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goodshoutmedia-auction-results-featuredThe South West Vehicle Auctions January Sale was one of the first big sales of 2017, and we published a preview in the week leading up to the event… but how did the sale go, and how did our picks perform?

The auction took place on January 27th 2017. View the full lot list HERE.

Here’s our picks from the upcoming sale, and why:

First up, and our first love… the BMWs:

Lot 23 – BMW 840ci – 166,000 miles – £4,900 – £5,750

Our Pre-Auction Comment: Big miles but it’s the desirable 4.0 litre in a beautiful colour…

SOLD £5,508

Lot 33 – BMW E30 325i Cabriolet – 109,815 miles – £2,500 to £3,000

Our Pre-Auction Comment: 6 Cylinder with arguably the wrong gearbox and definitely the wrong wheels…

SOLD £4,320

Lot 35 – BMW E30 318is Coupe – 169,724 miles – £1,900 to £2,500

Our Pre-Auction Comment: Again, big miles, but our tip is for this one to smash it’s estimate

SOLD £5,400

(Smashed the estimate, like we said it would)

Lot 47 – BMW E30 318 Cabriolet – 71,000 miles – £4,000 to £5,000

Our Pre-Auction Comment: Lovely looking car all round and again, we think it’ll smash that estimate

SOLD £6,480

(Smashed the estimate, like we said it would)

Our next picks are a couple of big Benz’s:

Lot 37 – Mercedes-Benz W123 230 TE – 134,000 miles – £2700 to £3200

Our Pre-Auction Comment: W123 estates in good condition are getting hard to find. Could be a sound investment here.

SOLD £4,968

Lot 46 – Mercedes-Benz W140 S600 V12 Coupe – 102,000 miles – £5,000 to £6,000

Our Pre-Auction Comment: A properly built, V12 coupe with reasonable mileage? Yes, we’ll have this thanks. Oh, and howmanyleft.co.uk think there are just 24 of these in the country!

SOLD £5,832

Lot 52 – Mercedes-Benz W126 560 SEC Coupe – 104,150 miles – £2,500 to £,3000

Our Pre-Auction Comment: To put it simply, how many of these are coming up for sale? howmanyleft.co.uk says there are only 180 remaining. More than you thought? But where are they all?

And finally… A couple of plucky Brits:

Lot 14 – MG F Roadster – 55,955 miles – £1,200 to £1,500

Our Pre-Auction Comment: This is an interesting one because it’s a low mileage iconic car. That red, those wheels, isn’t that just what springs to mind when you think of an MG F? Our bet is that this car smashes the estimate.

SOLD £1,025

Lot 67 – Rover Mini Cooper – 77,164 miles – £2,500 to £3,000

Our Pre-Auction Comment: We’ve chosen this lot for the same reason we’ve highlighted the MG. It’s the iconic colour combination and specification for a late model Rover Mini Cooper. Definitely one to watch.

SOLD £5,076



Berlinetta Classic Car Auctions launch new online sale format

Berlinetta Classic Car Auctions, established in 2016 and known for their innovative approach to the classic car auction business, are introducing a new format of timed online car sale.

‘Berlinetta Weekly’ sales, which launch in late January, will feature a selection of high quality classics each week. ‘Our team have bought and sold classic cars both privately and at auction for a number of years, and always felt there was something missing’ states Pete Thornton, MD at Berlinetta CCA. ‘The traditional auction process can be soulless and risky – something we are already addressing via our ‘try before you buy’ facility at our physical auctions – but a private sale can also be hard work both for buyer and seller, and lacks the focus that a timed auction brings to the process. We’ve all had our time wasted by ‘no show buyers’, dreamers and tyre-kickers. Berlinetta is about changing the way these transactions function, and making a classic car sale more enjoyable and straightforward for both buyer and seller alike’.

These new weekly sales will be hosted on the Berlinetta website, with detailed catalogue descriptions and photo galleries to the high standard now expected by Berlinetta customers.

Like a standard online auction, a Berlinetta Weekly sale lasts a limited time. Unlike a standard online auction, the car benefits from Berlinetta’s significant use of the classic car press – each car is extensively marketed online as well as being promoted via their fast-growing subscriber base, giving sellers every opportunity to find the right buyer. Berlinetta pledges that no classic car for sale in the UK will enjoy greater online exposure than through their Berlinetta Weekly sales.

Each sale runs for 7 days and prospective buyers are encouraged to view the car (at the seller’s location), just like a private sale. Bidding is simple and secure, registration is free and as the timer ticks down at the end of the sale, last minute sniping is eliminated as any bidding activity in the final two minutes of the auction adds another two minutes onto the clock.

For sellers, there’s no waiting period or potentially costly logistics involved in moving the car to an auction hall – if the team are contacted on a Monday they can have that car listed on the site by Wednesday and sold just a week later.

Sales Director Rob Thornton adds: ‘We wanted to make the process fair and transparent. Sellers enjoy a quick sale and the opportunity to present their car to significantly more people than would be possible via a traditional private sale; buyers have the opportunity to really get to know the car from its highly detailed description and photographic package, which will help avoid a wasted journey should they then choose to make a physical inspection.’

The first two vehicles to be offered by Berlinetta CCA in the new Weekly format will be a Renault Alpine A610 and Lotus Elan Series 3, both desirable classic cars.

To find out more about Berlinetta Weekly Classic Car Auctions click here


1968 Lotus Elan Series 3 Special Equipment Drop Head Coupe Desirable Series 3 Special Equipment Drop Head Galvanised chassis Over £4,200 recently spent Highly original with amazing history file


1979 Renault Alpine A310 Recently restored V6 engine Replacement chassis Original paint, interior needs re-trimming and finishing. A fantastic and rewarding project to complete.

Auction Preview: Berlinetta CCA, 21.11.16

Which Auction? Berlinetta CCA

When? 20th and 21st November, 2016

Where? The Manor House Hotel, Near Oxford


Berlinetta CCA is a relatively new auction house, with a fresh format and a new take on the way Classic Car Auctions function. Instead of the usual ‘pile them high, sell them fast’ approach of so many other auction houses, Berlinetta take the time to acquaint buyers with the cars, even being taken for a spin by the sellers prior to the hammer falling.

Our Pick: Lot 6 – 1999 Bentley Continental R

For the beautiful colour and sheer opulence alone, it has to be the Bentley. At £187,354 when new, the estimate of £30,000 to £40,000 it looks like an absolute bargain.

Adjusting the purchase price in 1996 for inflation, it’s the equivalent of spending £324,987 in 2016 – a staggering amount by any standard.

Just look at that interior… What a wonderful place to sit!