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Traffic Jam Boredom: How to Occupy Yourself During Heavy Traffic

Tired of moving a couple of meters every few minutes? Annoyed that you’re going to be late for your friend’s birthday party or worried that your boss is going to fire you for being late again? Don’t worry, we’ve all been in those situations before. As drivers, we’re at mercy to two things: traffic and weather. It’s not our fault that everyone decided to get on the road at the same time as us. Sure, maybe you predicted there would be heavy traffic due to a holiday such as Christmas so you decided to get on the road a little earlier—too bad everyone else thought the same as you!


Sadly, the only thing we can do to alleviate these frustrations is to occupy ourselves. As long as you keep road safety in mind, here are some fun ways to keep yourself entertained during these horrible traffic jams.

Mobile Phone Games

Video games don’t have to be high-action. They can be simple as well and require thinking as opposed to reaction speed. Some examples include puzzle games like Sudoku, board games like Chess or even a role-playing game. They’re simple to learn, easy to play and you can stop them at any time to continue driving. If you’re interested in something more grown-up, you could play card games such as Poker, or even participate in competitions like this Discomfort Zone campaign as long as you have internet access and an account on the website.

Listen to Music

Music can be soothing, uplifting or even empowering. Listening to some relaxing music can relieve the stress of a busy and slow traffic jam, and listening to something upbeat and fast can get you grooving to hide the boredom. Grab yourself a portable battery bank or an in-car charger to fill your device with juice as you play music. Buy an audio cable to connect it to your car’s built-in speakers for better sound quality—never use headphones as it could distract you and you won’t hear the cars or people around you.

Read Something

As long as you don’t get too engrossed in a good book and forget to drive, reading can be a relaxing way to pass the time while you’re in a busy traffic jam. Bring your favourite book into the car with you and keep it stored in the glove compartment for boring traffic situations. It doesn’t have to be a fictional book either, it could be a magazine, today’s newspaper or a factual book or biography that you can read for inspiration and enlightenment.


Explore Your Mind

Have you ever taken a shower or gone to the toilet and had an epiphany or moment of clarity? When we’re in lonely situations, we often contemplate our lives and think about anything and everything. Traffic jams are good times to relax and think about things in our life. Stop thinking about how angry your boss is going to be when you arrive at work late or how disappointed your friend might be if you’re late to the party. Instead, reflect back on your life, think about problems that you’re having and explore your mind.

Can You Really Afford Your Dream Car?


Many of us have a car that we’ve always wanted. That one car that you can’t help but admire anytime, you pass in on the street. Some of us will even take it out for multiple test-drives just to feel what it’s like to get behind the while. The sad thing is that for many of us, it seems like owning your dream car will only ever be a fantasy. After all, if something is your dream car then it usually has something pretty special about it. And there’s a pretty good chance that the price of the car is going to reflect that. But there are in fact ways to turn it into a reality. Your dream car doesn’t need to be so expensive that you can only ever afford it in your dreams. You just have to know these few simple tips.


The most obvious barrier that a lot of people have to finally get their hands on the car of their dreams is the idea of shelling out a massive sum of money in order to actually buy the thing. Fortunately, there is another way. Rather than emptying your bank balance all at once, getting a car on finance allows you to spread the cost of the vehicle across a longer period of time. Some car finance deals will even allow you to purchase the car without making a deposit. Be careful though and always check the interest rates on any finance deals. Otherwise, you could end up payment far more than you intended in the long run.


Want your old banger to do something useful for a change? Well, a lot of dealerships are willing to part-exchange your dream car for your old one. Of course, this is hardly going to cover the entire price, but it will make a decent dent in it. The value and condition of your car will have a pretty big impact on exactly how much you get, but it’s always a good way to kill two birds with one stone: helping you your hands on your dream car and getting rid of the old one that you no longer need.


Most people are not especially good at haggling, and that’s pretty understandable. There aren’t many instances where you need to barter with a salesperson to bring the price down on something. But when you’re getting ready to drop a significant sum of money on a car, it’s pretty reasonable to try and get the best possible deal. The idea of haggling can be pretty scary for some people, but it’s important to remember one thing. The salesperson wants you to buy the car. They might act like they don’t care but that’s because they don’t want you to realize how much power you have. A lot of car dealerships work on commission and how much they get paid depends on how much they actually sell. That means that, within reason, a lot of salespeople are more than happy to meet you in the middle when it comes to the price of your car.


Car Spotting #1: Ford Escort RST and BMW 635

We love spotting classic cars whilst we’re out on the road… Any petrolhead would say the same.

Whether it’s old, rare, interesting or unique, it’s always fun to see what’s out and about.

Today’s Classic Car Spotting:

Ford Escort RS Turbo:

Tidy looking Ford Escort RS Turbo, nice to see what appears to be a model that hasn’t been messed with too much. These are getting rare in this condition, and it’s firmly placed on our list of ‘cars we should have bought a few years ago back when they were cheap’.

Tidy looking Ford Escort RS Turbo, nice to see what appears to be a model that hasn't been messed with too much


Although we love the Ford, it was the BMW that had us scrabbling through eBay when we arrived at the office. Those classic German lines are just wonderful, and to see it being used every day was a real treat.

Always loved the shape of the big BMW Coupe, and seeing this 635csi still in use made us smile