFinesse guys have put together. The way it sits on the floor, those huge gold wheels, the impeccable paintwork and the signwriting all combine to make this a mean looking commercial vehicle… Though we suspect it’s days of heavy lifting are long gone!

Cars that are NOT hot…

Where there’s winners, there has to be losers, and the swansong that is the 2014 Classic Motor Show did feature a couple of bum notes. In 2013 it was a 1993 Vauxhall Cavalier that we deemed ‘Worst In Show’ and once again, the top spot has been snagged by a Vauxhall.

1. Vauxhall Astra Ex-Police Car

The Ex Police Vauxhall Astra

The Ex Police Vauxhall Astra

Overheard at the Classic Motor Show:

“It was shit when it was new, it’s been ragged around by the police for the last 20 years and it’s shit now”

Not the voice of Good Shout Media. But we agree.

2. Rover 400

The Rover 400. Unimpressive at best.

The Rover 400. Unimpressive at best.

Overheard at the Classic Motor Show:

“Of course it’s a great shame that so many of them have been used for banger racing”

Not the voice of Good Shout Media. But we don’t agree. We think ALL of them should be used for banger racing.

The Rover 400 was taking up valuable exhibition centre floorspace.


OK so this post created quite a stir on twitter when Greg from Classic and Sports Car tweeted us that it was ‘bad form to slam the Cav and 400 – they’re someone’s pride and joy’

If you do own a Cavalier or a Rover 400, we didn’t mean to offend you.

You have your reasons, and they’re the same reasons we don’t own a Cavalier or a Rover 400.

Well, they’re not, but that’s what the classic car scene is all about.

You like one thing, I like something else and we all come together at a car show to appreciate the variety, learn more about what we like and don’t like, form our own opinions and go away inspired.

It’s just that some cars inspire us more than others.

The Cavaliers and Rovers of this world have huge followings, and one person writing a silly blog about it on the internet isn’t going to change the fact that these more ‘unloved’ classics have plenty of people cooing over them at car shows nationwide.

Yes, it’s very cool that people give up their time to display these vehicles at car shows…

Just don’t mind us if we scoot past in a hurry.

Auto Finesse Caddy

Our star cars of the #ClassicMotorShow #3: Auto Finesse Volkswagen Caddy

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is the biggest event in the UK Classic Car calendar. Good Shout Media popped along to the NEC to pick out some of the cars that WE liked at this years show; not because they’re expensive, or historically significant, or rare… just because we think they’re pretty darn cool…

#3 – The Auto Finesse Volkswagen Caddy

At Good Shout Media we have a real soft spot for a pick up truck.

We can’t stop going on about the Vauxhall Maloo road test, and our car ‘CV’ includes 3 Caddys, a 1.6, 1.8 GTI and a 2.0 Seat engined beast… We don’t do diesels when it comes to trucks.

The Auto Finesse Caddy was one of the first cars we saw when entering the NEC Classic Motor Show, and boy is it a looker.

Auto Finesse clearly know what’s what when it comes to marketing. Considering the size of their stand, they’d done a great job of making it look fantastic. The rustic boxes and well place truck (with music playing) were exactly what it took to draw the crowds.

We really have to take our hat off to these guys for making the most of what was essentially a single car display with a bit of retail space… Top work, and an inspiration to others!

When it comes to a promotional vehicle, Auto Finesse have the whole thing down.

When it comes to a promotional vehicle, Auto Finesse have the whole thing down.