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Don’t Be That Guy! The Worst Things People Do At Car Shows

A great car show is one where you can have a look at some truly gorgeous models in your preferred niche, talk about them with like minded people, and maybe even buy or sell a vehicle or accessory. Bad ones, on the other hand, are characterised by jealousy, rivalry, and a drunken lack of manners. Here, I’ve listed some of the worst things people have been known to do at car shows. Don’t be that guy!

Let the Kids Run Wild

Okay, I completely get the want to bring your kids along to car shows. If it’s not because you couldn’t organise childcare, then you may just want to share your passion with your son or daughter. What isn’t so understandable is letting them run wild – climbing into strangers’ cars, spilling juice and soft drinks on fresh detailing, and often scratching the paint. If you’re a car enthusiast, and like your vehicles to be treated with respect, then letting your kids run wild at a car show is the definition of bad parenting! This is especially true with serious dealers around, who have invested a lot in work on the car, classic car transport and so on. The worst of the worst are those that let their kids loose, and then respond with the angry “don’t tell me how to raise my kid!” rant when someone points it out.

Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight

This is either the honest mistake of an inexperienced newbie, or just another day for someone with no respect for their fellow car nuts. Car shows are all about showing a mutual appreciation and respect for everyone’s vehicles. If you turn up with something drastically more expensive, or much more rare than the other cars there, then you’re being “that guy”. The smaller the show or event, the worse this is! Let’s take an Alfa owner’s club, for instance. The attendees at one of these gatherings are probably very familiar with each other, and don’t want to do anything more than drink some coffee, eat some pastries, and exchange notes on where to source parts and the best places to get tuning done. If you turn up in a Corvette or a Jaguar, then you’re just going to be seen as rude and obnoxious.


Rowan’s attendance at the Dubz and Speedz Freakz Facebook car meet was a bit of a shock


Incessant One-Upmanship

Okay, if you know the person and the both of you agree that it’s all in good fun, there’s no problem with a little one-upmanship when you’re talking about your cars. However, at every car show you go to, there’s sure to be at least one person who takes it too far. Any time someone goes to a show with a rare or interesting car, you can be sure there’s someone else who can’t wait to tell them all about the rarer, cooler, more interesting car that they’ve owned in the past. There’s a fair chance that they know more about the brand, too, and can’t wait to show off that knowledge. It’s all rooted in jealousy and pettiness. Don’t stoop to their level!


After seeing Ultimate Dubz, Geoff decided to make his BMW 7 Series a little more STANCED


Canada’s Top Car Shows And Why It’s Worth Taking A Trip

If you love to travel, and you also love cars, why not combine an adventure away with a trip to a top car festival too? We got to thinking that this kind of trip makes an ideal Christmas or anniversary gift for the one you love. If you’re not so into cars, you can use the trip to explore new terrain. And you’ll score bonus points by including tickets for the other half to do something they love too. Today we’re in Canada with our list of top car shows that you might just want to visit.


International Auto Show


This is the largest auto show in Canada and it showcasing the latest design and technology in new cars over a week’s worth of events. It’s held in Toronto and features over 1000 new cars, luxury automobiles trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles. The 2017 event takes place from February 17th – February 26th. The show promises even more cars, sports cars and brands than ever before.  It’s a must visit for those interested in innovation, technology, speed and power. At the 2016 event, Tesla’s Model X had its world debut. The Model X is one of only a select few all-electric SUV’s available. 2016 also brought the Auto Exotica back. This included vehicles from the likes of Ferrari, Maserati and McLaren. If you want to see these cars up close and personal, a 2017 visit should be on the cards.


ImportFest in Toronto is Canada’s largest ‘modified’ car show. It celebrates the automotive culture with a jam-packed day filled with cars, DJ’s, events and even a bikini competition. It’s not only a car show but also a lifestyle event. It’s main focus is on supped up import cars, and it makes for a fun and informative day out. Combine this show with a multi-centre city break that takes in both Toronto and Vancouver and also an exhilarating trip to Niagara Falls. Don’t forget that to get into Canada you will also need to apply for an eTa visa which you can do at this link: https://official-canada-eta.com.

Sleepy Hollow Rod Run and Show ‘N Shine

The Sleepy Hollow Rod Run and Show ‘N Shine is run by the Coaster’s Car Club. It takes place on the Sunshine Coast in Sechelt, British Columbia annually. This three-day event hosts classic cars, hot rods and speciality vehicles. It’s a family event, and it features a 30km Rod Run with over 450 classic cars. The event sees 1,000 of spectators line the street. The houses along the route often hold parties and barbeques and even put their sofas outside to enjoy the cars as they wind on by. The Show ‘N Shine part of the event starts on the Saturday morning in downtown Sechelt, and visitors are welcome from 10 am. The competition is judged by expert car enthusiasts, and there is also a People’s and Mayor Award too. A dinner and dance takes place on the Saturday evening at the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club and Sunday brings a drag racing event. It makes for a real fun family weekend!