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Men’s Essentials: Hackett vs Preppers Shop

When we came across this lovely layout from Hackett London, Preppers Shop UK sprung to mind.

The audience for Preppers Shop UK are more slip-knot than slip-on so it seemed right to produce an image in the same style.

All of the products in the Preppers Shop image are available to buy online, and the post went down well with the prepping community on facebook and twitter.

Hackett London's take on Men's Essentials

Hackett London’s take on Men’s Essentials


Preppers Shop UK take on Men’s Essentials

Men’s Essentials

Our client Preppers Shop UK have recently started stocking Opinel Knives, and we’ve been a into Opinel for many years. It was a no-brainer to put together this simple little Men’s Essentials image to use on the Preppers Shop Blog. You can see that post here:


Men's Essentials image for Preppers Shop

Men’s Essentials image for Preppers Shop