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Miniature Motoring: Hotwheels Ferrari 250GTO

You’re never too old for diecast cars. You can call them toys, or models, or collectibles, or a hobby, but either way – we still think they’re awesome. We always sneak a cheeky look at the Hotwheels or Matchbox cars in supermarkets or whilst out and about, and have a particular preference for anything Porsche. Here’s a few we’ve rounded up so far:

Hotwheels Ferrari 250GTO

Hotwheels Ferrari 250 GTO

Jibes about worlds most expensive cars aside, the Ferrari 250GTO is really quite the looker. Hotwheels have done pretty well in capturing the details of this exquisite design, and the black paintwork emulates the 250 GTO used by Tom Cruise’s character in the film Vanilla Sky… Which incidentally wasn’t a real GTO, it was a replica. So this little Hotwheels is a diecast replica of a replica of a Ferrari 250GTO? Inception eat your heart out. (Although we should note that the replica in the film was Blue, not Black. So this whole inception point is moot. Sorry)

Tom Cruis Vanilla Sky Ferrari 250 GTO

Lego Ferrari vs Real Ferrari – How accurate are the Shell Lego Ferrari cars?

Shell and Lego have once again joined forces to offer Lego Ferrari vehicles to customers buying premium rate fuel, so we decided to take a look at the models on offer and see how they differ to the real thing…

The Lego Ferrari 458 Italia vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari 458 Italia vs the real thing

458 Italia Accuracy Score: 7/10
Well, it’s Yellow, and the front lights are the right shape, and the roofline slopes in a roughly similar way, and the rear haunches do the same thing… But that’s about it for the 458 Italia.

The Lego Ferrari 250 GTO vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari 250 GTO vs the real thing

250 GTO Accuracy Score: 6/10
Considering the 250 GTO is lauded as one of the most beautiful cars ever made, Lego have sort of ruined it. The stance is wrong, the track too narrow, the bonnet too flat, the window shape inverted, the rear arches nowhere near and the deck spoiler is way off.

The Lego Ferrari 150 Italia vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari 150 Italia vs the real thing

150 Italia Accuracy Score: 9/10
F1 geeks would probably be able to tell us all about the aerodynamics of the 150 Italia from the 2010 season, but we’re not F1 geeks, so we think the 150 Italia is pretty darn accurate.

The Lego Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs the real thing

F12 Berlinetta Accuracy Score: 6/10
Overall, the F12 isn’t too bad. The front light/bumper/bonnet vent assembly and suage lines down the side of the car are good, but the car is let down by the roof and window lines. Still, it’s better than the F40…

The Lego Ferrari 512s vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari 512s vs the real thing

512S Accuracy Score: 7/10
Although it’s sort of ruined by the futuristic windscreen assembly, the Lego Ferrari 512s does a good job of emulating the iconic 1971 race car.

The Lego Ferrari 250 Berlinetta vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari 250 Berlinetta vs the real thing

250GT Berlinetta Accuracy Score: 8/10
Of the cars showcased here, the 250 GT Berlinetta is arguable the most accurate representation of any of the vehicles. The Berlinetta has an awkward roofline and almost awkward headlights, which the lego version captures well – although once again it’s the windscreen rake that let’s the side down.

The Lego Ferrari F40 vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari F40 vs the real thing

F40 Accuracy Score: 5/10
Hmmm, not so sure about this one. It starts well with the front bumper and light assembly/bonnet shape, and ends well with the classic 1980s square spoiler, but the whole thing falls apart in the middle.

The Lego Ferrari F138 vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari F138 vs the real thing

F138 Accuracy Score: 10/10
Looks good to us. It’s an F1 car, they’re all the same right?

The Lego Ferrari FXX vs the real thing

The Lego Ferrari FXX vs the real thing

FXX Accuracy Score: 2/10
This is a pretty desperate effort from Lego, who have somehow managed to make the agressive, batmobile looking stealth lines of the FXX look a bit like a 1980s Star Wars space ship, all pixelated and square.

Ferrari 328 GTB Walker Sport Ferrari Good Shout Media

The Classic Motorshow 2014: Our ‘Car Of The Show’

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is the biggest event in the UK Classic Car calendar. Good Shout Media popped along to the NEC to pick out some of the cars that WE liked at this years show; not because they’re expensive, or historically significant, or rare… just because we think they’re pretty darn cool, but what was our favourite car of the show?

Good Shout Media Car Of Classic Motor Show 2014:

The Walker Sport Ferrari 328 GTB

WalkerSport Ferrari 328 Good Shout Media Black and White

The Ferrari 328 is an unassuming choice for car of the show. There are plenty of more valuable, faster, rarer, more impressive vehicles to choose from but something about this Ferrari 328 GTB really caught our eye. We’d innitially snapped photos of it on the Saturday, but couldn’t help going back for a closer look and a few more pictures on Sunday.

The car belongs to WalkerSport Ferrari, dedicated Ferrari specialists based in Shropshire.

The way the white and gold work with the red paintwork and the silver wheels really set this car off, the shape of the 328 lends itself to a two-tone colour scheme and WalkerSport have really nailed it in the aesthetics department.

The uprated and stiffer suspension mean the car sits lower than a standard 328, and the addition of larger wheels give the 328 a purpose that the factory model lacks. It somehow looks far more determined than a standard model – we always thought the 328 looked a bit soft for what it was.

BTB Exhausts put together a complete custom exhaust for the Ferrari 328 GTB which looks incredible.

At Good Shout Media it’s not often that we drool over a car covered in decals – race cars just aren’t really our thing, but this Ferrari 328 GTB combines style with luxury and a whole heap of classic Ferrari competitive agression, and for that reason, it was our Car of the Show 2014.

Here’s the story from WalkerSport Ferrari:

“WalkerSport acquired this Ferrari 328 GTB in March 2011 to compete in the Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic series.

The 328 GTB was originally a rather unloved example, which had been converted from LHD to RHD sometime before WalkerSport took ownership. This 328 GTB was originally black, so in making the modifications WalkerSport weren’t diluting the numbers of ‘premium’ 328s left in the world as being a less than tidy example this car didn’t fit into that category.

The WalkerSport Ferrari 328 GTB - Before

The WalkerSport Ferrari 328 GTB – Before

The first job was removing a lot of the original parts. In order to comply with the Pirelli Ferrari Classic Std car class, the car has to retain the original dash board and centre tunnel, but everything else can go; so the seats, carpets, steering wheel, sound proofing, roof lining and seat belts were removed.

After a quick clean up and basic satin black coat of paint on the inside, a roll cage and racing seats were fitted. The seats were donated from a Ferrari 360 Challenge, which have a wider seat base than the original items, meaning the car needed new seat mountings to be fitted. The suede Momo steering wheel was mounted using a Hill Engineering 25mm spacer to bring it closer to the driver, and the new steering wheel is almost identical in shape and pattern as the original item.”

The WalkerSport Ferrari 328 GTB - After

The WalkerSport Ferrari 328 GTB – After

Full Spec of the WalkerSport Ferrari 328 GTB Group 3 Race Car:

  • Rebush all suspension
  • Brand new Brembo brakes
  • New Pagid Blue Brake Pads
  • All 4 calipers refurbished
  • Goodrich Braided Brake Lines
  • Uprated Revalve Koni suspension
  • New uprated suspension springs
  • Fit ducting to cool front brakes


  • Remove cam covers to check proper timing marks, rectify oil leaks, (forward cam cover, gear linkage, cam seals)
  • Refurbished and uprated fuel metering unit
  • Custom exhaust and manifolds
  • New air intake hoses
  • Samco silicone Water hoses
  • Valvoline Race oil
  • Change gearbox oil
  • New Cam belts + bearings
  • New water pump and bearings
  • Remove Air conditioning compressor, matrix, dryer etc for weight reduction


  • Strip interior (original dash and gear leaver tunnel as per regulations)
  • Remove soundproofing, carpets, roof lining etc
  • Stripped boot compartment
  • Standard electric mirrors replaced with Vitaloni Manual Units
  • Custom seat rail brackets
  • 2 x Ferrari 360 Challenge seats
  • Fitted roll cage and harnesses
  • 50mm Hill Engineering steering wheel spacer
  • Momo race steering wheel
  • Hill Engineering Pedal Kit
  • Hill Engineering quick shift gate with reverse lock
  • Added left foot rest

FIA Race Requirements:

  • Fit FIA plummed in Fire extinguisher (accessible inside the car and outside by marshall)
  • Fit FIA Engine Master switch (accessible inside the car and outside by marshal)
  • Fit additional side impact protection


  • Brake Bias has been left standard
  • O/S fuel tank removed and balance pipes plugged
- Corner weight and adjust, Ballast added, ride height set
  • Fresh MOT (all class 3 cars must be road legal)
Ferrari 328 GTB WalkerSport Race Car

The Red/White/Gold combined with the stance of this car really made it for us.