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Too many E numbers

We recently put together a blog series for Imperial Car Supermarkets on the history of the BMW 3 Series and it’s production timeline. All those E numbers got us thinking…

Why not put together two simple illustrations showing the timeline of model designations for the BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series at the same time?

So we did, and here it is:



Bargain Bavarian Barge – BMW E34 for sale

We’ve developed a real affection for BMWs this year, and this is the 6th one so far in 2015 (Z3 2.8, E30 in red, E30 in green, Z3 1.9, E46 320d, E34).

This one is a real beaut. It’s factory fresh… And do you know what?

We think it might be the best E34 520i in the country.

1993 BMW 520i, 6 Cylinder Automatic Petrol

66,000, 4 Owners, Full History, Lots of Documents

Excellent condition, no rust or rot, beautiful interior, drives like a BMW should


E34 - 1 E34 - 7 E34 - 6 E34 - 13 E34 - 9 E34 - 10 E34 - 11 E34 - 2 E34 - 3 E34 - 5